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Fishing Areas

Fishingspot.gif Small fish are caught in Small fish pools that are located in Salty Shores and Faraway Piers.
Big Fishing Spot.gif Medium fish are caught at the Medium fishing spots in Deepwater Docks.
Large Fishing Spot.gif Large fish pool can be found by unlocking Seasalt Island (Island Expeditions), which is located at Deepwater Docks.

First Fishing area contains two Small fishing spots and a whale named Whattso.gif Whattso that gives a couple of Fishing-related quests. Portal to the next Fishing area requires Lv. 15 Fishing.
Second Fishing area has three Small fishing spots, two NPC: Fishpaste97.gif Fishpaste97, Scubidew.gif Scubidew and Faraway Piers Vendor.gif Faraway Piers Vendor. Portal to the next Fishing area requires Lv. 30 Fishing.
Third Fishing area has three Medium fishing spots and Omar da Ogar.gif Omar Da Ogar NPC whose Quests completition increases Message Bottle.png Message Bottles gains for Island Expeditions which is located at the same area.

Fishing Mechanics

Simply click on the fish you can see swimming in the water and your character will begin fishing. If you are fishing actively, when your character reels in a fish it will fly up and bash you in the head, causing damage to your character. Each type of fish requires a certain amount of defense to endure. If your character has enough defense, no damage will be taken.

For example, my fisherman has 26 defense and takes 25 points of damage when hit with a Hermit Can. If you are active fishing and have low defense, make sure to equip food. Fishing does no damage to your character when AFK.


Efficiency works a little different here than in other skills. Besides increasing the amount of fish you get and decreasing your catch time (up to around 5-6k efficiency), Efficiency also affects which fish you get, as it relates to the "depth" at which each fish can be caught.

All 4 small fish can be caught in any of the first five fishing spots (first and second fishing zones). All 4 medium fish can be caught in any of the final three fishing spots (third fishing zone).

Fish Type Depth Min. Efficiency Base EXP Attack
Goldfish.png Goldfish Small Fish Green X n/a 4 25
Hermit Can.png Hermit Can Small Fish Yellow X 50 7 70
Jellyfish.png Jellyfish Small Fish Red X 200 12 120
Bloach.png Bloach Small Fish Purple X 400 21 200
Skelefish.png Skelefish Medium Fish Green X n/a 35 300
Sand Shark.png Sand Shark Medium Fish Yellow X 10,000 60 750
Manta Ray.png Manta Ray Medium Fish Red X 50,000 92 1500
Kraken.png Kraken Medium Fish Purple X 200,000 150 5000
Icefish.png Icefish Large Fish Green X n/a 450 5000
Shellfish.png Shellfish Large Fish Yellow X 1,000,000 1600 6000
Jumbo Shrimp.png Jumbo Shrimp Large Fish Red X 5,000,000 3500 8000
Caulifish.png Caulifish Large Fish Purple X 30,000,000 30000 10000
Equinox Fish.png Equinox Fish Equinox Pound All 400,000 1750 6

See how I said chance to catch? That's because when you have enough efficiency for the next fish, your percentage for the previous fish gets reduced and added to the next.

Another example: My fisherman is level 11 fishing, has 193 efficiency, using fly as bait, Scripticus Spoons line and Copper Fish Rod, my percentages are 68% for Goldfish and 32% for Hermit Can.

Note that each Fishingspot.gif fishing spot has different rates for fish. For example, if you look at AFK gains at the Fishing spot closest to the desert town you will notice that your goldfish gains are different than the second Fishing spot by Whattso.


Apart from fish, you can also get various other items from AFK fishing.

