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Choppin works exactly like mining. However, unlike ore nodes, there is only one of each tree and it never goes away. Trees also drop leaves based on what region it's in. Eventually, trees will run out of leaves to drop, however they will regenerate leaves over time.

Choppin also has a minigame which you can play for additional wood, EXP and leaves.


Alongside logs, trees can also drop leaves. They will drop both if you play the Minigame.
Blunder Hills Trees Grass Leaf.png Grass Leaf
Yum Yum Desert Trees Twisty Leaf.png Twisty Leaf
Frostbite Tundra Trees Arctic Leaf.png Arctic Leaf
Hyperion Nebula Trees Galactic Leaf.png Galactic Leaf
Smoulderin' Plateau Trees Magma Leaf.png Magma Leaf

Apart from the logs & leaves, you can also get various other rare drops from AFK Choppin trees which you can see on each tree's page.

Name Image Product 5% 100% x2 x3 x4 XP Area
Oak Tree Oak Tree.png Oak Logs.png Oak Logs 5 200 3.2 k

16.2 k

51.2 k

2 Spore Meadows
Birch Tree Birch Tree.png Bleach Logs.png Bleach Logs 20 800 12.8 k

64.8 k

204.8 k

6 Valley of the Beans
Jungle Tree Jungle Tree.png Jungle Logs.png Jungle Logs 62.5 2.5 k

40 k

202.5 k

640 k

12 Vegetable Patch
Forest Tree Forest Tree.png Forest Fibres.png Forest Fibres 150 6 k

96 k

486 k

1.5 M

20 Tucked Away
Palm Tree Palm Tree.png Tropilogs.png Tropilogs 312.5 12.5 k

200 k

1 M

3.2 M

32 Dessert Dunes
Toilet Tree Toilet Tree.png Potty Rolls.png Potty Rolls 875 35 k

560 k

2.8 M

9 M

50 Poopy Sewers
Stump Tree Stump Tree.png Veiny Logs.png Veiny Logs 2.5 k

100 k

1.6 M

8.1 M

25.6 M

90 Hollowed Trunk
Saharan Foal Saharan Foal.png Tundra Logs.png Tundra Logs 4 k

160 k

2.6 M

13 M

41 M

150 Steep Sheep Ledge
Wispy Tree Wispy Tree.png Wispy Lumber.png Wispy Lumber 7.5 k

300 k

4.8 M

24.3 M

76.8 M

275 Waterlogged Entrance
Alien Tree Alien Tree.png Alien Hive Chunk.png Alien Hive Chunk 17.5 k

700 k

11.2 M

56.7 M

179.2 M

500 Outskirts of Fallstar Isle
Cubed Tree Cubed Tree.png Cubed Logs.png Cubed Logs 37.5 k

1.5 M

24 M

121.5 M

384 M

1250 Standstill Plains
Maple Tree Maple Tree.png Maple Logs.png Maple Logs 150 k

6 M

96 M

486 M

1.5 B

2500 The Killer Roundabout
Dandelioli Tree Dandelioli Tree.png Dandielogs.png Dandielogs 625 k

25 M

400 M

2 B

6.4 B

6600 Erruption River


Name Image Level Speed Skillpower Str Agi Wis Luk Misc Slots Sell Price Source
Old Hatchet Old Hatchet.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png2 3 Choppin Skill IconMini.png3 0 0 1 0 1
Copper Coin.png 50
Copper Chopper Copper Chopper.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png4 3 Choppin Skill IconMini.png7 0 1 3 0 2
Copper Coin.png 65
Iron Hatchet Iron Hatchet.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png8 3 Choppin Skill IconMini.png10 2 0 5 0 2
Silver Coin.png 37
Grumbie the Hatchet Hammer Grumbie the Hatchet Hammer.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png10 2 Choppin Skill IconMini.png5 12 0 0 0 5% Mining Efficincy 6
Silver Coin.png 2
Random Events (Mega Grumblo)
Golden Axe Golden Axe.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png15 4 Choppin Skill IconMini.png14 0 0 8 4 2
Gold Coin.png 18 Silver Coin.png 12
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 2)
Stinky Axe Stinky Axe.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png15 2 Choppin Skill IconMini.png18 0 0 8 4 6
Gold Coin.png 1
Dr Defecaus
Plat Hatchet Plat Hatchet.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png20 4 Choppin Skill IconMini.png18 0 5 14 0 3
Gold Coin.png 51 Silver Coin.png 12
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 2)
Dementia Dicer Dementia Dicer.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png25 5 Choppin Skill IconMini.png23 0 6 17 0 3
Gold Coin.png 96 Silver Coin.png 62
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 3)
Void Imperium Axe Void Imperium Axe.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png30 5 Choppin Skill IconMini.png26 0 7 20 0 4
Platinum Coin.png 2 Gold Coin.png 96 Silver Coin.png 64 Copper Coin.png 50
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 3)
Lustre Logger Lustre Logger.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png40 6 Choppin Skill IconMini.png29 0 0 24 8 4
Platinum Coin.png 9 Gold Coin.png 7 Silver Coin.png 64 Copper Coin.png 50
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 4)
Starfire Hatchet Starfire Hatchet.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png50 6 Choppin Skill IconMini.png35 0 9 28 3 5
Platinum Coin.png 17 Gold Coin.png 13 Silver Coin.png 64 Copper Coin.png 50
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 4)
Dreadlo Eviscerator Dreadlo Eviscerator.png Choppin Skill IconMini.png65 7 Choppin Skill IconMini.png40 4 4 32 4 5
Platinum Coin.png 54 Gold Coin.png 63 Silver Coin.png 64 Copper Coin.png 50


