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Breeding Skill Icon.png Breeding
Breeding Banner.png
Skill Info
Beast Master Class Icon.png Beast Master
Sappy DNA Splicer.png DNA Splicers
Skill Type
Town, Custom Arena
Hyperion Nebula

The Breeding skill is a multifacited skill located in the World 4 town. It consists of incubating eggs (incubation rate is 2 hours for one egg, and you can store up to three initially) to "Breed" pets and unlock additional kinds. These pets have various Genetics to either Fight, Forage, or some Special actions. These pets will be used to fight to unlock Territories which can then be foraged for spices to be used in Cooking or purchasing Nanochips.


The first step to begin is to breed your first pet: a Green Mushroom. The game is structured to guarantee your first pet be a Green Mushroom and then the second one will unlock the first "Mystery Pet." Mystery Pets here refer to the ones that show a question mark as their silhouette. They are simply pets who aren't enemies encountered in the world and hidden to be a surprise, and otherwise work the same as other pets. When you breed a pet you will always breed something, but the chance to unlock the next pet is displayed at the bottom of the selected pet's breed window. There are various modifiers to this that can be unlocked, and this page will explain those further down below.

Unlockable Pets

Name Normal Shiny Genetic Unlocked From
Green Mushroom Green Mushroom Walking.gif Green Mushroom Walking.gif Fighter Genetics.png Fighter Initially Unlocked
Squirrel Squirrel Walking.gif Squirrel Walking.gif Forager Genetics.png Forager Green Mushroom
Frog Frog Walking.gif Frog Walking.gif Boomer Genetics.png Boomer Squirrel
Bored Bean Bored Bean Walking.gif Bored Bean Walking.gif Fleeter Genetics.png Fleeter Frog
Red Mushroom Red Mushroom Walking.gif Red Mushroom Walking.gif Fighter Genetics.png Fighter Bored Bean
Slime Slime Walking.gif Slime Walking.gif Cursory Genetics.png Cursory Red Mushroom
Piggo Piggo Walking.gif Piggo Walking.gif Amplifier Genetics.png Amplifier Slime
Baby Boa Baby Boa Walking.gif Baby Boa Walking.gif Targeter Genetics.png Targeter Piggo
Carrotman Carrotman Walking.gif Carrotman Walking.gif Mercenary Genetics.png Mercenary Baby Boa
Glublin Glublin Walking.gif Glublin Walking.gif Refiller Genetics.png Refiller Carrotman
Wode Board Wode Board Walking.gif Wode Board Walking.gif Miasma Genetics.png Miasma Glublin
Gigafrog Gigafrog Walking.gif Gigafrog Walking.gif Amplifier Genetics.png Amplifier Wode Board
