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Create your own Slime army and defeat everyone to become a World Champion.

Slime Battles

Engage in battles against top-tier opponents and earn Chests containing various bonuses.

To start a battle, visit the Summoner's Table in Spirit Village and choose an opponent. Click anywhere on the field to summon your Slimes; each Slime Card requires a random amount of Mana to spawn a Unit, with different Slime types requiring varying amounts of Mana. Your objective is to have your Slimes reach the other end of the battlefield (or the opponent's spawnpoint); each Slime that successfully reaches it will deal -1 HP to the enemy. Keep in mind that the opponent's Units will also attempt to reach your spawnpoint. Think tactically.

Three attempts (hearts) available each day. Each Heart is used if you fail/leave battle.

Unlock new Battles by purchasing new Essence Stones in Upgrades.


Initial strategy

Spam the bottom line with your summons. The only thing that matters at this point are raw atk/hp stats.

Spikes strategy

Once you unlock Spiked Placement (green essence), it will become your main damage source. You will be using it to clear the path for your summons, that will be much weaker than your opponent's. This also means that mana regeneration becomes extremely important upgrade. You should utilize the Mana Overflow upgrade to build up as much max mana and therefore mana regeneration as possible (utilize your health as a resource that lets you gain mana regen - let a few enemy summons through), before overwhelming your opponent with huge pile of summons that will have mostly clear path thanks to the spikes.

Stone Battles

Base amount of Rows on battlefield - 1, and another one added on next stone after previous.

Name Enemy Bonus HP Attack Speed
Pablo and his Plump Piggies Piggo Idle.gif 1.28x Total DMG 1 1 7
Gam3rPr0digy and their Boar Stampede Wild Boar Idle.gif 1.53x Jade Gain 3 2 7
Donald and his Quacky Ducks Mallay Idle.gif 1.11x Farming SPD 7 4 7
Sandy and her Nutty Squirrels Squirrel Idle.gif 1.11x All Essence 11 6 7
Popo and their Largest of Mammalians Whale Idle.gif 1.53x Artifact Find 24 11 7
Little Susie and her Bunny Family Bunny Idle.gif 1.88x Jade Gain 43 19 7
MoveFan84 and his Famous Nacho Batallion Chippy Idle.gif 1.42x Total DMG 178 69 7
Ronaldo and his Cool Freakin' Birdz Cool Bird Idle.gif 1.05 Lab Con Range 1517 470 7
Master Oogman and his Speedy Hedgehogs Hedgehog Idle.gif 1.14x Farming SPD 23840 5444 7

Name Enemy Bonus HP Attack Speed
Jonesy and his Lil Mushies Green Mushroom Idle.gif 1.53x Total DMG 35 7 7
Walter and his Lil Shrooms Red Mushroom Idle.gif 1.35x Sneak EXP 53 9 7
Lex and her Hoppy Frogs Frog Idle.gif 2.05x Jade Gain 71 12 7
Bongo and his Lazy Beans Bored Bean Idle.gif 1.56x Total DMG 121 19 7
Sam and his Goopy Slimes Slime Idle.gif 1.05 Lab Con Range 205 30 7
Mika and his Itty Bitty Baby Boas Baby Boa Idle.gif 2.23x Jade Gain 318 45 7
Guy Montag and his Walking Veggies Carrotman Idle.gif 1.18x Farming SPD 609 80 7
Gork and his Ugly Glublins Glublin Idle.gif 1.7x Artifact Find 900 115 7
Ed and his Stolen Planks Wode Board Idle.gif 1.35x Sigil SPD 1315 163 7
Gigachad and his Awesome Gigafrogs Gigafrog Idle.gif 1.05 Lab Con Range 1946 229 7
TP Pete Jr and his Battle Poops Poop Idle.gif 1.53x All Essence 4056 442 7
Michael and his Rodents Rat Idle.gif 1.53x Artifact Find 6829 711 7
Kyle and his Branch Brigade Walking Stick Idle.gif 1.14x Farming SPD 11559 1132 7
Aaron and his Aacorn Gang Nutto Idle.gif 1.7x All Essence 44069 3760 7
Kip and his Lil Fungi Wood Mushroom Idle.gif 1.67x Total DMG 264629 18390 8