Droptable for Fishing
Goldfish Card.png Goldfish Card (Small - Green Depth) 1 5001 in 500
Goldfish Card.png Goldfish Card (Equinox - All Depths) 1 1000000001 in 100,000,000
Hermit Can Card.png Hermit Can Card (Small - Yellow Depth) 1 555.555555555561 in 556
Jellyfish Card.png Jellyfish Card (Small - Red Depth) 1 6251 in 625
Bloach Card.png Bloach Card (Small - Purple Depth) 1 714.285714285711 in 714
Skelefish Card.png Skelefish Card (Medium - Green Depth) 1 10001 in 1,000
Sand Shark Card.png Sand Shark Card (Medium - Yellow Depth) 1 25001 in 2,500
Manta Ray Card.png Manta Ray Card (Medium - Red Depth) 1 100001 in 10,000
Kraken Card.png Kraken Card (Medium - Purple Depth) 1 400001 in 40,000
Icefish Card.png Icefish Card (Large - Green Depth) 1 10001 in 1,000
Shellfish Card.png Shellfish Card (Large - Yellow Depth) 1 25001 in 2,500
Jumbo Shrimp Card.png Jumbo Shrimp Card (Large - Red Depth) 1 100001 in 10,000
Caulifish Card.png Caulifish Card (Large - Purple Depth) 1 400001 in 40,000
Arrow Down Blue.pngRare Drops.pngArrow Down Blue.png
 Dungeon Loot Dice.pngx1: 83.3333333333331 in 83.3 - DropTable9
Bugsack Stamp.png Bugsack Stamp 1 83333.3333333331 in 83,300
Ol Reliable Statue.png Ol Reliable Statue 1 816.993464052291 in 817
Paper Boat.png Paper Boat 1 833333.333333331 in 833,000
Arrow Down Magenta.pngMega Rare Drops.pngArrow Down Magenta.png
 Dungeon Loot Dice.pngx1: 13888.8888888891 in 13,900 - SuperDropTable2
Silver Pen.png Silver Pen 1 154320.987654321 in 154,000
Lucky Lad.png Lucky Lad 1 46296296.2962961 in 46,300,000
Talent Point Reset Fragment.png Talent Point Reset Fragment 1 92592.5925925931 in 92,600
Golden Meat Pie.png Golden Meat Pie 1 27777.7777777781 in 27,800
Gold LUK Obol.png Gold LUK Obol 1 881834.215167551 in 882,000
Silver Obol of Double Sixes.png Silver Obol of Double Sixes 1 529100.529100531 in 529,000
Bronze Obol of Defence.png Bronze Obol of Defence 1 456121.145776321 in 456,000
Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone I 3 19841.269841271 in 19,800

Fishing Equipment

Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods
Name Image Level Speed Skillpower Str Agi Wis Luk Misc Slots Sell Price Source
Copper Fish Rod Copper Fish Rod.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png4 3 Fishing Skill IconMini.png8 2 0 0 0 2
Silver Coin.png21 Copper Coin.png20
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 1)
Iron Fishing Rod Iron Fishing Rod.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png9 4 Fishing Skill IconMini.png13 4 0 1 0 2
Gold Coin.png1 Silver Coin.png69
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 1)
Gold Fishing Rod Gold Fishing Rod.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png15 4 Fishing Skill IconMini.png19 6 0 0 4 3
Gold Coin.png10 Silver Coin.png44
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 2)
Plat Fishing Rod Plat Fishing Rod.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png25 5 Fishing Skill IconMini.png25 9 0 0 0 3
Gold Coin.png50 Silver Coin.png84
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 2)
Dementia Rod for Fishing Dementia Rod for Fishing.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png33 5 Fishing Skill IconMini.png30 12 0 0 0 3
Gold Coin.png96 Silver Coin.png34
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 3)
Void Imperium Rod Void Imperium Rod.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png40 5 Fishing Skill IconMini.png36 15 0 0 0 4
Gold Coin.png98 Silver Coin.png36 Copper Coin.png59
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 3)
Lustre Rod Lustre Rod.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png45 6 Fishing Skill IconMini.png43 20 0 0 0 4
Platinum Coin.png3 Gold Coin.png30 Silver Coin.png86 Copper Coin.png59
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 4)
Starfire Rod Starfire Rod.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png50 6 Fishing Skill IconMini.png50 25 0 0 0 5
Platinum Coin.png5 Gold Coin.png16 Silver Coin.png86 Copper Coin.png59
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 4)
Dreadlo Rod Dreadlo Rod.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png60 7 Fishing Skill IconMini.png60 35 0 0 0 5
Platinum Coin.png21 Gold Coin.png41 Silver Coin.png86 Copper Coin.png59
Marbiglass Rod Marbiglass Rod.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png75 7 Fishing Skill IconMini.png72 50 0 0 0 5% Fishin Efficincy 6
Dementia Coin.png2 Platinum Coin.png71 Gold Coin.png41 Silver Coin.png86 Copper Coin.png59
Angler of the Iliunne Angler of the Iliunne.png Fishing Skill IconMini.png90 8 Fishing Skill IconMini.png85 75 0 0 0 12% Fishin Efficincy 7
Dementia Coin.png30 Platinum Coin.png46 Gold Coin.png44 Silver Coin.png86 Copper Coin.png59