Wild Boar Wild Boar Walking.gif Wild Boar Walking.gif Heavyweight Genetics.png Heavyweight Gigafrog
Walking Stick Walking Stick Walking.gif Walking Stick Walking.gif Refiller Genetics.png Refiller Wild Boar
Nutto Nutto Walking.gif Nutto Walking.gif Borger Genetics.png Borger Walking Stick
Poop Poop Walking.gif Poop Walking.gif Tsar Genetics.png Tsar Nutto
Rat Rat Walking.gif Rat Walking.gif Monolithic Genetics.png Monolithic Poop
Name Normal Shiny Genetic Unlocked From
Sandy Pot Sandy Pot Walking.gif Sandy Pot Walking.gif Looter Genetics.png Looter Red Mushroom
Mimic Mimic Walking.gif Mimic Walking.gif Defender Genetics.png Defender Sandy Pot
Crabcake Crabcake Walking.gif Crabcake Walking.gif Fleeter Genetics.png Fleeter Mimic
Mafioso Mafioso Walking.gif Mafioso Walking.gif Forager Genetics.png Forager Crabcake
Mallay Mallay Walking.gif Mallay Walking.gif Opticular Genetics.png Opticular Mafioso
Sand Castle Sand Castle Walking.gif Sand Castle Walking.gif Defstone Genetics.png Defstone Mallay
Pincermin Pincermin Walking.gif Pincermin Walking.gif Fighter Genetics.png Fighter Sand Castle
Mashed Potato Mashed Potato Walking.gif Mashed Potato Walking.gif Amplifier Genetics.png Amplifier Pincermin
Tyson Tyson Walking.gif Tyson Walking.gif Fastidious Genetics.png Fastidious Mashed Potato
Whale Whale Walking.gif Whale Walking.gif Badumdum Genetics.png Badumdum Tyson
Moonmoon Moonmoon Walking.gif Moonmoon Walking.gif Mercenary Genetics.png Mercenary Whale
Sand Giant Sand Giant Walking.gif Sand Giant Walking.gif Rattler Genetics.png Rattler Moonmoon
Snelbie Snelbie Walking.gif Snelbie Walking.gif Monolithic Genetics.png Monolithic Sand Giant
Dig Doug Dig Doug Walking.gif Dig Doug Walking.gif Lazarus Genetics.png Lazarus Snelbie
Beefie Beefie Walking.gif Beefie Walking.gif Trasher Genetics.png Trasher Dig Doug
Crescent Spud Crescent Spud Walking.gif Crescent Spud Walking.gif Monolithic Genetics.png Monolithic Beefie
Chippy Chippy Walking.gif Chippy Walking.gif Eggshell Genetics.png Eggshell Crescent Spud
Name Normal Shiny Genetic Unlocked From
Sheepie Sheepie Walking.gif Sheepie Walking.gif Sniper Genetics.png Sniper Pincermin
Frost Flake Frost Flake Walking.gif Frost Flake Walking.gif Ninja Genetics.png Ninja Sheepie
Sir Stache Sir Stache Walking.gif Sir Stache Walking.gif Eggshell Genetics.png Eggshell Frost Flake
Xylobone Xylobone Walking.gif Xylobone Walking.gif Opticular Genetics.png Opticular Sir Stache
Bunny Bunny Walking.gif Bunny Walking.gif Flashy Genetics.png Flashy Xylobone
Bloque Bloque Walking.gif Bloque Walking.gif Alchemic Genetics.png Alchemic Bunny