Name Enemy Bonus HP Attack Speed
Karen and her Pots Sandy Pot Idle.gif 1.18x Farming EXP 70 30 6
Jimmy and his Enthusiastic Mimics Mimic Idle.gif 1.53x Sneak EXP 116 46 6
Eugene and his Frosted Crabs Crabcake Idle.gif 7% Drop Rate 219 83 6
Nobby and his Gang of Nuts Mafioso Idle.gif 2.4x Jade Gain 337 120 6
Tiny Tim and his Cool Castles Sand Castle Idle.gif 1.53x Sigil SPD 495 171 6
Tira and her Shrewd Pincermen Pincermin Idle.gif 1.88x Sneak EXP 1061 338 6
Misha and her Super Spuds Mashed Potato Idle.gif 1.21x Farming SPD 2196 648 6
Wlad and his Rootin' Tootin' Tysons Tyson Idle.gif 1.05 Lab Con Range 4436 1213 6
Mac and his Many Moonmoons Moonmoon Idle.gif 1.35x Crop EVO 8685 2232 6
Sir Reginald and his Gentlemen Giants Sand Giant Idle.gif 1.7x Artifact Find 53877 11254 6
Shelby and her Shelled Snelbies Snelbie Idle.gif 1.88x Total DMG 583072 93333 7

Name Enemy Bonus HP Attack Speed
Paulie and his Sheepie Herd Sheepie Idle.gif 3.5% AFK Gains 589 532 7
Dirk and his Celsius Flakes Frost Flake Idle.gif 1.35x Farming EXP 1016 878 7
Mr Harrison and his Mighty Staches Sir Stache Idle.gif 2.05x All Essence 2090 1670 7
Gibby and his Bloque Offensive Bloque Idle.gif 2.05x Total DMG 2948 2285 7
Esther and her Trampler Mamooths Mamooth Idle.gif 1.53x Sigil SPD 4974 3626 7
Frosty and his Relatives Snowman Idle.gif 35% Skill EXP 8310 5708 7
The Accountant and his Trusty Penguins Penguin Idle.gif 2.75x Jade Gain 13611 8922 7
Fermi and his Thermies Thermister Idle.gif 1.7x Artifact Find 22426 13864 7
Kristen and her Chill Quenchies Quenchie Idle.gif 10.5% Drop Rate 50558 28584 7
Rob and his Ice Cold Killer Snakes Cryosnake Idle.gif 2.05x Construct SPD 81416 43877 7
Lil Plump and his Dope Bops Bop Box Idle.gif 1.35x Skill Effncy. 112657 58268 8
Nadia and her All Seeing Eyes Neyeptune Idle.gif 2.05x Sneak EXP 180435 88924 8
Shepherd and his Flock of Rams Dedotated Ram Idle.gif 1.05 Lab Con Range 1015809 409322 8
Brody and his Infamous Bloodbones Bloodbone Idle.gif 1.53x Crop EVO 4044993 1397297 8

Name Enemy Bonus HP Attack Speed
ProXD and his Mushrooms of Mischief Purp Mushroom Idle.gif 2.75x Cooking SPD 7351 1919 8
Tallie and her Rambunctious TVs TV Idle.gif 1.53x Farming EXP 12252 3013 8
Homer and his Epic Donuts Donut Idle.gif 2.23x Total DMG 14442 3497 8
Nostalgo and his Genies of Olde Demon Genie Idle.gif 1.21x Farming SPD 32945 7291 8
Dalia and her Hyperactive Drinks Soda Can Idle.gif 7% AFK Gains 38702 8430 8
Werm and his Worms Flying Worm Idle.gif 2.23x All Essence 74102 14994 8
JelloL0ver87 and his Beloved Gel Cubes Gelatinous Cuboid Idle.gif 1.7x Sigil SPD 164811 30504 9
Megacorp Representative and his Product Choccie Idle.gif 52.5% Skill EXP 310814 53489 9
Werm's Stepsister and her Worms Biggole Wurm Idle.gif 2.75x Total DMG 680616 107196 9
DQ and their abandoned Clammies Clammie Idle.gif 3.63x Jade Gain 794304 123085 9
Dee and her 'dars Octodar Idle.gif 1.88x Artifact Find 1480507 213428 9
Gordon and his Eloquent Flombeiges Flombeige Idle.gif 17.5% Drop Rate 2749037 368765 9
Giuseppe and his Power Tools Stilted Seeker Idle.gif 3.63x Construct SPD 9331683 1090801 9