Fishing Accessories

Alongside Fishing Rods, different accessories can be equipped at the Fishingrack.png Fishing Rack. The four colored Xs increase the chance of catching the fish of that depth. FExp is Fishing Exp, FSpeed decreases time between catches, and FPow is Fishing tool power (increases efficiency). You may have one Fishing Line and one Fishing Weight equipped at a time.

Fishing Accessories
Name Image Type Fishing Depth G.png Fishing Depth Y.png Fishing Depth R.png Fishing Depth P.png FExp FSpeed FPow Sell Price Source
Gold Twine Gold Twine.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 8 20 22 6 2
Copper Coin.png50
Platinum Twine Platinum Twine.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 30 30 35 12 5
Copper Coin.png50
R-28 (Sources)
Scripticus Spoons Scripticus Spoons.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 15 9 2 1
Copper Coin.png50
Its a Boy Celebration Its a Boy Celebration.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 0 0 15 5
Copper Coin.png50
Its a Girl Celebration Its a Girl Celebration.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 0 15 5 0
Copper Coin.png50
R-23 (Sources)
Its Alright Celebration Its Alright Celebration.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 0 8 8 8
Copper Coin.png50
Samurai Guardian
Iron Hook Iron Hook.png Fishing Accessory 3 2 0 0 0 3 1
Copper Coin.png50
Carpetiem, Scubidew
Basic Bobber Basic Bobber.png Fishing Accessory 0 3 3 0 4 4 1
Copper Coin.png50
Soda Can, Scubidew
Silver Twine Silver Twine.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 20 0 15 0 0
Copper Coin.png50
Fun Flags Fun Flags.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 8 8 0 1 3
Copper Coin.png50
Level Up Gift Bubble
Electrical Wiring Electrical Wiring.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 5 20 0 2 5
Copper Coin.png50
Wiener Links Wiener Links.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 17 5 0 3 10
Copper Coin.png50
R-20 (Sources)
Zeus Gon Fishin Zeus Gon Fishin.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 30 0 5 20
Copper Coin.png50
Skydoggie Spirit
Dualhook Prongs Dualhook Prongs.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 4 4 0 8 3
Copper Coin.png50
R-22 (Sources)
One Pound of Feathers One Pound of Feathers.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 35 10 0 5 0
Copper Coin.png50
Massless Unit for Physics Questions Massless Unit for Physics Questions.png Fishing Accessory 20 0 0 0 10 0 0
Copper Coin.png50
R-19 (Sources)
Literal Elephant Literal Elephant.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 20 60 0 0 6
Copper Coin.png50
Valve Patented Circle Thingies Valve Patented Circle Thingies.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 40 5 10 5
Copper Coin.png50
R-27 (Sources)
Triple Threat Triple Threat.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 0 6 6 6
Copper Coin.png50
Crash Box Crash Box.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 11 0 12 5
Copper Coin.png50
R-21 (Sources)
Fat Albert Fat Albert.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 0 10 0 19
Copper Coin.png50
Royal Worm
Copper Twine Copper Twine.png Fishing Accessory 0 3 5 0 0 3 0
Silver Coin.png35
Faraway Piers (Shop)
Wormie Weight Wormie Weight.png Fishing Accessory 0 15 0 0 5 0 0
Silver Coin.png50
Whattso, Faraway Piers (Shop)
Leafy Vines Leafy Vines.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 10 0 0 0 2
Silver Coin.png75
Faraway Piers (Shop)
One Pound of Steel One Pound of Steel.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 0 30 2 2 0
Gold Coin.png1
Faraway Piers (Shop)
Needledrop Needledrop.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 5 10 5 0 0
Gold Coin.png1 Silver Coin.png50
Faraway Piers (Shop)
Dynamite Dynamite.png Fishing Accessory 0 0 10 20 0 0 2
Gold Coin.png1 Silver Coin.png75
Faraway Piers (Shop)
Not Dynamite Not Dynamite.png Fishing Accessory 12 12 0 0 0 0 4
Gold Coin.png5 Silver Coin.png50
Faraway Piers (Shop)