Mamooth Mamooth Walking.gif Mamooth Walking.gif Looter Genetics.png Looter Bloque
Snowman Snowman Walking.gif Snowman Walking.gif Defstone Genetics.png Defstone Mamooth
Penguin Penguin Walking.gif Penguin Walking.gif Fastidious Genetics.png Fastidious Snowman
Thermister Thermister Walking.gif Thermister Walking.gif Sniper Genetics.png Sniper Penguin
Quenchie Quenchie Walking.gif Quenchie Walking.gif Boomer Genetics.png Boomer Thermister
Cryosnake Cryosnake Walking.gif Cryosnake Walking.gif Eggshell Genetics.png Eggshell Quenchie
Mecho Mouse Mecho Mouse Walking.gif Mecho Mouse Walking.gif Trasher Genetics.png Trasher Cryosnake
Bop Box Bop Box Walking.gif Bop Box Walking.gif Converter Genetics.png Converter Mecho Mouse
Neyeptune Neyeptune Walking.gif Neyeptune Walking.gif Lazarus Genetics.png Lazarus Bop Box
Dedotated Ram Dedotated Ram Walking.gif Dedotated Ram Walking.gif Amplifier Genetics.png Amplifier Neyeptune
Bloodbone Bloodbone Walking.gif Bloodbone Walking.gif Targeter Genetics.png Targeter Dedotated Ram
Panda Panda Walking.gif Panda Walking.gif Converter Genetics.png Converter Bloodbone
Name Normal Shiny Genetic Unlocked From
Purp Mushroom Purp Mushroom Walking.gif Purp Mushroom Walking.gif Tsar Genetics.png Tsar ?
TV TV Walking.gif TV Walking.gif Rattler Genetics.png Rattler Purp Mushroom
Donut Donut Walking.gif Donut Walking.gif Flashy Genetics.png Flashy TV
Demon Genie Demon Genie Walking.gif Demon Genie Walking.gif Superboomer Genetics.png Superboomer Donut
Flying Worm Flying Worm Walking.gif Flying Worm Walking.gif Borger Genetics.png Borger Demon Genie
Dog Dog Idle.gif Dog Idle.gif Peapeapod Genetics.png Peapeapod Flying Worm
Soda Can Soda Can Walking.gif Soda Can Walking.gif Fastihoop Genetics.png Fastihoop Dog
Gelatinous Cuboid Gelatinous Cuboid Walking.gif Gelatinous Cuboid Walking.gif Flashy Genetics.png Flashy Soda Can
Choccie Choccie Walking.gif Choccie Walking.gif Superboomer Genetics.png Superboomer Gelatinous Cuboid
Biggole Wurm Biggole Wurm Walking.gif Biggole Wurm Walking.gif Tsar Genetics.png Tsar Choccie
Cool Bird Cool Bird Walking.gif Cool Bird Walking.gif Borger Genetics.png Borger Biggole Wurm
Clammie Clammie Walking.gif Clammie Walking.gif Mercenary Genetics.png Mercenary Cool Bird
Octodar Octodar Walking.gif Octodar Walking.gif Cursory Genetics.png Cursory Clammie
Flombeige Flombeige Walking.gif Flombeige Walking.gif Trasher Genetics.png Trasher Octodar
Stilted Seeker Stilted Seeker Walking.gif Stilted Seeker Walking.gif Borger Genetics.png Borger Flombeige
Hedgehog Hedgehog Walking.gif Hedgehog Walking.gif Peapeapod Genetics.png Peapeapod Stilted Seeker