Name Enemy Bonus HP Attack Speed
Jawz and his Hot Smokin Suggmas Suggma Idle.gif 2.05x Gaming Bits 45444 9742 7
Macdonald and his Homemade Maccies Maccie Idle.gif 1.35x Skill Effncy. 86856 17297 7
Brandon and his Iconic Brightsides Mister Brightside Idle.gif 2.4x Total DMG 192829 35120 8
Lola and her Crazy Crackers Cheese Nub Idle.gif 1.05 Lab Con Range 265914 46505 8
Mr M and his Holey Moleys Stiltmole Idle.gif 1.88x Crop EVO 363201 61503 8
The Don's Molto Bene Moltis Molti Idle.gif 4.15x Cooking SPD 495582 81242 8
Smoggy Shaman and their Scary Bones Purgatory Stalker Idle.gif 2.05x Sneak EXP 926784 141293 8
Thomas and his Halftime Breakforce Citringe Idle.gif 1.88x Shiny EXP 2344200 321744 8
Larry and his Lava Lamps Lampar Idle.gif 1.88x Farming EXP 3202184 422573 8
OwO and their Spirit Army Fire Spirit Idle.gif 1.25x Farming SPD 5921696 727272 8
Briggs and his Mole Workforce Biggole Mole Idle.gif 1.88x All Essence 10856220 1248208 8
Krepe and his Crawlies Crawler Idle.gif 1.53x Artifact Find 17175187 1868575 8
Grinder23 and his Favorite Mobs Tremor Wurm Idle.gif 35% Drop Rate 23216156 2443477 8

Name Enemy Bonus HP Attack Speed
Spiffy Jr and their Whelming Liquids Sprout Spirit Idle.gif 10.5% All Stat 933485 56558 8
iFarm and their 0cal Units Ricecake Idle.gif 2.75x Jade Gain 2378502 129725 8
Spiffy Sr and his Bigtime Liquids River Spirit Idle.gif 1.7x Sigil SPD 3796992 195819 8
Bart and his Trollsquad Baby Troll Idle.gif 7% AFK Gains 4425548 224529 8
Grunkle and their Rooted Whimsy Woodlin Spirit Idle.gif 3.8x Construct SPD 8204730 387312 8
Barb and her Overworked Blobs Bamboo Spirit Idle.gif 70% Skill EXP 9554125 443658 8
Lumi and her Bright Lights Lantern Spirit Idle.gif 3.1x Total DMG 15162396 666105 8
Marge and her Troll Patrol Mama Troll Idle.gif 5.2x Cooking SPD 17644336 762473 8
Lief and his Overzealous Leeks Leek Spirit Idle.gif 1.05 Lab Con Range 27939792 1142485 8
Seru and their Ceramic Entities Ceramic Spirit Idle.gif 1.7x Skill Effncy. 32493821 1306946 8
Mr Walker and his Untiring Doggies Skydoggie Spirit Idle.gif 2.75x Gaming Bits 43933370 1709543 8
Duke of Yolk and his Subjects Royal Egg Idle.gif 1.28x Farming SPD 59689365 2234890 8
Sorel and her Esteemed Sludge Minichief Spirit Idle.gif 3.45x Shiny EXP 69373012 2554791 8
Shinji and his Inevitable Army Samurai Guardian Idle.gif 10.5 Library Max Book Lv. 80618743 2920097 8


