Egalitarian Royal Traps

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This article is about the level-60 trap. For the level-48 trap, see Royal Traps.

Egalitarian Royal Traps does not provide any additional options for trap settings.

Anvil Tab 5.png Anvil Tab 5 Lv Req: 73 Exp: 1 M No.17
Royal Traps.png Royal Traps 1
Voodofish.png Voodofish 100
Nullo Salt.png Nullo Salt 10 k
Recipe from Start
Trap Data
Time Qty Multi XP Multi Shiny Multi Qty Eff XP Eff Shiny Eff
20 Minutes 2x 4x 6x/h 3x/h 12x/h
1 Hours 4x 8x 4x/h 1x/h 8x/h
10 Hours 21x 38x 2.1x/h 0.1x/h 3.8x/h
40 Hours 70x 125x 1.75x/h 0.03x/h 3.13x/h
7 Days 250x 375x 1.49x/h 0.01x/h 2.23x/h
28 Days 550x 1150x 0.82x/h 0x/h 1.71x/h