Character Creation

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Star Sign

There is really no wrong choice here as these are only minor bonuses intended to give you a small starting boost and can be changed freely later in the game as you unlock the ability to discover more Star Signs.

Star Sign Primary Effect Secondary Effect
The Buff Guy 1% Total Damage Fist of Rage.png 3 STR
Flexo Bendo 2% Movement Speed Quickness Boots.png 3 AGI
The Book Worm 1% Main Exp Gain Book of the Wise.png 3 WIS
The Fuzzy Dice Star Player.png 3 Talent Points Lucky Clover.png 2 LUK


These options are a joke, since the character is a stick figure. The only aspect of the game that is affected by this choice is the pronoun used in a message that appears in the Sneaking skill whenever your character fails to find an item.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Other
  • Neither
  • Stick-Figure

Starting Hats

Hat Hat Name
Baseball Hat.png Baseball Hat
Grey Beret.png Grey Beret
Propeller Cap.png Propeller Cap
Traffic Cone.png Traffic Cone

Character Slot Unlocks

You can unlock more character slots based on the total class levels of all your characters.

These are the levels at which you unlock new character slots, average character levels to unlock the next slot are rounded up to the nearest whole level. Only the first 10 slots are currently available as of 1.58 with more being planned for future updates. As of 2.07, the levels required to unlock new slots have been increased.

Character 1 2 3 4 5 6
Total Family Level 0 8 30 70 150 300
Average Character Level N/A 8 15 24 38 60
Character 7 8 9 10 11 12
Total Family Level 500 750 1100 1500 N/A N/A
Average Character Level 84 108 138 167 N/A N/A