Each pet will have a default genetic, and a chance at a couple of special genetics if appropriate upgrades have been obtained.

Genetic Type Cooldown Genetic Effects
Fighter Genetics.png Fighter Fighter 5 Fighting/Primary: Throws a Rusty Sword, which deals 200% Damage
Secondary: When in combat, all pets on team deal 1.20x Damage
Defender Genetics.png Defender Fighter 10 Fighting/Primary: Throws an Armored Shield, which gives 85% block chance to pets it passes over, and deals 50% Damage
Secondary: When in combat, all pets have +12% Block Chance
Forager Genetics.png Forager Forager 12 Fighting/Primary: Heals all pets by 25% HP
Secondary: When foraging, this pet contributes 2x Foraging Speed
Fleeter Genetics.png Fleeter Forager 13 Fighting/Primary: Boosts ability recharge rate for all pets by +30% for 8 sec. Doesn't boost other Fleeter pets though.
Secondary: When foraging, all pets contribute 1.30x more Foraging Speed
Breeder Genetics.png Breeder Forager 17 Fighting/Primary: Every 1 sec, heal whatever pet you are holding down on for 5% HP. On PC, you just need you mouse over the pet. On Phones, your finger must be on the pet. This lasts 10 seconds.
Secondary: When in Fence Yard, increases Breedability Multiplier of this pet species
Special Genetics.png Special Forager 15 Fighting/Primary: Summons shootings stars which double the damage of all attacks they touch.
Secondary: When in Fence Yard, increases Special Passive of this pet species over time
Mercenary Genetics.png Mercenary Fighter 4 Fighting/Primary: Throws 2-3 small daggers which deal 150% Damage
Secondary: When foraging, this pet contributes 2x Fight Power
Boomer Genetics.png Boomer Fighter 7 Fighting/Primary: Throws a boomerang, which deals 60% Damage and has an 80% chance to bounce
Secondary: When in combat, the pet in front of this one has ability reset to 30%
Sniper Genetics.png Sniper Fighter 9 Fighting/Primary: Fires a bullet at farthest enemy. 200% Damage, +30% Crit chance, 4x Crit DMG
Secondary: When in combat, all pets have +25% Crit DMG
Amplifier Genetics.png Amplifier Fighter 10 Fighting/Primary: Summons a spiral, which deals 100% Damage, and +50% more Damage for each attack that moves through it
Secondary: When in combat, all pets have +10% Crit Chance
Tsar Genetics.png Tsar Fighter 40 Fighting/Primary: Drop da bomba...
Secondary: When foraging, the pets in the territory above and below contribute 1.50x Fight Power
Rattler Genetics.png Rattler Fighter 4 Fighting/Primary: Throws 5 bones. Bones deal 5% Damage, +1% more damage for each bone ever thrown
Secondary: When in combat, this pet's Basic Attack is now a Bone instead of a Fist
Cursory Genetics.png Cursory Fighter 3 Fighting/Primary: Shoots a Cursed Skull, which deals 50% Damage, and makes all future attacks deal +5% more dmg
Secondary: When in combat, pets in front and behind this one deal 1.50x Damage
Fastidious Genetics.png Fastidious Forager 10 Fighting/Primary: Pemanently gives all pets +1% Crit Chance, +5% Crit DMG, and +2% ability regen speed. After 20 stacks, additional stacks give less bonus.
Secondary: When foraging, all pets contribute 1.50x more Foraging Speed if there is at least 1 Combat Pet in team
Flashy Genetics.png Flashy Forager 18 Fighting/Primary: Duplicates all friendly attacks instantly, almost like magic!
Secondary: When foraging, all pets contribute 1.50x more Foraging Speed if there are no Combat Pets in team
Opticular Genetics.png Opticular Forager 7 Fighting/Primary: Permanently boosts the Crit Chance of all pets. Only recharges when an attack Critical Hits
Secondary: When foraging, this pet contributes 3x Foraging Speed if it has the largest Number on the team
Monolithic Genetics.png Monolithic Forager 20 Fighting/Primary: Freezes time for 6 seconds. During this, pet continue to shoot Basic Attacks and regenerate abilities
Secondary: When foraging, the requirement to fill the reward bar goes up less every time it is filled
Alchemic Genetics.png Alchemic Forager 9 Fighting/Primary: Turns all friendly attacks into Cursed Skulls
Secondary: When foraging, there is a 50% chance for 2 spices when filling the reward bar
Badumdum Genetics.png Badumdum Forager 7 Fighting/Primary: Permanently boost the Basic Attack speed of all pets. Only recharges when a Basic Attack hits
Secondary: When foraging, the pets in the territory above and below contribute 1.20x Foraging Speed