Image Name Description Summoning Essence White.png Cost Max Lvl
Summoning Essence White.png White Essence Upgrades
Summoning Upgrade 1.png White Essence Champ +(5%/Lvl) White Essence generated per hour for each win across all colours. 10 * (1.12/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 2.png Unit Health Increases the HP of all summoned units in competition by +(1/Lvl) 10 * (1.3/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 3.png Familiar Summons a slime familiar to chill in your sanctuary, generating 10 Summoning EXP every hour. 100 * (10/Lvl) 10
Summoning Upgrade 4.png Unit Damage Increases the DMG of all summoned units in competition by +(1/Lvl) 20 * (1.4/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 6.png Mana Generation During competition, mana generation is +(2%/Lvl) higher than normal 40 * (1.35/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 7.png Familiar Merging 3 Slime Familiars merge into a Vrumbi Familiar which gives 4x Summoning Exp. 4 Vrumbies then merge and give 5x exp. This repeats many times. 2500 1
Summoning Upgrade 8.png Dodge Roll All your units get a +(1%/Lvl) chance to dodge damage when colliding with an enemy 80 * (1.3/Lvl) 30
Summoning Upgrade 9.png Multi-Number Cards There's a chance cards can played multiple times, indicated by the number in the top-left corner. These cards also come with a smaller cost! 7500 1
Summoning Upgrade 48.png White Knowledge +(1%/Lvl) White Essence generation per Summoning LV you have. 1500 * (1.15/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 5.png Green Summoning Unlocks the Green Summoning Stone, and begins generating Green Essence. Also, +(10%/Lvl) Green Essence per hour 4000 * (1.2/Lvl)
Image Name Description Summoning Essence Green.png Cost Max Lvl
Summoning Essence Green.png Green Essence Upgrades
Summoning Upgrade 10.png Vrumbi 7% chance to draw a Vrumbi during competition. They have 1.5x SPD, 2.0x DMG, and +(5%/Lvl) Dodge Chance 10 * (7.5/Lvl) 10
Summoning Upgrade 11.png Unit Wellness Increases the HP of all summoned units in competition by +(2/Lvl) 25 * (1.3/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 12.png Green Essence Victor +(1%/Lvl) Green Essence generated per hour for each Green circuit win. 50 * (1.12/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 13.png Powerful Units Increases the DMG of all summoned units in competition by +(1/Lvl) 70 * (1.4/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 15.png Mana Overflow During competition, when your mana pool is full, expand max mana by 1.5x and boost mana generation by +15% 4000 1
Summoning Upgrade 16.png Spiked Placement When summoning any unit, deal (5/Lvl) damage to all enemies within 100 pixels of where you click... You don't have to click in your spawn! 250 * (1.4/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 17.png Starting Mana frfr Start each competition with +(1/Lvl) more mana 750 * (1.6/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 49.png Green Knowledge +(1%/Lvl) Green Essence generation per Summoning LV you have. 1200 * (1.15/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 14.png Yellow Summoning Unlocks the Yellow Summoning Stone, and begins generating Yellow Essence. Also, +(10%/Lvl) Yellow Essence per hour 15000 * (1.2/Lvl)
Image Name Description Summoning Essence Yellow.png Cost Max Lvl
Summoning Essence Yellow.png Yellow Essence Upgrades
Summoning Upgrade 18.png Bloomy 4% chance to draw a Bloomy during competition. They sit in the backline and give +(5%/Lvl) Mana Generation while alive. 20 * (25/Lvl) 10
Summoning Upgrade 19.png Yellow Essence Winnin' +(5%/Lvl) Yellow Essence generated per hour for each Yellow circuit win. 50 * (1.12/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 20.png Luck of the Draw All special units are (2x/Lvl) more likely to be drawn instead of slime. 130 * (3/Lvl) 10
Summoning Upgrade 21.png Unit Constitution Increases the HP of all summoned units in competition by +(5%/Lvl) 70 * (1.4/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 22.png Stronger Units Increases the DMG of all summoned units in competition by +(2/Lvl) 525 * (1.5/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 23.png Slime Cellsplit When spawning any unit during competition, +(1%/Lvl) chance to also spawn an exact duplicate, free of charge! 900 * (1.15/Lvl) 30
Summoning Upgrade 25.png Re-Draw Unlocks the Re-Draw button, allowing you to instantly redraw all your cards for a cost... but you get the first (1/Lvl) for free! 200 * (5/Lvl) 3
Summoning Upgrade 26.png Another Slot Adds +1 Card Slot, letting you hold more cards at once! 10000 1
Summoning Upgrade 50.png Yellow Knowledge +(1%/Lvl) Yellow Essence generation per Summoning LV you have. 300 * (1.15/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 24.png Blue Summoning Unlocks the Blue Summoning Stone, and begins generating Blue Essence. @ Also, +(10%/Lvl) Blue Essence per hour 50000 * (1.2/Lvl)
Image Name Description Summoning Essence Blue.png Cost Max Lvl
Summoning Essence Blue.png Blue Essence Upgrades
Summoning Upgrade 27.png Tonka 5% chance to draw a Tonka during competition. They have 0.75x SPD, 0.75x DMG, and 8.0x HP. Your upgrades here boost its HP by a further +(10%/Lvl). 30 * (1.85/Lvl) 20
Summoning Upgrade 28.png Blue Essence Ballin' +(5%/Lvl) Blue Essence generated per hour for each Blue circuit win. 70 * (1.12/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 29.png Slime Mitosis When spawning any unit during competition, +(1%/Lvl) chance to also spawn an exact duplicate, free of charge! 200 * (1.5/Lvl) 30
Summoning Upgrade 30.png Manaranarr During competition, mana generation is +(2%/Lvl) higher than normal. 450 * (1.5/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 31.png Blue Knowledge +(1%/Lvl) Blue Essence generation per Summoning LV you have. 750 * (1.15/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 32.png Beefier Units Increases the DMG of all summoned units in competition by +(3/Lvl) 1500 * (1.4/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 33.png Jeweled Cards (6%/Lvl) chance to draw a Jeweled variant of any card, which costs 3x Mana but spawns 4x Units! 6000 * (170/Lvl) 3
Summoning Upgrade 35.png Another Slot Adds +1 Card Slot! Or as an AI might say, this upgrade further substantiates the incremental improvement to the quantity of cards you hold by 1 15000 1
Summoning Upgrade 36.png Unit Ache Pea Increases the HP of all summoned units in competition by +(4/Lvl) 5000 * (1.3/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 34.png Purple Summoning Unlocks the Purple Summoning Stone, and begins generating Purple Essence. Also, +(10%/Lvl) Blue Essence per hour 420000 * (1.2/Lvl)
Image Name Description Summoning Essence Purple.png Cost Max Lvl
Summoning Essence Purple.png Purple Essence Upgrades
Summoning Upgrade 37.png Regalis 3% chance to draw a Regalis during competition. They spawn a Slime Unit every 1 sec. Upgrading this boosts slime unit spawn rate by +(1%/Lvl) 50 * (1.7/Lvl) 30
Summoning Upgrade 38.png Unit Hitpoints Increases the HP of all summoned units in competition by +(10/Lvl) 100 * (1.25/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 39.png Purp Essence Pumpin' +(5%/Lvl) Purple Essence generated per hour for each Purple circuit win. 250 * (1.12/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 40.png Familiar Skipping When summoning a Slime Familiar, there's a 1 in 8 to get a Vrumbi instead of Slime, and 1 in 50 to get a Bloomy. Upgrading this boosts this chance by +(1%/Lvl) 600 * (1.25/Lvl) 100
Summoning Upgrade 41.png Purple Knowledge +(1%/Lvl) Purple Essence generation per Summoning LV you have. 1000 * (1.15/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 42.png Final Card If you play every card in your hand, get +(1%/Lvl) Mana Regen per card played. Playing Multi-Number cards counts multiple times for this! 2000 * (2500/Lvl) 3
Summoning Upgrade 43.png Mana Dividends During competition, mana generation is +(2%/Lvl) higher than normal. 4500 * (1.5/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 44.png Brutal Units Increases the DMG of all summoned units in competition by +(3%/Lvl) 9000 * (1.25/Lvl)
Summoning Upgrade 45.png Red Summoning You cannot obtain the Red Summoning Stone yet. This will come in a Weekly update. 1000000000 * (1.5/Lvl) 1


