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Arcade is a Pachinko-style minigame that can give various rewards. The Arcade can be accessed via the Juggling Clown NPC in the Yum Yum Desert Town, as well as Quick Ref.

How does Pachinko work?

Pachinko is a game where you launch iron balls which then fall down by bouncing on pins before landing in a reward bucket that is very popular in Japan. In IdleOn the basic concept is the same with the addition of the possibility of a bucket sending your ball to a portal at the top of a specific color. Balls to play Pachinko are earned overtime and have a limit that can be stored before being collected (Your specific numbers can be seen by hitting the small info button on the left of the window). Collected ones have no limit, and your rate of collection can be increased with Achievements, Stamps and an Alchemy Vial.

Enough with the details. Gimme the rewards!

There are a few 'buckets' balls can fall into indicated by their color which give rewards at a set rate. Among those rewards you can get "Shop" balls which can be spent in the Arcade Shop for a rotating stock of of bonuses. These bonuses will change occasionally, but any that you invest in you keep even if they aren't currently available to upgrade.

Bucket Rewards by Color

Amount Reward Chance
"1" Copper Portal 25 %
3 Golden Balls 33.3 %
Lvl1 Money 41.7 %
Amount Reward Chance
2000 Gem.png Gem 100 %
3000 Golden Balls 100 %
250 Pachinko Balls 100 %
  • 1 Money amount is a random number between 10 and 100 times your Character's Level.
  • 2 The "Red Die" item is actually a small popup of a Red Die on top of the bucket. Tap it to start it spinning, tap again to stop. If it lands on a 6 then you get the bonus "Lava's Ballpit of Fire and Fury" level where you can earn bonus Balls.

Lava's Ballpit of Fire and Fury

Lava's Ballpit of Fire and Fury is a smaller Pachinko layout where you can get bonus Pachinko balls.

Start off by selecting one of the three tilt options. The better the tilt for the red ball to go right, the less red balls you start with. As balls fall down into the buckets below, they either give regular Pachinko balls or red balls, meaning the game continues for a longer period of time. The amount of balls given as reward rises significantly with each bucket going to the right.

The game ends once you run out of red balls on the screen. All regular Pachinko balls won are then added to your account.

Note: The dev (LavaFlame2) has said on stream that Right Tilt is the most beneficial option.

The Golden Ball Shop!!!

This is where you spend all of those "Shop" balls you keep getting awarded. Here you can buy levels in various stats that will rotate "purchase access" occasionally. Anything you buy is a permanent, but you may have to wait until it comes back to buy more.

It costs a total of 32,457 Gold Balls to max out one bonus. Currently, the only way to reduce that is via the Gold Ball Stamp. At maximum reduction of 40%, the price goes down to 19,472 Gold Balls per bonus.

The following table includes all Arcade Shop bonuses.

Bonus Max Level Max Bonus Purchaseable?*
Base Damage 100 100 Yes
Base Defense 100 20
Total Accuracy 100 30%
Mining EXP Gain 100 30% Yes
Fishing EXP Gain 100 30%
Sample Size 100 2% Yes
AFK Gains Rate 100 2%
Cap for all Liquids 100 12.5 Yes
Multikill per Tier 100 5% Yes
Catching EXP Gain 100 5% Yes
Cash From Mobs 100 5%
Cash From Mobs (there are two) 100 10%
Class EXP Gain 100 8% Yes
Shiny Chance 100 50%
Trapping EXP 100 25%
Starting TD Points 100 25%
Tab 1 Talent Points** 100 10 Yes
Weapon Power 100 7 Yes

* As of April 28th.

** "Tab 1 Talent Points" bonus gives 0.1 Points per purchase, resulting in 1 point every 10 levels.