Choppin Power & Efficiency
Name Source Description
Smart Efficiency Smart Efficiency Mage Talent Mage Specialized Skill Efficiency (Choppin, Worship)
Leaf Thief Leaf Thief Mage Talent Choppin Efficiency per power of 10 Grass Leaves in storage (Bonus scales with total Grass Leaves, not breakpointed)
Deforesting All Doubt Deforesting All Doubt Mage Talent Choppin Efficiency
Bleach Logs Card.png Bleach Logs Card Cards % Total Choppin Efficiency
Alien Hive Chunk Card.png Alien Hive Chunk Card Cards % Total Choppin Efficiency
Stump Prop.png Stump Prop Helmets 5 Choppin Power, 5% Chop Efficiency
Witch Hat.png Witch Hat Helmets 10% Chop Efficiency (Mages Only)
Furled Robes.png Furled Robes Shirts 10% Chop Efficiency (Mages Only)
Bleached Designer Wode Patch Pants.png Bleached Designer Wode Patch Pants Pants 5% Chop Efficiency
Logger Heels.png Logger Heels Shoes 20% Chopping Efficiency
Fiberous Footings.png Fiberous Footings Shoes 35% Chopping Efficiency
Silver Obol of Big Bark.png Choppin Obols Obols Choppin Efficiency, Choppin Power, and WIS
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Hipster Logger (Ch-4) Star Signs 5% Chop Efficiency, 20% Multi-Log Chance
PurpleBubble3.png Hocus Choppus Alchemy Bubbles % Choppin Efficiency per power of 10 MP (Bonus scales with total MP, not breakpointed) (Boosted by PurpleBubble2.png Mage Is Best and PurpleBubble17.png Severapurple)
PurpleBubble7.png Le Brain Tools Alchemy Bubbles Skilling Power for Hatchets and Worship Skulls (Boosted by PurpleBubble2.png Mage Is Best and PurpleBubble17.png Severapurple)
Lumberbob Statue.png Lumberbob Statue Statues Choppin Power (Boosted by Stupendous Statues Stupendous Statues and Staring Statues Staring Statues)
Tundra Logs.png The Spanish Sahara Alchemy Vials Chopping Efficiency
Chop Shipment.png Taped Up Timber (Bonus 1) Post Office % Choppin Efficiency
Hatchet Stamp.png Hatchet Stamp Stamps Base Choppin Efficiency
Swag Swingy Tool Stamp.png Swag Swingy Tool Stamp Stamps Base Choppin Efficiency
Choppin Speed
Name Source Description
Potty Rolls Card.png Potty Rolls Card Cards % Choppin Speed
Wispy Lumber Card.png Wispy Lumber Card Cards % Choppin Speed
Cubed Logs Card.png Cubed Logs Card Cards % Choppin Speed
Saucy Logfries.png Saucy Logfries Boost Food Increases Choppin Speed by 15%
Chogg Nog.png Chogg Nog Boost Food Increases Choppin Speed by 25% (Event food)
Choppin AFK Gain and Capacity
Name Source Description
Active Afk'Er Active Afk'Er Mage Talent Mage Specialized Skill AFK Gain (Choppin)
Tropilogs Card.png Tropilogs Card Cards % Choppin Away Gains
Tundra Logs Card.png Tundra Logs Card Cards % Choppin Away Gains
PurpleBubble18.png Tree Sleeper Alchemy Bubbles % Choppin AFK Gains
Chop Shipment.png Taped Up Timber (Bonus 3) Post Office % Choppin AFK Gains
Choppin' Bag Stamp.png Choppin' Bag Stamp Stamps Choppin Carry Cap
Choppin EXP Gain
Name Source Description
Inner Peace Inner Peace Mage Talent Mage Specialized Skill EXP Gain (Choppin, Worship)
Jungle Logs Card.png Jungle Logs Card Cards % Choppin EXP
PurpleBubble5.png Noodubble Alchemy Bubbles Choppin and Alchemy EXP gain (Boosted by PurpleBubble2.png Mage Is Best)
High IQ Lumber Stamp.png High IQ Lumber Stamp Stamps % Choppin Exp
Hitting the Mark Achievement.png Hitting the Mark W1 Achievements 5% Chopping EXP for all characters
Choppin Prowess, Multi-Log Chance
Name Source Description
Log On Logs Log On Logs Mage Talent Bonus Logs from Choppin (Active)
PurpleBubble4.png Molto Loggo Alchemy Bubbles % Multi-Log Chance (Active)
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Hipster Logger (Ch-4) Star Signs 5% Chop Efficiency, 20% Multi-Log Chance
Chop Shipment.png Taped Up Timber (Bonus 2) Post Office % Prowess Effect
Duplogs Stamp.png Duplogs Stamp Stamps % Multi Log Chance
Mana Sources for Hocus Choppus
Name Source Description
Mana Booster Mana Booster Beginner Talent Max MP
Hema Overdrive Hema Overdrive Archer Talent % Max HP, % Max MP
Mana Overdrive Mana Overdrive Mage Talent % Max MP
Frog Card.png Frog Card Cards Base MP
Goldfish Card.png Goldfish Card Cards % Total MP
Mana Shipment.png Magician Starter Pack (Bonus 1) Post Office Base Max MP
Mana Shipment.png Magician Starter Pack (Bonus 2) Post Office % Max MP
Mana Stamp.png Mana Stamp Stamps Base MP
Manamoar Stamp.png Manamoar Stamp Stamps Base MP

