Tips and Tricks

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  1. Usage of external calculators and spreadsheets is the single most useful thing you can do. There are several community-run external resources that can help you manage Tasks, Constellations, and even all of your builds! Help yourself plan out your points for best outcome!
  2. Storage is your best friend. More storage means more loot means more progress, and expansions to your on-character and storage chest slots are available from multiple locations, both quests and shops. Each such expansion has a distinct ID and is tracked on each of your characters; you can use each distinct expansion only once on each of your characters.
  3. Pouches help you carry more of each type of item. Early quests in World 1 will offer starting level pouches, while Smithing allows access to bigger pouches.
  4. Coins on the ground disappear after 20 minutes, while all dropped items disappear after 1 hour.
  5. Attack but don't kill mobs on maps which involve timed quests before accepting, allowing you to kill them that much faster!
  6. The fishing pools in World 2 offer better yields as you fish further from the entrance coast.
  7. Never keep Colosseum tickets, boss keys, gems or pens. They're "Account-Wide" items, so just hold down on them and they'll be added to your game-file no problem!
  8. Buying Gems in the Web Browser, not only helps the Single Developer, but also gives you more bang-for-your-buck. (LavaFlame2 gets 97% of your purchase on PC, but only 70% on Android or Steam!)
  9. Never be afraid to ask for help from the community! The Discord is full of helpful people ready to assist.
  10. When creating a new character. You should create him with a hat. You can sell these hats for money. This may seem useless, but its just free money for 2 clicks! Also, these hats can only be gotten from character creation so select a different one each time to fill out that collection!
  11. Concentrate all of your Statue drops on one single character (done via Storage). Once you reach World 2 you will be able to make the statue Golden, and then with a bit of money for each individual statue boost you can make them universal to every single one of your characters.
  12. As each of your characters unlocks multiple Talent sets it is highly recommended to set each character to at least two different configurations, one being Combat and another Skilling. No matter which one of your characters you eventually choose as your "primary" one that you like using the most for general play, events etc and leaving the others to harvesting/skilling, every single one of your characters will eventually be forced to do at least some combat to progress through the map zones/quests to get access to better and better harvesting zones. But spending talent points on combat skills means less points for the harvesting skills, and vice versa; having two distinct sets purely focused into the relevant activity, and switching between them as you switch tasks, will make every character the most efficient possible.

General smithing tips

  1. Holding down the production button allows mass-production of items quicker than individual tapping.
  2. In the "Quick-Ref" section of the Codex, using the "Anvil" tab allows Smithing production items to be deposited directly
  3. Skip pouch levels when available, why make individual "cramped bags"(limit 50) when you can immediately skip to "small bags"(limit 100) or further!
  4. AFK candy also includes Smithing production time, don't forget to "Quick-Ref" collect!
  5. You will only ever need one character with a high level Smithing skill, likely an Archer. As your various characters grow in level and correspondingly need better equipment, tools and bags, your high level Smith can be the one to forge all of the equipment needed and trade it to your other characters via the Storage.

World 1 dailies & reminders

  1. Picnic Stowaway's daily questline offers large amounts of Golden Jam, Golden Kebabs, Golden Meat Pie, and 1 Picnic Token when completed.
  2. Typhoon in Froggy Fields offers a daily Colosseum Ticket.
  3. Grasslands Gary gives access to World 1 Tasks and daily quest for unlock points.
  4. Dog Bone grants Forest Villa Key once per day.
  5. Hourly Baba Yaga spawn.
  6. Dr.Defacaus spawn.

World 2 dailies & reminders

  1. Desert Davey gives access to World 2 Tasks and daily quest for unlock points.
  2. Postboy Pablob's Post Office offers 3 individual trades for items, as well as Shipping Box points.
  3. Alchemy's liquid resources regenerate hourly, so purchase Cauldron upgrades or spend it on Tab 2 to maximize gains.
  4. Centurion in The Mimic Hole offers a second source of daily Colosseum Ticket.
  5. Djonnut grants Efaunt's Tomb Key once per day, holding up to 3 keys in reserve.

