King Doot

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To summon this boss, you must craft the Dootjat Eye.png Dootjat Eye using the recipe dropped from Sand Giants.

Anvil Tab 2.png Anvil Tab 2 Lv Req: 21 Exp: No.59
Silver Antique.png Silver Antique x1
Gold Bar.png Gold Bar x80
Ghost.png Ghost x5
Recipe from Sand Giant

Note that Silver Antique.png Silver Antique is only available from the Vendor in the Forest Camp.

To fight the boss, you need at least one of each basic class, but subclasses count as well (so for Archer you can use Hunter or Bowman). All players must be in the same world/server where you can see each other. Everyone has to drop the Eye at the summoning stone (which is located on the left side at Sand Giants) to enter the boss area.

Once everyone is in boss area and can see each other, everyone needs to type something in map chat to activate the pillars. Once activated, everyone gets their own copy of the boss to fight. King Doot requires 1500 accuracy for 100%. The fight is similar to Baba Yaga in strategy, with the addition of some arena attacks (fire on the ground, a bouncing spike ball). Use the cactuses on either side of the arena to teleport out of harm's way.

As of v1.30, killing King Doot drops a Dootophone.png Dootophone item that can be used to summon him without the need for other players. Note that other players are still needed for the initial summon, so you can obtain the item!

If you have the W2 Merit "Higher chance for minibosses in world 2 to drop new Star Talents" then King Doot has a chance to drop Special Talent Book.png Pulsation (Special Talent Book) or Special Talent Book.png Cardiovascular (Special Talent Book).

Droptable for King Doot
Coins.gifGold Coin.png 2 Silver Coin.png 50 11 in 1.00
King Doot Card.pngKing Doot Card 1251 in 25.0
Efaunt's Tomb Key.pngEfaunt's Tomb Key 11.251 in 1.25
Novice Recipe.pngProtectors Pride (Recipe) 116.6666666666671 in 16.7
Gem.pngGem 51.33333333333331 in 1.33
Mystery Upgrade Stone I.pngMystery Upgrade Stone I 111 in 1.00
Armor Upgrade Stone C.pngArmor Upgrade Stone C 1251 in 25.0
Trimmed Rune Platelegs.pngTrimmed Rune Platelegs 1251 in 25.0
Midnight Cookie.pngMidnight Cookie 251 in 5.00
Dootophone.pngDootophone (If one not in inventory.) 111 in 1.00
Arrow Down Blue.pngRare Drops.pngArrow Down Blue.png
 Dungeon Loot Dice.pngx1: 21 in 2.00 - DropTable13
Small Experience Balloon.pngSmall Experience Balloon 141 in 4.00
Gem.pngGem 421 in 2.00
1 HR Time Candy.png1 HR Time Candy 151 in 5.00
2 HR Time Candy.png2 HR Time Candy 1101 in 10.0
4 HR Time Candy.png4 HR Time Candy 1401 in 40.0
12 HR Time Candy.png12 HR Time Candy 12001 in 200
24 HR Time Candy.png24 HR Time Candy 1666.666666666671 in 667
72 HR Time Candy.png72 HR Time Candy 16666.66666666671 in 6,670
Dialogue Table for King Doot
Dialogue Text Quest
Huh?? Who dares wake me?
Can't a guy just be dead for 5 minutes anymore??
Would you mind? I'm tryin' to be dead here!
Well sheet, here we roll again...
Unless you're the toilet paper delivery man, you shouldn't be here
Why did my servants build my tomb to be so obvious to activate...
Still don't have that one rare drop of mine, huh?
Better free up the cheaper seats, cause here comes a Greek Tragedy
You're lucky I wasn't buried with my Dragon Scimi or Gmaul...
Ah don't worry about my flail, you'll love being dead!
Better free up the cheaper seats, cause here comes a Greek Tragedy
Hope you've drunk some embalming fluid lately...
Stop coming here, it's extremely annoying!
You should've uninstalled while you still had the chance...
Hang on, let me equip my drop rate ring before I pwn you...
Ah... time to farm some players!!
Hope you have some insta respawns so I can kill you twice!
Ugh... disturbed once again...
Ugh... disturbed once again...