Skilling EXP Gain
Name Source Description
Happy Dude Happy Dude Beginner Talent Specialized Skill EXP Gain (does not affect Construction)
Maestro Transfusion Maestro Transfusion Maestro Talent Skill EXP Gain, Skill Efficiency Loss
Left Hand of Learning Left Hand of Learning Maestro Talent Skill Exp Gain for Characters with skill level lower than Maestro's
Crystal Countdown Crystal Countdown Maestro Talent Lowers Skill EXP Req on Crystal/Giant kill
Chaotic Efaunt Card.png Chaotic Efaunt Card Cards % Skill EXP
Medium Resources Cardset.png Medium Resources Set Card Sets % Skill EXP
Acorn Topper.png Acorn Topper Helmets 15% Skill EXP
Club Maestro.png Club Maestro Trophies 35% Skill EXP (Beginners Only)
Golden Ham.png Golden Ham Golden Food % Skill EXP
Unending Energy.png Unending Energy Prayers Bonus: +% Class and Skill EXP
Curse: Max AFK time is now 10 hours
Balance of Proficiency.png Balance of Proficiency Prayers Bonus: +% Skill Exp Gain
Curse: -% Skill Efficiency
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy (Ch-14a) Star Signs 3% Skill EXP gain
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy Major (Hy-12) Star Signs 6% Skill EXP gain (If Lv>70)
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick (Bonus 4) Construction % Class EXP and Skill EXP
Dungeon Credits Flurbo Edition.png Flurbo Shop Stats Dungeons % Skill EXP (Note: Currently bugged. The Class EXP purchase affects both Skill and Class EXP)
Summereading Shrine.png Summereading Shrine Shrines Increases all EXP gain for all characters on the same map.
EhExPee Statue.png EhExPee Statue Statues % Skill EXP (Boosted by Skilliest Statue Skilliest Statue)
Biggie Hours Card.png Biggie Hours Card Cards % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
Bribes Icon.png Double EXP Scheme Bribes % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
Anotha One Anotha One Guild Bonuses % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
BigZ Shipment.png Lazzzy Lootcrate (Bonus 1) Post Office % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
Skilling AFK Gain
Name Source Description
Tick Tock Tick Tock Special Talents % Fighting and Skill AFK
Amarok Card.png Amarok Card Cards % Skill AFK gain rate
Bunny Card.png Bunny Card Cards % Skill AFK gain rate
Hard Resources Cardset.png Hard Resources Set Card Sets % Skill AFK Gain
Time Candy Chain.png Time Candy Chain Keychains % All Afk Gain
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Afk Gain
Persephones Bouquet.png Persephones Bouquet Pendants 15% Skill AFK Gain
Blunder Hero.png Blunder Hero Trophies 3% Skill AFK Gain
Giftmas Snoozy Cap.png Giftmas Snoozy Cap Premium Helmets 10% All AFK Gain
Zerg Rushogen.png Zerg Rushogen Prayers Bonus: +% AFK Gain Rate
Curse: -% Carry Capacity
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The Big Comatose (Ch-14) Star Signs 2% Skill AFK Gain
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The OG Skiller (Ch-17) Star Signs 1% Skill AFK Gain, 2% Skill Prowess
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Comatose Major (Hy-16) Star Signs 4% Skill AFK Gain (If Lv>90)
Gold Arcade Ball.png AFK Gains Arcade Shop % All AFK Gain
Bribes Icon.png AFKeylogging Bribe Bribes Boosts Skill AFK Gain Rate by +2%
Dungeon Credits Flurbo Edition.png Flurbo Shop Stats Dungeons AFK Gains
Sleepy Skiller Sleepy Skiller Guild Bonuses % Skill AFK gain rate
Desert Merit Shop 3.png AFK Gains Merit W2 Tasks +2% AFK Gains for your first X characters in your family
Skilling Efficiency
Name Source Description
Right Hand of Action Right Hand of Action Maestro Talent Skill Efficiency for Characters with skill level lower than Maestro's
Toilet Paper Postage Toilet Paper Postage Special Talents Higher bonuses from Skill Efficiency Stamps
Supersource Supersource Special Talents Base Skill Efficiency
Chaotic Troll Card.png Chaotic Troll Card Cards % Skill Efficiency
Easy Resources Cardset.png Easy Resources Set Card Sets % Skill Efficiency
Rex Ring.png Rex Ring Rings 5% Skill Efficiency
Serrated Rex Ring.png Serrated Rex Ring Rings 8% Skill Efficiency
Funny Hat.png Funny Hat Helmets 6% Skill Efficiency
Idle Skiller.png Idle Skiller Trophies 15% Skill Efficiency
Slushy Obol of Much Dilapidation.png Slushy Obol of Much Dilapidation Obols 3% Skill Efficiency
Skilled Dimwit.png Skilled Dimwit Prayers Bonus: +% Skill Efficiency
Curse: -% Skill Exp Gain
Hunter Class Icon.png Hunter Family Bonus Family Bonuses Skill Efficiency
Multi Tool Multi Tool Guild Bonuses % Total Skill Efficiency
Corn.png Corn Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Riceball.png Riceball Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Whipped Cocoa.png Whipped Cocoa Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Skilling Speed (Tool swing speed)
Name Source Description
Action Frenzy Action Frenzy Special Talents % Skill Speed
Diamond Honker Chain.png Diamond Honker Chain Keychains % All Skill Speed
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Skill Speed
Name Source Description
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The OG Skiller (Ch-17) Star Signs 1% Skill AFK Gain, 2% Skill Prowess
YellowBubble5.png Prowesessary Alchemy Bubbles Prowess Bonus multiplier for every skill
Leek.png Leek Cooking % Skill Prowess
Name Source Description
Antifun Spirit.png Antifun Spirit Prayers Bonus: +% Minigame Reward Multi (Material rewards, not EXP)
Curse: Minigames cost x plays per attempt (starts at 10)
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Miniature Game (Ch-4b) Star Signs 30% Minigame rewards (Material rewards, not EXP)