Fishing Power & Efficiency
Name Source Description
Brute Efficiency Brute Efficiency Warrior Talent Warrior Specialized Skill Efficiency (Mining, Fishing)
Bobbin' Bobbers Bobbin' Bobbers Barbarian Talent Fishing Power, Fishing Minigame bonus
Hermit Can Card.png Hermit Can Card Cards % Total Fishing Efficiency
Skelefish Card.png Skelefish Card Cards % Total Fishing Efficiency
Golden Ribs.png Golden Ribs Golden Food % Fishing Efficiency
Paper Boat.png Paper Boat Helmets 5% Fishing Efficiency
Studded Hide.png Studded Hide Shirts 10% Fishing Efficiency (Warriors Only)
Fishing Overalls.png Fishing Overalls Pants 12% Fishing Efficiency
Angler Boots.png Angler Boots Shoes 20% Fishing Efficiency
Deep Sea Galoshes.png Deep Sea Galoshes Shoes 35% Fishing Efficiency
Silver Obol of Puny Pikes.png Fishing Obols Obols Fishing Efficiency, Fishing Power, and STR
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Pie Seas (Ch-4a) Star Signs 5% Fishin Efficiency, 20% Multi-Fish Odds
OrangeBubble8.png Stronk Tools Alchemy Bubbles Skilling Power for Pickaxes and Fishing Rods (Boosted by OrangeBubble2.png Warriors Rule)
Mamooth Tusk.png Etruscan Lager Alchemy Vials Fishing Efficiency
Fish Shipment.png Sealed Fishheads (Bonus 1) Post Office % Fishing Efficiency
Fishing Rod Stamp.png Fishing Rod Stamp Stamps Fishing Efficiency
Oceanman Statue.png Oceanman Statue Statues Fishing Power (Boosted by Strongest Statues Strongest Statues)
Fishing Speed
Name Source Description
Sand Shark Card.png Sand Shark Card Cards % Fishing Speed
Slurpin Herm.png Slurpin Herm Boost Food Increases Fishing Spd by 20%
Aqua Pearl.png Aqua Pearl Boost Food Increases Fishing Spd by 30% (Event food)
Candy Canes.png Candy Canes Boost Food Increases Fishing Spd by 25% (Event food)
Fishing AFK Gain & Capacity
Name Source Description
Idle Skilling Idle Skilling Warrior Talent Warrior Specialized Skill AFK Gain (Mining, Fishing)
Catching Some Zzz'S Catching Some Zzz'S Barbarian Talent Fishing AFK
Bloach Card.png Bloach Card Cards % Fishing Away Gains
Kraken Card.png Kraken Card Cards % Fishing Away Gains
Coastiolyte Card.png Coastiolyte Card Cards % Fishing Away Gains (Event card)
Fish Shipment.png Sealed Fishheads (Bonus 3) Post Office % Fishing AFK Gains
Bag o Heads Stamp.png Bag o Heads Stamp Stamps % Fish Carry Cap
Fishing EXP Gain
Name Source Description
All Fish Diet All Fish Diet Barbarian Talent Fishing EXP
Tempestuous Emotions Tempestuous Emotions Warrior Talent Warrior Specialized Skill EXP Gain (Mining, Fishing)
Jellyfish Card.png Jellyfish Card Cards % Fishing EXP
Manta Ray Card.png Manta Ray Card Cards % Fishing EXP
Whatamelon Chain.png Whatamelon Chain Keychains % Fishing Xp Gain
Rustic Key Chain.png Any Tier 2 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % Fishing Xp Gain
Fishhead Pendant.png Fishhead Pendant Pendants 15% Fishing EXP, 15 Purple Depth
OrangeBubble5.png Reely Smart Alchemy Bubbles Mining and Fishing EXP (Boosted by OrangeBubble2.png Warriors Rule)
Gold Arcade Ball.png Fishing EXP Arcade Shop Fishing EXP gain
Fishhead Stamp.png Fishhead Stamp Stamps % Fishing Exp
Fish Aint Biting Achievement.png Fish Aint Biting W2 Achievements 5% Fishing Exp for all characters
Multi-Fish Chance & Prowess
Name Source Description
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Pie Seas (Ch-4a) Star Signs 5% Fishin Efficiency, 20% Multi-Fish Odds
OrangeBubble7.png Sploosh Sploosh Alchemy Bubbles Multi-Fish Chance
Holy Mackerel Stamp.png Holy Mackerel Stamp Stamps % Multifish Chance
Fish Shipment.png Sealed Fishheads (Bonus 2) Post Office % Fishing Prowess Effect
Utility & Minigame
Name Source Description
Worming Undercover Worming Undercover Barbarian Talent Fishing Instant Catch Chance (Active)
Bobbin' Bobbers Bobbin' Bobbers Barbarian Talent Fishing Power, Fishing Minigame bonus
Fishhead Pendant.png Fishhead Pendant Pendants 15% Fishing EXP, 15 Purple Depth
Fuscismatia.png Fuscismatia Pendants 30 Purple Depth

