Island Expeditions

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  • Unlock 6 islands at the Deepwater Docks (Fishing lv. 30 Required) in World 2, where Omar Da Ogar is located.
  • Unlock new islands using Message Bottle.png Message Bottles, which you can collect at the docks every day. You do NOT need to check in every day, bottles will stay there from days you miss!
  • Islands have a variety of daily and weekly activities that you can check in for rewards!
  • It will take a while to unlock all the islands, as the cost increases every time you unlock one.


Icon Island Description
Trash Island.png Trash Island Trade garbage that washes each day
Everyday drops garbage that can be spent on stuff or Island's upgrades in Tuna's Shop Trash Island Tuna.gif
Rando Island.png Rando Island Guaranteed Random Event once a week
Every week guaranteed one Random Event, also bonuses and stuff, that can be bought for Message Bottle.png Message Bottles in Rock's Shop Rando Island Rock.gif
  • +5% LOOT to all Random Events - Scales With Each Purchase, Base is 25x Message Bottle.png Message Bottles
  • +3% for Double Boss - Scales With Each Purchase, Base is 10x Message Bottle.png Message Bottles
  • Rando Event Looty.png Rando Event Looty Special Talent Book - 200x Message Bottle.png Message Bottles
Crystal Island.png Crystal Island Fight daily giant crystal mobs that drop candy
Everyday spawns Giant Crystal mobs that drops Time Candies.
  • Crystal Mobs on Crystal Island has 2000x Drop, 50x Health, 1000x More EXP, 0.5x Defence and 0.1x Attack Damage than base versions of Crystal Mob.
Seasalt Island.png Seasalt Island Catch legendary fish for crafting World 6 equips
Unlocks three Large Size Fishing Areas with Icefish.png Icefish, Shellfish.png Shellfish, Jumbo Shrimp.png Jumbo Shrimp and Caulifish.png Caulifish.
Shimmer Island.png Shimmer Island Do Weekly Challenges For Shimmer Upgrades
Every week Shimmer Trial will appear that tests your character's stats. Completing trials gives Shimmer that can be spent on different bonuses in Fairy's Shop Shimmer Island Fairy 2.gif
  • + Base STR, + Base AGI, + Base WIS, + Base LUK, +% Total DMG, +% Class EXP and +% Skill Eff (Bonuses are uncapped. However, price scales)
  • 1% Chance per purchase to obtain Dummy Thicc Stats.png Dummy Thicc Stats Special Talent Book
Fractal Island.png Fractal Island Dump your time candy here for... nothing...?
Do nothing for hours to obtain various bonuses:
  • 1000001 in 100,000 to get Master of Nothing.png Master of Nothing - 24 Hours. Can be obtained anywhere where you're doing Nothing, Towns as well.
  • 1.25x Dungeon Credits and Flurbos gained - 200 Hours
  • -30% Kitchen Upgrade Costs - 750 Hours
  • 1.20x Chance to find Sailing Artifacts - 2,500 Hours
  • Dirty Shovel digs up +25% more Gold Nuggets - 10,000 Hours
  • +100 Star Talent Pts - 20,000 Hours
  • World 6 Bonus - 40,000 Hours
  • World 7 Bonus - 60,000 Hours
Islands Unlock Cost Based On How Many Islands Been Unlocked Before
Island Base 1 2 3 4 5
Trash Island.png 10 25 55 110 210 510
Rando Island.png 12 27 57 112 212 512
Crystal Island.png 15 30 60 115 215 515
Seasalt Island.png 50 65 95 150 250 550
Shimmer Island.png 25 40 70 125 225 525
Fractal Island.png 70 85 115 170 270 570
Possible Shimmer Island Challenges
Challenge Required For 10 Shimmers For Max. 40 Shimmers
Get as much total stats as possible, STR AGI WIS and LUK combined. 50,000 All Stats Combined 800,000 All Stats Combined
Get as much STR stat as you can. 15,000 STR 240,000 STR
Get as much AGI stat as you can. 15,000 AGI 240,000 AGI
Get as much WIS stat as you can. 15,000 WIS 240,000 WIS
Get as much LUK stat as you can. 15,000 LUK 15,000 LUK
Get the highest DPS (number of digits) you can, but on a beginner 10 T DPS 1 Tdc DPS
Get the highest DPS (number of digits) you can, but on a warrior. 100 Qa DPS 10 Qt DPS
Get the highest DPS (number of digits) you can, but on a archer. 100 Qa DPS 10 Qt DPS
Get the highest DPS (number of digits) you can, but on a mage. 10 Qi DPS 1 Qd DPS
Get the highest Accuracy stat you can. 5 M Accuracy 80 M Accuracy
Get the highest Defence stat. Tank mains, it's your moment! 20,000 Defence 320,000 Defence
Get the highest Movement Speed you can. 500% Movement Speed 8,000% Movement Speed
Get the highest Critical Chance % you can. 250% Critical Hit Chance 4,000% Critical Hit Chance
Spawn as many Giant Mobs this week as you can. 25 Giant Mobs Killed 400 Giant Mobs Killed
Get the highest Max HP as possible. 1.5 M HP 24 M HP
Get the highest Max MP as possible. 1.5 M MP 24 M MP
Get as many individual hits on the DPS Dummy as you can within the timer. 240 Hits 3,840 Hits
Get as much Mining Efficiency (number of digits) as you can. 100 B Mining Eff. 100 Dd Mining Eff.
Get as much Choppin Efficiency (number of digits) as you can. 10 B Choppin Eff. 10 Dd Choppin Eff.
Get as much Fishing Efficiency (number of digits) as you can. 100 M Fishing Eff. 100 Udc Fishing Eff.
Get as much Catching Efficiency (number of digits) as you can. 1 B Catching Eff. 1 Dd Catching Eff.
Claim as much Guild GP this week as you can. 600 Guild Points 9,600 Guild Points

Number of digits means how many digits in your Skill Efficiency or DPS, for example - if you have 1 M Mining Efficiency, that's 7 digits.

Formula to calculate given Shimmers for All Trials, except DPS and Skill Efficiency:

Math.ceil(10 * Math.min(4, Math.pow(TrialResult/TrialRequirement,0.5)))

DPS and Skill Efficiency are LOG10.