Defstone Genetics.png Defstone Fighter 5 Fighting/Primary: Shoots multiple rocks based on the total number of blocks by your team. Rocks deal 250% Damage. Resets total number of blocks when activated
Secondary: When in combat, all pets start 2x max HP. Multiplies with other defstone pets.
Targeter Genetics.png Targeter Forager 8 Fighting/Primary: The next non Basic Attack fired will deal x2.50 Damage.
Secondary: When foraging, this pet contributes 5x Foraging Speed if the pet above this one is also a Targeter
Looter Genetics.png Looter Forager 6 Fighting/Primary: Activates a random ability, selected from all the abilites across all pets you've ever unlocked
Secondary: When foraging, there is a small chance to find extra spices when filling the reward bar many times before claiming
Refiller Genetics.png Refiller Forager 30 Fighting/Primary: For 5 seconds, every non Basic Attack that hits a monster refills a random ability on the team by 5%
Secondary: When in combat, all abilites start at +25% filled
Eggshell Genetics.png Eggshell Forager 12 Fighting/Primary: For 10 seconds, every critical hit boosts the block chance of all pets by 1%
Secondary: When in Fence Yard, randomly lays eggs which can be picked up and will appear in your incubator. Egg laying time takes MANY hours, but will stay until you revisit the pet yard personally, you don't need to stand around personally and wait.
Lazarus Genetics.png Lazarus Fighter 5 Fighting/Primary: Fires a laser, dealing 100% Damage to all enemies every 1 sec. Strangely enough, the laser will continue zapping as long as you dont click anything.
Secondary: When in combat, all pets have their abilities fill up +10% faster
Trasher Genetics.png Trasher Forager 20 Fighting/Primary: The next 6 taps delete any enemy attack you tap on. This ability will not refill while you have taps remaining
Secondary: When in Fence Yard, +25 daily spice claims. Only works if pet is in Fence Yard before the start of the day.
Miasma Genetics.png Miasma Forager 60 Fighting/Primary: Fully heal all pets. Also, for 60 sec all enemies have -100% crit chance and all pets have +20% block chance. Always starts 100% filled
Secondary: When foraging, all pets on the team contribute 4.00x more Foraging Speed if there aren't two pets of the same type.
Converter Genetics.png Converter Forager 25 Fighting/Primary: For 15 seconds, all basic fist attacks have a 30% chance to turn into the weapon of that pet's ability, but only if their ability is a weapon.
Secondary: When foraging, there is a 50% chance to not reset trekking progress when claiming, essentially giving you FREE SPICE! Multiple converter pets won't stack. @ WARNING: Placing this pet in a territory will reset that territory's trekking progress.
Heavyweight Genetics.png Heavyweight Fighter 10 Fighting/Primary: Shoots a giant fist that deals 300% Damage. The giant fist itself shoots a basic fist attack every 1 sec.
Secondary: When in combat, all pets shoot their basic fist attacks +10% faster
Fastihoop Genetics.png Fastihoop Fighter 13 Fighting/Primary: Shoots a gold hoop, which deals 50% Damage. Each bullet that passes through the hoop has a 30% chance to give a permanent +1 Fastidious buff.
Secondary: When in combat, all pets have a +20% crit chance
Ninja Genetics.png Ninja Fighter 5 Fighting/Primary: Shoots 4 ninja stars, which deal 175% Damage each
Secondary: When in combat, adjacent pets and this one throw ninja stars instead of basic attacks
Superboomer Genetics.png Superboomer Fighter 9 Fighting/Primary: Throws 2 super boomerangs, which deal 100% Damage and has an 80% chance to bounce
Secondary: When in combat, all pets deal 1.40x Damage
Peapeapod Genetics.png Peapeapod Fighter 6 Fighting/Primary: Shoot 10 tiny peas which deal 75% damage. Pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow!!!
Secondary: When in combat, all pets have a 25% chance to shoot another basic attack. This can happen multiple times in a row.
Borger Genetics.png Borger Forager 7 Fighting/Primary: Shoots 2 basic attacks, but would much rather have shot 2 burgers into its mouth
Secondary: When in combat, this pet has +2000% hp. Big borger, big health. @ When foraging, this pet contributes 10x more foraging speed if the territory above has at least one Forager type (the Green Leaf type) pet.