General WIS
Name Source Description
Book Of The Wise Book Of The Wise Beginner Talent WIS (Level cap increased by WIS Wumbo WIS Wumbo / WIS Wumbo WIS Wumbo)
Individual Insight Individual Insight Mage Talent WIS
PurpleBubble1.png Stable Jenius Alchemy Bubbles Total WIS (Boosted by PurpleBubble17.png Severapurple)
Slime Card.png Slime Card Cards Base WIS
Walking Stick Card.png Walking Stick Card Cards Base WIS
Penguin Card.png Penguin Card Cards Base WIS
Flying Worm Card.png Flying Worm Card Cards Base WIS
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The Book Worm (Ch-1) Star Signs 3 WIS
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Smart Stooge (Ch-7c) Star Signs 8 WIS
Mage Class Icon.png Mage Family Bonus Family Bonuses Total WIS
Horn Chain.png Horn Chain Keychains WIS
Simple Key Chain.png Any Tier 1 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) WIS
Silver WIS Obol.png WIS Obols Obols WIS
Book Stamp.png Book Stamp Stamps WIS
Arcane Stamp.png Arcane Stamp Stamps WIS
Percentage WIS
Name Source Description
Unt'Wis'Ted Robes Unt'Wis'Ted Robes Mage Talent % WIS from Equipment
Occult Obols Occult Obols Shaman Talent % WIS from Obols
Occult Obols Occult Obols Wizard Talent % WIS from Obols
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Wispommo (Hy-5) Star Signs 3% WIS
Mmm Donut Chain.png Mmm Donut Chain Keychains % WIS
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % WIS
General All Stat
Name Source Description
Will Of The Eldest Will Of The Eldest Special Talents All Stats
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounder (Ch-7) Star Signs 4 All Stats
Stat Runes Stat Runes Guild Bonuses Total All Stats
Stat Graph Stamp.png Stat Graph Stamp Stamps All Stats
Percentage All Stats
Name Source Description
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounderi (Hy-1) Star Signs 1% All Stats
The Emperor's Opal.png The Emperor's Opal Rings 6% All Stats
BobGoldPickle Chain.png BobGoldPickle Chain Keychains % All Stats
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Stats