Skilling EXP Gain
Name Source Description
Happy Dude Happy Dude Beginner Talent Specialized Skill EXP Gain (does not affect Construction)
Maestro Transfusion Maestro Transfusion Maestro Talent Skill EXP Gain, Skill Efficiency Loss
Left Hand of Learning Left Hand of Learning Maestro Talent Skill Exp Gain for Characters with skill level lower than Maestro's
Crystal Countdown Crystal Countdown Maestro Talent Lowers Skill EXP Req on Crystal/Giant kill
Chaotic Efaunt Card.png Chaotic Efaunt Card Cards % Skill EXP
Cheese Nub Card.png Cheese Nub Card Cards +% Skill EXP (Passive)
Spring Splendor Card.png Spring Splendor Card Cards +% Skill EXP (Passive)
Medium Resources Cardset.png Medium Resources Set Card Sets % Skill EXP
Acorn Topper.png Acorn Topper Helmets 15% Skill EXP
Eternal Flames of The Divine.png Eternal Flames of The Divine Capes +40% Skill EXP
Nebula Royal.png Nebula Royal Trophies +50% Skill EXP
Master of Nothing.png Master of Nothing Trophies +70% Skill EXP
Club Maestro.png Club Maestro Trophies 35% Skill EXP (Beginners Only)
Blooming Vine.png Blooming Vine Gem Shop (Bloomin' Pet Pack) +50% Skill EXP
Spring Flowers Nametag.png Spring Flowers Nametag Spring Splendor Event +15% Skill EXP
Golden Ham.png Golden Ham Golden Food % Skill EXP
Unending Energy.png Unending Energy Prayers Bonus: +% Class and Skill EXP
Curse: Max AFK time is now 10 hours
Balance of Proficiency.png Balance of Proficiency Prayers Bonus: +% Skill Exp Gain
Curse: -% Skill Efficiency
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy (Ch-14a) Star Signs 3% Skill EXP gain
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy Major (Hy-12) Star Signs 6% Skill EXP gain (If Lv>70)
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick (Bonus 4) Construction % Class EXP and Skill EXP
Dungeon Credits Flurbo Edition.png Flurbo Shop Stats Dungeons % Skill EXP (Note: Currently bugged. The Class EXP purchase affects both Skill and Class EXP)
Summereading Shrine.png Summereading Shrine Shrines Increases all EXP gain for all characters on the same map.
EhExPee Statue.png EhExPee Statue Statues % Skill EXP (Boosted by Skilliest Statue Skilliest Statue)
Biggie Hours Card.png Biggie Hours Card Cards % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
Bribes Icon.png Double EXP Scheme Bribes % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
Anotha One Anotha One Guild Bonuses % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
BigZ Shipment.png Lazzzy Lootcrate (Bonus 1) Post Office % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
Supernatural Gamer Achievement.png Supernatural Gamer Achievements +10% Skill EXP
Smokin' Stars Achievement.png Smokin' Stars Achievements +20% Skill EXP
Long Live Bagur Achievement.png Long Live Bagur Achievements +20% Skill EXP
Divinity Skill IconMini.png Flutterbis (Minor Link Bonus) Divinity +% Skill EXP
Gaming Bits - Green.png MSA Skill EXP Gaming (Superbits) +1% Skill EXP/10 Worship TD Waves
Bloque Idle.gif Bloque Pet Pets +20% Skill EXP
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick Bonus Salt Lick +% Skill EXP
Crabcake Shiny.gif Shiny Crabcake Breeding +2% Skill EXP/Level
Thermister Shiny.gif Shiny Thermister Breeding +2% Skill EXP/Level
Clammie Shiny.gifShiny Clammie Breeding +2% Skill EXP/Level
Black Pearl.png Black Pearl Many Sources Gives 20% EXP to a skill <30
Skill AFK
Name Source Description
Tick Tock Tick Tock Special Talents % Fighting and Skill AFK
Amarok Card.png Amarok Card Cards % Skill AFK gain rate
Bunny Card.png Bunny Card Cards % Skill AFK gain rate
Hard Resources Cardset.png Hard Resources Set Card Sets % Skill AFK Gain
Time Candy Chain.png Time Candy Chain Keychains % All Afk Gain
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Afk Gain
Persephones Bouquet.png Persephones Bouquet Pendants 15% Skill AFK Gain
Blunder Hero.png Blunder Hero Trophies 3% Skill AFK Gain
Giftmas Snoozy Cap.png Giftmas Snoozy Cap Premium Helmets 10% All AFK Gain
Zerg Rushogen.png Zerg Rushogen Prayers Bonus: +% AFK Gain Rate
Curse: -% Carry Capacity
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The Big Comatose (Ch-14) Star Signs 2% Skill AFK Gain
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The OG Skiller (Ch-17) Star Signs 1% Skill AFK Gain, 2% Skill Prowess
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Comatose Major (Hy-16) Star Signs 4% Skill AFK Gain (If Lv>90)
Gold Arcade Ball.png AFK Gains Arcade Shop % All AFK Gain
Bribes Icon.png AFKeylogging Bribe Bribes Boosts Skill AFK Gain Rate by +2%
Dungeon Credits Flurbo Edition.png Flurbo Shop Stats Dungeons AFK Gains
Sleepy Skiller Sleepy Skiller Guild Bonuses % Skill AFK gain rate
Desert Merit Shop 3.png AFK Gains Merit W2 Tasks +2% AFK Gains for your first X characters in your family