There are two ways to fight using your pets. Territory Battles to unlock forage areas, and the endless Pet Arena unlocked at Breeding Level 8.

Note that a pet 'family' from a later world is not inherently better than another. The only things that factor into a Pet's combat effectiveness are their genetics and fighting power. Having a pet with a higher power, or having multiple separate pet 'families' with the same genetic are beneficial. This due to always wanting more power and you are limited to one per pet 'family,' but not genetics.

Territory Battles

Territory Fights
Territory Name Group Name Total Health Enemies
Grasslands The Grass Gang 90 Green Mushroom, Froge, Bored Bean
Jungle The Carrot Crew 290 Carrotman, Carrotman, Carrotman, Carrotman
Encroaching Forest Big Boy Plank and the Gs 900 Glubbin, Glubbin, Wode Board
Tree Interior Branchial Heirarchy 2,200 Walking Stick, Walking Stick, Walking Stick, Walking Stick
Stinky Sewers Dr. Def, phD MD 5,010 Dr Defecus, Dr Defecus
Desert Oasis Confetti Cake Brigade 12,000 Crabcake, Crabcake, Crabcake, Crabcake, Crabcake
Beach Docks The Giant Grumblo 40,000 Grumblo
Coarse Mountains The Beach Boys 120,000 Mafioso, Mafioso, Mashed Potato, Mashed Potato
Twilight Desert The Sands of Time 160,000 Biggie Hour, Sand Giant, Sand Giant
The Crypt The Dungeoneering Duo 700,000 King Doot, Snakenhotep
Frosty Peaks The Stray Flock 1,800,000 Floofie, Floofie, Floofie, Floofie, Floofie
Tundra Outback The Permafrost Brothers 2,400,000 Bloque, Snowman
Crystal Caverns The Coolest Beats 10,000,000 Bop Box, Bop Box, Ice Guard
Pristalle Lake The Cursed Shepherd Boy 33,000,000 Dedotated Ram, Dedotated Ram, Bloodbone, Dedotated Ram, Dedotated Ram
Nebulon Mantle The Blue Jeans Group 80,000,000 Demon Genie, Demon Genie, Demon Genie, Demon Genie
Starfield Skies Fissure Wurm 100,000,000 Biggole Wurm
Shores of Eternity Calamity Clammies 500,000,000 Clammie, Clammie

Pet Arena

The Pet Arena consists of 50 waves of enemies that repeat in a loop and various perks are earned after reaching a certain round.

Pet Arena Waves 1 - 50
Wave Total HP Enemies Wave Total HP Enemies
1 225 Dig Doug, Dig Doug, Dig Doug 26 50 Snelbie, Grumblo
2 535 Green Red Mushroomoom, Bored Bean 27 500 Floofie
3 735 Carrotman, Baby Boa, Giga Frog 28 7000 Frost Flake, Floofie
4 800 Glublin 29 800 Sir Stache, Bloque
5 1110 Nutto, Globohopper 30 900 Frost Flake, Mamooth, Sir Stache
6 2510 Giga Frog, Giga Frog 31 50 Bloque, Floofie, Frost Flake, Frost Flake
7 4500 Rat, Rat, Rat 32 500 Bloque, Sir Stache
8 8000 Poop, Poop, Poop, Poop 33 700 Sir Stache, Bloque
9 925 Green Red Mushroomoom, Red Mushroom, Wood Mushroom 34 800 Mamooth, Mamooth
10 2135 Ghost, Ghost, Ghost, Moonmoon 35 900 Snowman, Penguin, Snowman, Quenchie
11 50 Sandy Pot 36 50 Mamooth, Penguin, Mamooth
12 500 Mimic, Mimic, Sandy Pot 37 500 Quenchie, Snowman
13 700 Sandy Pot 38 7000 Penguin, Quenchie
14 1600 Sandy Pot, Mimic 39 800 Snowman
15 900 Crabcake, Sand Castle, Ghost, Ghost 40 900 Thermister, Penguin, Penguin, Thermister, Thermister
16 50 Mafioso, Crabcake, Mafioso 41 50 snakeB
17 500 Sand Castle, Pincermin 42 500 Bop Box
18 7000 Pincermin 43 700 Neyeptune, Bop Box
19 800 Mashed Potato, Mashed Potato, Tyson 44 800 Neyeptune, Valentslime, Neyeptune, Valentslime, Valentslime
20 900 Biggie Hours, Mashed Potato, Moonmoon, Snelbie, Crystal Crabal 45 900 Dedotated Ram, Dedotated Ram, Bop Box
21 50 Moonmoon, Tyson, Tyson, Sand Castle 46 50 Floofie, Floofie, Quenchie
22 500 Sand Giant 47 500 Bloodbone, Bop Box, Bloodbone
23 700 Grumblo, Snelbie 48 7000 Xylobone, Quenchie, Neyeptune, Thermister
24 800 Snelbie, Cactopunk, Grumblo, Grumblo, Cactopunk 49 800 Bloodbone, Bloque, Xylobone, Bloodbone
25 900 King Doot 50 900 Crystal Cattle, Crystal Cattle, Crystal Cattle, Dedotated Ram, Dedotated Ram