Name Description
Summoning Familiar 1.png
A Basic white tier Slime. That's it.
  • Base HP: 1
  • Base Damage: 1
  • Speed: 7
  • Cost to Summon x1: 3 - 5
  • Height: 23
Summoning Familiar 2.png
Zoomy Slimes. Has 1.5x Speed, 2x Damage and increased Dodge Chance.
  • Base HP: 2
  • Base Damage: 4
  • Speed: 5.3
  • Cost to Summon x1: 8 - 15
  • Height: 41
Summoning Familiar 3.png
Bright spot in this bloody Slimes war. Stands at the front and gives Mana Regeneration.
  • Base HP: 3
  • Base Damage: 2
  • Speed: 1.5
  • Cost to Summon x1: 15 - 30
  • Height: 38
Summoning Familiar 4.png
Tanky slime. Has low Speed (0.75x) and Damage (0.75x) but can absorb more damage due to lot of HP (8x).
  • Base HP: 1
  • Base Damage: 0
  • Speed: 11
  • Cost to Summon x1: 6 - 12
  • Height: 36
Summoning Familiar 5.png
Slime's Shaman. Summons Slimes every 1 sec.
  • Base HP: 1
  • Base Damage: 2
  • Speed: 11
  • Cost to Summon x1: 4 - 8
  • Height: 36

Skill Mastery

Upon completing Rift 16 in World 4, Skill Mastery unlocks. Skill Mastery gives you account wide bonuses based on your skill's total level across every player.

Total Level Req Bonus
List of Bonuses
150 +25% Summoning EXP gain
200 1.10x Essence Gain
300 +5% Total damage
400 +10% All skill EXP
500 +5% All skill efficiency
750 +1% Printer output
1000 +25% All skill EXP