Skilling Efficiency
Name Source Description
Right Hand of Action Right Hand of Action Maestro Talent Skill Efficiency for Characters with skill level lower than Maestro's
Toilet Paper Postage Toilet Paper Postage Special Talents Higher bonuses from Skill Efficiency Stamps
Supersource Supersource Special Talents Base Skill Efficiency
Studious Quester Studious Quester Star Talents +0.1% Skill Efficiency/Quest Completed
Crystal Capybara Card.png Crystal Capybara Card Crystal Capybara +3% Skill Efficiency/Level (Passive)
Chaotic Troll Card.png Chaotic Troll Card Cards % Skill Efficiency
Easy Resources Cardset.png Easy Resources Set Card Sets % Skill Efficiency
Rex Ring.png Rex Ring Rings 5% Skill Efficiency
Serrated Rex Ring.png Serrated Rex Ring Rings 8% Skill Efficiency
Funny Hat.png Funny Hat Helmets 6% Skill Efficiency
Idle Skiller.png Idle Skiller Trophies 15% Skill Efficiency
Gilded Efaunt Dislodged Tusks.png Gilded Efaunt Dislodged Tusks Capes, Efaunt +10% Skill Efficiency
Dawn Stopwatch.png Dawn Stopwatch Smithing +1% Skill Efficiency
Slushy Obol of Much Dilapidation.png Slushy Obol of Much Dilapidation Obols 3% Skill Efficiency
Skilled Dimwit.png Skilled Dimwit Prayers Bonus: +% Skill Efficiency
Curse: -% Skill Exp Gain
Hunter Class Icon.png Hunter Family Bonus Family Bonuses Skill Efficiency
Multi Tool Multi Tool Guild Bonuses % Total Skill Efficiency
Corn.png Corn Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Riceball.png Riceball Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Whipped Cocoa.png Whipped Cocoa Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Frost Relic.png Frost Relic Sailing +30/60/90% Skill Efficiency for all W1, 2 & 3 Skills
Multitool Stamp.png Multitool Stamp Stamps, Poigu Base Skill Efficiency for all skills
Molti Idle.gif Molti Pet Pets +5% Skill Efficiency
Divinity Skill IconMini.png Nobisect Blessing Divinity Scaled Skill Efficiency (goes down as level increases)
Rift Bonus 3.png Skill Mastery The Rift +5% Skill Efficiency for every Skill above 500