Arena Bonuses

Rounds Defeated Reward Unlocked
2 Unlocks 3rd Pet Battle Slot
5 +25% Library VIP Membership
8 1.20X Total Damage
12 New Post Office Upgrade Crate
15 Unlocks 4th Pet Battle Slot
20 1.5X Monster Cash
25 New Post Office Upgrade Crate
35 -50% Kitchen Upgrade Costs
50 Unlocks 5th Pet Battle Slot
65 New Post Office Upgrade Crate
80 +60% Library VIP Membership
100 Can Equip 3rd Large Bubble
125 Unlocks 6th Pet Battle Slot
150 +20% Line Width For All Players
175 2X Monster Cash
200 1.40X Total Damage

Territories & Spices

Each Territory, once defeated, can be foraged for a "Spice" unique to that teritory. Most territories require a certain amount of "Fight Power" in order to farm them, regardless of how much foraging power you have in that territory.

Territory Name Forage Amount Fighting Power Foraged Spice
Grasslands 5 0 Grasslands Spice.png Grasslands Spice
Jungle 20 5 Jungle Spice.png Jungle Spice
Encroaching Forest 100 20 Encroaching Forest Spice.png Encroaching Forest Spice
Tree Interior 250 50 Tree Interior Spice.png Tree Interior Spice
Stinky Sewers 1000 100 Stinky Sewers Spice.png Stinky Sewers Spice
Desert Oasis 2000 250 Desert Oasis Spice.png Desert Oasis Spice
Beach Docks 5000 600 Beach Docks Spice.png Beach Docks Spice
Coarse Mountains 12500 1100 Coarse Mountains Spice.png Coarse Mountains Spice
Twilight Desert 25000 1750 Twilight Desert Spice.png Twilight Desert Spice
The Crypt 50000 3000 The Crypt Spice.png The Crypt Spice
Frosty Peaks 100000 5000 Frosty Peaks Spice.png Frosty Peaks Spice
Tundra Outback 300000 10000 Tundra Outback Spice.png Tundra Outback Spice
Crystal Caverns 1000000 25000 Crystal Caverns Spice.png Crystal Caverns Spice
Pristalle Lake 2000000 40000 Pristalle Lake Spice.png Pristalle Lake Spice
Nebulon Mantle 5000000 100000 Nebulon Mantle Spice.png Nebulon Mantle Spice
Starfield Skies 4000000 175000 Starfield Skies Spice.png Starfield Skies Spice
Shores of Eternity 7500000 300000 Shores of Eternity Spice.png Shores of Eternity Spice