World 3 dailies & reminders

  1. Construction Table complete projects, make and place Cogs, choose new Flag placements.
  2. Check the Refinery supply & refine/deposit as needed.
  3. Swap 3D printer slots as needed for refinery or other material needs.
  4. Death Note track multi-kill production bonuses.
  5. Salt Lick from the Construction Table allows for further upgrades.
  6. Visit the Talent Book Library, also from the Construction Table, to use up daily checkout slots for skills

Legacy Tips&Tricks list

These tasks are directly exported from the #tips-n-tricks Discord channel, some cut for brevity!

Set 1 //

  1. You can double/triple produce items by tapping the same production item multiple times.
  2. Say "If u love me let me go" in game, and you will be teleported to the Spike Minigame, where you can win gems once per day! If you die on Round 1, you get another chance!
  3. Material bags increase anvil storage capacity!
  4. You can save tutorial oil and use it to actively smelt ores. Just remember to take it out right before the ore gets smelted or else it gets wasted.
  5. Active Skill talents, like Big Pick, affect the offline gain for their specific skill!
  6. Candy also boosts the time of that character's anvil, do not forget to collect your loot often when using candy.
  7. You can skip lower Tier pouches by going straight for the higher tier ones! Jump from T1 to T3 does not require Tier 2!
  8. Activate buff talents (they're the ones that appear in the top-right after use) before AFKing to increase AFK gains! They'll last the entire time you're gone, despite their small durations!
  9. You can remotely store materials from the production tab in the quick tab in codex
  10. You can weaken mobs before starting timed quests to make them easier.
  11. You can hold down the craft button at the anvil to create multiple of the same item. Make 100s of peanuts/other food in seconds!
  12. You don't have to click to gather the loot from the ground, just swipe your finger all over it!
  13. There is a [Quick Sell] button on the bottom left hand side of the shop menu. No more dragging items to sell.

Set 2 //

  1. You can reset a Post Office Order WITHOUT A PEN if you wait 3 days without completing it!
  2. Keeping reset potions as fragments and only combining when needed gives 1 more space in your chest.
  3. You should avoid the Tab 2 Talents that make Equipment give more of the specified STAT until much much much later in the game.
  4. If you are afraid about the Gem Shop and how exclusive the content may look, remember that you can always earn gems through many F2P options.
  5. You can store Anvil Produce items (Thread, Nails, etc) from ANYWHERE IN THE GAME by using the "Quick-Ref" codex feature.
  6. You can Dodge Amarok's sword attack by standing directly at his feet
  7. Turn ON auto move, but turn OFF 'use attacks while auto' in the options, while doing colosseum. This allows u to use your attacks at the best times, while not having to focus on tapping to move
  8. Open up Post Office ASAP, it has useful bonuses that only get stronger the more days you have it unlocked.
  9. You can take a 'loan' of up to 100 special talent points if you respec, invest into Star Player talent, spend those bonus points, and respec back. the spent points will still count towards special talents.

Set 3 //

  1. You can replace family obols before swapping to characters that will need them! It only matters what Obol is equipped right at the moment you swap to a character.
  2. Try buying the "Decent Quality Obols" from the Alchemy shop, there are some good Skill-type ones, like Mining!
  3. Don't always go for "big" upgrades -- sure, the t4 bow look friggin EPIC, but it costs 8k Bloaches, which could instead be used on the "Shaquracy" bubble in Alchemy which could be more beneficial overall!
  4. If you get an Inventory Bag that's covered by the 1st Merit Upgrade in W1, you can give it to your 1st character so that it's applied to everyone!
  5. You can get EZ fishing lvs! Just do the first 2 Whale quests from Whattso, only requires 20 goldfish and some minigame score!
  6. When doing the "Pack Mule Crafter" task, you can place food used for crafting in food slot for more space!
  7. Mystery Stones don't always upgrade stats... they have a rare chance to upgrade ANYTHING in the item's description (except Attack Speed/Range for weapons)
  8. Each pool of fish gives its own Depth Bonus! The farther left you go, the higher bonus you'll get to catch big fish, like Bloaches!

Set 4 / /

  1. There is currently a minor memory wipe that happens anytime you log out of the game on a device. Which will reset talent points and star talent points of your unequipped talent, on all characters. It will also remove all your present card pages except the currently equipped one.
  2. Avoid going over 200 on your post office box turn ins for each type of upgrade, the bonuses start to dwindle down in effectiveness per point spent.
  3. Dont use upgrade stones on the BiS items until you have found the best current upgrade stones available.