Skilling Speed (Tool swing speed)
Name Source Description
Action Frenzy Action Frenzy Special Talents % Skill Speed
Diamond Honker Chain.png Diamond Honker Chain Keychains % All Skill Speed
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Skill Speed
Name Source Description
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The OG Skiller (Ch-17) Star Signs 1% Skill AFK Gain, 2% Skill Prowess
YellowBubble5.png Prowesessary Alchemy Bubbles Prowess Bonus multiplier for every skill
Leek.png Leek Cooking % Skill Prowess
Name Source Description
Antifun Spirit.png Antifun Spirit Prayers Bonus: +% Minigame Reward Multi (Material rewards, not EXP)
Curse: Minigames cost x plays per attempt (starts at 10)
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Miniature Game (Ch-4b) Star Signs 30% Minigame rewards (Material rewards, not EXP)

General STR
Name Source Description
Fist Of Rage Fist Of Rage Beginner Talent STR (Level cap increased by STR Summore STR Summore / STR Summore STR Summore)
Firmly Grasp It Firmly Grasp It Warrior Talent STR
Absolute Unit Absolute Unit Warrior Talent STR
OrangeBubble1.png Roid Raging Alchemy Bubbles Total STR (Boosted by OrangeBubble17.png Multorange)
Wode Board Card.png Wode Board Card Cards Base STR
Tyson Card.png Tyson Card Cards Base STR
Frost Flake Card.png Frost Flake Card Cards Base STR
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The Buff Guy (Ch-1a) Star Signs 3 STR
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Muscle Man (Ch-7a) Star Signs 8 STR
Warrior Class Icon.png Warrior Family Bonus Family Bonuses Total STR
Dumbphone Chain.png Dumbphone Chain Keychains STR
Simple Key Chain.png Any Tier 1 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) STR
Silver STR Obol.png STR Obols Obols STR
Fist Stamp.png Fist Stamp Stamps STR
Violence Stamp.png Violence Stamp Stamps STR
Percentage STR
Name Source Description
'Str'Ess Tested Garb 'Str'Ess Tested Garb Warrior Talent % STR from Equipment
Fistful Of Obol Fistful Of Obol Barbarian Talent % STR from Obols
Fistful Of Obol Fistful Of Obol Squire Talent % STR from Obols
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Strandissi (Hy-4) Star Signs 3% STR
Sushi Chain.png Sushi Chain Keychains % STR
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % STR
General All Stat
Name Source Description
Will Of The Eldest Will Of The Eldest Special Talents All Stats
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounder (Ch-7) Star Signs 4 All Stats
Stat Runes Stat Runes Guild Bonuses Total All Stats
Stat Graph Stamp.png Stat Graph Stamp Stamps All Stats
Stat Wallstreet Stamp.png Stat Wallstreet Stamp Stamps, Trash Island All Stats
Sandy Pot.png Sandy Pot Campanion Pets +15 Base All Stats
Myriad Shipment.png Myriad Crate Post Office + Base All Stat