Choppin Minigame


In this minigame, you need to tap on the screen when the little UIchopArrows0.png is over a green or yellow area to receive points. You get one point if you click while in the green and two points while in the yellow!

The more points that you obtain, the more rewards you get. Rewards come in the form of Choppin EXP, Leaves, and the Logs that tree drops. Be careful though, because if you play the minigame with less than 5% efficiency then you won't get any rewards at all. You get 5 plays per day (account-wide) which resets at the same time as the shop resets. You can purchase additional minigame plays from the Gem Shop.


  • Every time the arrow hits the side, the game speeds up. Avoid touching the sides as much as possible.
  • The yellow bar is worth 2 points AND slows the game down a little.
  • Click multiple times when the arrow passes over the green at the start. Necessary to get highest score possible.

Your score also affects the Mage Talent Choppin It Up Ez Choppin It Up Ez

Choppin Exp Quests

Quest Information for Choppin
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Funguy - Party Crashin' Go on then party! Difficulty 4.png Meet New People: >= 35. Starting at 0., Make Some Friends: >= 0. Starting at 0. No 5000 Class Experience, 3000 Chopping Experience, 4x Gem.png Gem Kill the 35 spawned monsters. If you left the area before killing all 35 monsters, forfeit and re-accept the quest to spawn them again.
Hamish - Should We Tell Him? Use the recipe and craft the helmet. Difficulty 2.png 1Purple Tupacband.png Purple Tupacband Yes 1 Choppin' Bag Stamp.png Choppin' Bag Stamp, 150 Chopping Experience, 1 Talent Point Reset Potion.png Talent Point Reset Potion Recipe drops from this NPC before quest.
Hamish - Slime for Storage Get them 50 slime sludge. They're like lv. 3, they'll accept. Difficulty 4.png 50Slime Sludge.png Slime Sludge Yes 1 Storage Chest 1.png Storage Chest 1, 150 Chopping Experience Requires level 7 choppin to start this quest.
Hamish - The Hamazing Plot Twist Find an axe to trade for the stamp! Difficulty 2.png 1Copper Chopper.png Copper Chopper Yes 1 Tomahawk Stamp.png Tomahawk Stamp, 100 Chopping Experience, Purple Tupacband.png Purple Tupacband recipe (first time completed)
Sprout - Frisbee Fanatic Get the frisbee back from the top of this tree. Difficulty 7.png 1Red Frisbee.png Red Frisbee Yes 1 Sproutinald Token.png Sproutinald Token, 1 Frisbee Ring.png Frisbee Ring, 5000 Chopping Experience
Sprout - Shoe Shopping with Sprout Get a bunch of shoes for Sprout to try on. Difficulty 3.png 2Iron Boots.png Iron Boots, 2Goo Galoshes.png Goo Galoshes, 2Flip Flops.png Flip Flops Yes 1 MCR Tshirt.png MCR Tshirt, 1200 Chopping Experience
Woodsman - Exotic Pranks... I mean Logs! Get a Forest Log by earning a choppin' highscore of 150! Difficulty 5.png 1Forest Fibres.png Forest Fibres No 1Woodsman Token.png Woodsman Token, 1263 Choppin Exp

Skill Mastery

Upon completing Rift 16 in World 4, Skill Mastery unlocks. Skill Mastery gives you account wide bonuses based on your skill's total level across every player.

Total Level Req Bonus
List of Bonuses
150 +25% Chopping EXP gain
200 +10% Chopping Efficiency
300 All Chopping cards are now passive
400 +10% All skill EXP
500 +5% All skill efficiency
750 +1% Printer output
1000 +25% All skill EXP