Upgrade Tab

Upgrade Max Level Total Upgrade Costs Description
1 No Upgrade Selected 100 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 14.4 M TAP AN UPGRADE ABOVE! Also, as a reward for reading this, I'll let you know that upgrading this 'nothing' bonus actually boosts breeding exp gain!!
(+1% Breeding EXP/level) Max: 100%
1 Genetic Splicing Icon.png Genetic Splicing 20 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 4,636
Turkey a la Thank.png Turkey a la Thank: 3.5 B
Unlocks the 1st Breeding Multiplier, Gene Boosting. Genes are found while fighting with the DNA Splicer tool purchased at the Town Shop.
(-4% Gene Boost Cost/level) Max: -80%
5 Egg Capacity Icon.png Egg Capacity 5 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 991
Pie.png Pie: 5 B
Increases the maximum number of eggs your incubator can hold. The more eggs you currently hold, the rarer it is to get a new one.
(+1 Egg Max/level) Max: 5
10 Breedability Pulse Icon.png Breedability Pulse 10 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 5,987
Corn.png Corn: 4.6 B
Unlocks the 2nd Breeding Multiplier, Breedability. Pets placed in the Fenceyard with the Breedable Gene increase this multi over time.
(+25% Breedability Spd/level) Max: 250%
15 Fence Extension Icon.png Fence Extension 10 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 4,273
Pancakes.png Pancakes: 33.8 M
Increases the number of slots in your Fence Yard, allowing for more pets to roam around, free range style!
(+1 Fenceyard Slots/level) Max: 10
20 Rarity of the Egg Icon.png Rarity of the Egg 10 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 8,383
Potato Pea Pastry.png Potato Pea Pastry: 43 B
Unlocks the 3rd Breeding Multi, Rarity. When the egg incubator is full, theres a chance to increase the rarity of another egg!
(1x Chance/level) Max: 3.5x
Directly Affected by the Gilded Shells Achievement. Resulting new Max: 3.85x
25 Blooming Axe Icon.png Blooming Axe 10 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 9,580
Cannoli.png Cannoli: 109.9 B
Forage pets contribute a fraction of their forage speed toward Fight Power. Now you no longer need at least 1 fighting pet!
(6% Fight Contribution/level) Max: 60%
30 Pastpresent Brood Icon.png Pastpresent Brood 5 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 2,746
Wild Boar.png Wild Boar: 14.4 B
Unlocks the 4th Breeding Multiplier, Pastpres. This increases based on the number of different pets discovered from the previous world.
(0.15x Bigger Multi/level) Max: 1.75x
40 Paint Bucket Icon.png Paint Bucket 100 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 10.5 M
Orange.png Orange: 30 Q
Unlocks Shiny Pet Breeding. Shiny Pets come in 1 of 5 colours, and boost their Special Passive bonus when in the Fenceyard.
(+2% Base Shiny Chance/level) Max: 201%
50 Overwhelmed Golden Egg Icon.png Overwhelmed Golden Egg 20 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 20.3 M
Pretzel.png Pretzel: 4.7 Q
Your New Pet Chance is multiplied for every 100 kitchen upgrade levels across all kitchens! So 200 Lvs would apply it twice!!
(0.02x Multiplier per 100 Upg/level) Max: 1.4x
60 Failsafe Restitution Cloud Icon.png Failsafe Restitution Cloud 25 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 73.6 K
Eel.png Eel: 45 Q
Unlocks the 5th Breeding Multiplier, Failure. This increases every time you fail to get a new/shiny pet, up to a max, and depletes when you succeed.
(10 Maximum Times/level) Max: 250 Stacks
70 Shattershell Iteration Icon.png Shattershell Iteration 10 PetDeadCell.png Dead DNA: 15.6 K
Buncha Banana.png Buncha Banana: 6.2 Q
Every time you use up your last incubator egg, there is a chance to produce 2 more eggs immediately.
(4~8% Chance/level) Max: 60%

DNA Splicers

DNA Splicers are used to convert AFK Gains into DNA Spirals for a given world to be used in Gene Boosting from the Genetic Splicing Upgrade. Each upgrade allows for collection to 1 additonal world, starting from Blunder Hills.

DNA Splicers
Name Image Level Speed Skillpower Str Agi Wis Luk Misc Slots Sell Price Source
Sappy DNA Splicer Sappy DNA Splicer.png 40 0 50 5 5 5 5 3
Platinum Coin.png 6
Outer World Town Vendors
Bolstered DNA Splicer Bolstered DNA Splicer.png 90 0 70 10 10 10 10 3
Platinum Coin.png 30 Silver Coin.png 28 Copper Coin.png 80
Smithing, Recipe from Pincermin
Double Barreled DNA Splicer Double Barreled DNA Splicer.png 140 0 100 15 15 15 15 4
Platinum Coin.png 30 Gold Coin.png 9 Silver Coin.png 73 Copper Coin.png 80
Smithing, Recipe from Thermister
Ergonomic DNA Splicer Ergonomic DNA Splicer.png 180 0 150 20 20 20 20 4
Platinum Coin.png 30 Gold Coin.png 12 Silver Coin.png 73 Copper Coin.png 80
Smithing, Recipe from Octodar