 % All Stats
Name Source Description
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounderi (Hy-1) Star Signs 1% All Stats
The Emperor's Opal.png The Emperor's Opal Rings 6% All Stats
BobGoldPickle Chain.png BobGoldPickle Chain Keychains % All Stats
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Stats
Cascading Scaled Cape of Krieg.png Cascading Scaled Cape of Kreig Massive Troll 6% All Stats
Giant Violet.png Giant Violet Valentine's Event 10% All Stat
Equinox Ring.png Equinox Ring Equinox Dreamer Pack 10% All Stat
Ele Sorcerer Pointed Hat.png Ele Sorcerer Pointed Hat Gem Shop (Limited Specials) 5% All Stat
Strung Tooth of the Divine.png Strung Tooth of the Divine Kattlecruk 5% All Stat
Slush Skull.png Slush Skull Dilapidated Slush 2% All Stat
Dreadnaught Skull.png Dreadnaught Skull Smithing 3% All Stat
Hyper Pyre Obol.png Hyper Pyre Obol Limited Specials (Gem Shop) 2% All Stat
Jagged Obol of Massive Trolling.png Jagged Obol of Massive Trolling Massive Troll 3% All Stat
Thin Veil of The Troll.png Thin Veil of the Troll Smithing 3% All Stat
Trollish Garb.png Trollish Garb Smithing 3% All Stat
Twisted Scales.png Twisted Scales Smithing 3% All Stat
Soles of the Troll.png Soles of the Troll Smithing 3% All Stat
Magma Core Headdress.png Magma Core Headdress Smithing 6% All Stat
Magma Core Wavemaille.png Magma Core Wavemaille Smithing 4% All Stat
Magma Core Battleskirt.png Magma Core Batlleskirt Smithing 4% All Stat
Magma Core Lavarunners.png Magma Core Lavarunners Smithing 4% All Stat
Console Jewel Sapphire Navette.png Sapphire Navette Laboratory 3% All Stat
Spelunker Obol Lab Bonus.png Spelunker Obol Laboratory Jewels give x1.5 bonuses. Boosts Sapphire Navette.
Dummy Thicc Stats.png Dummy Thicc Stats Star Talents, Shimmer Island % All Stats/ POW 10 Dummy DPS
Pearler Shell.png Pearl Seltzer Vials % All Stats
Seaworthy Captain Achievement.png Seaworthy Captain Achievements 1% All Stats
Socrates.png Socrates Sailing 10/20/30% All Stats
Stilted Seeker Card.png Stilted Seeker Card Stilted Seekers, Cards +0.5% All Stats/Level
Tremor Wurm Card.png Tremor Wurm Card Tremor Wurms, Cards 1% All Stats/Level
Blighted Chizoar Card.png Blighted Chizoar Card Nightmare Chizoar 1.5% All Stats/Level
Bubonic Conjuror.png Bubonic Conjuror Family Bonus Bubonic Conjuror % All Stats

Fishing Minigame

The aim of the minigame is to get as many points as possible by holding on screen (mobile) or holding left mouse button (PC) for the required time, then letting go to cast far enough to land on the MGgreenfish.png fish without hitting a MGfsh5.png mine.

When your lure MGlure.png lands on a fish you get the corresponding points:

  • MGgreenfish.png 1 point for Green Fish
  • MGyellowfish.png 2 points for Eel
  • MGpurplefish.png 3 points for Squid
  • MGbluefish.png 5 points for Whale

The more casts you do the harder it gets; the fish targets start to move and more mines will appear on the screen.

After 3 consecutive Green Fish, Eels will start to appear and after 3 more consecutive landings (doesn't have to be Eels) a Squid will appear. Finally, after another 7 consecutive landings on any fish, the Whale will appear. Catching it will reset your streak back to 1.

To obtain the Megalodon.png Megalodon trophy you will have to catch two whales in a row, then spawn another Whale, but catch a different fish. Then the "behemoth" will appear. Catching it will give the trophy.

Skill Mastery

Upon completing Rift 16 in World 4, Skill Mastery unlocks. Skill Mastery gives you account wide bonuses based on your skill's total level across every player.

Total Level Req Bonus
List of Bonuses
150 +25% Fishing EXP gain
200 +10% Fishing Efficiency
300 All Fishing cards are now passive
400 +10% All skill EXP
500 +5% All skill efficiency
750 +1% Printer output
1000 +25% All skill EXP