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For a more detailed overview of Stats and their functions, please visit the Stats page.

Main Stats

The game features 4 primary stats that affect the characters

  • Strength - damage stat for warriors, accuracy stat for archers. Increases max health and crit damage
  • Agility - damage stat for archers, accuracy stat for mages. Increases movement speed and crit chance
  • Wisdom - damage stat for mages, accuracy stat for warriors. Increases max mana and boss damage
  • Luck - damage and accuracy stat for beginners. Increases drop rate and Class EXP gain

Secondary Stats

Alongside the above main stats, the game features many other stats that affect the game in various ways.

  • Health Points
  • Mana Points
  • Damage
  • Accuracy
  • Mastery
  • Defence
  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • Movement Speed
  • Drop Rate
  • Class EXP Multiplier
  • AFK Gains

Skill Stats

For a more detailed overview of Skilling and its functions, please visit the Skilling page.

There are also stats that relate only to skills

  • Mining Efficiency
  • Choppin Efficiency
  • Smithing Production Speed
  • Fishing Efficiency
  • Catching Efficiency
  • Alchemy Brew Speed
  • Trapping Efficiency
  • Worship Efficiency
  • Construction Build Speed
  • Prowess
  • Skill EXP Multiplier
  • Skill AFK Gains

Combat Mechanics

For a more detailed overview of Combat Mechanics and their function, please visit the Combat Mechanics page.


Accuracy is the stat that affects how often you hit your enemy. Accuracy is determined by many things, but your secondary stat is one of the most determining factor. Warriors have Wisdom as their secondary, Archers have Strength, and Mages have Agility.

Hit Chance (%) = 142.5 * YourAcc ÷ AccReq - 42.5. Where "AccReq" is accuracy for 100% chance.

Note: You need at least 5% hit chance to hit, anything lower will equal 0%.


Damage is how much health a monster loses when you manage to hit them. This is affected by your main stat (Warriors have Strength, Archers have Agility, and Mages have Wisdom) or the Weapon Power from your equipped weapon. Again, you can see your damage in your inventory on the stats page. You may notice that there is two numbers; the first is your minimum damage and the second your max. When you hit, you deal a random number between those two (inclusive). Once the enemy is at or below 0 health, they die leaving you their treasure.


Health is how much damage you can take from enemies, before falling flat on your face and needing to respawn. You can Insta Res once a day, or you can respawn at town for free. Health is always handled by your Strength stat no matter your class. You take damage from monsters depending on your Defence and the monsters attack. You can heal by equipping Food; some foods heal more than others.


Mana is used for activating abilities; you know, those things you put on that little bar at the bottom of the screen. It regens passively over time at a rate of 1% per second. Mana and the rate it regens at is affected by various talents, potions and other shenanigans. Max mana is affected by Wisdom and mana boosting talents Running out of Mana is no big deal, but you will get yelled at if you don't have enough and you try doing something you need more Mana for.


Defence determines how much damage you take from enemies. You can check your defence in the stats page and on individual pieces of equipment. The less you have compared to an attack, the more damage you take. Having equal to or slightly higher than a hit does NOT make you take zero damage, you need a bit more than the monster's hit.

Damage Taken = (Damage - 2.5 * Defence ^ 0.8) / max(1, 1 + (Defence ^ 2.5 / max (100, 100 * Damage))). Where Damage is the monster's base hit (the number on the card), and Defence is your defence. Bricky Skin and No Pain No Gain change this, so adjust accordingly.


This only matters when you go Offline to get Afk Gains. It's the combined number of your Defence, Foods, and Health, and represents how fast you die when Afk. The lower your Survivability, the less gains you get, so you want to make sure you're ready to grind there before you leave for 6 hours. If you have enough Defence that you don't take damage, your Survivability will always be 100%, and it will be harder to change the number the more health you have.

Class Exp - Experience Multiplier

When you fight and earn Exp, these EXP (Experience Points) go to your level progression. The Class EXP factor found at the bottom of the Inventory Stat page is multiplied with the Base value of the killed monster. There are various ways to increase this multiplier:

Some Exp multiplier are not integrated into this shown stat, but increase the EXP Gain anyways ( to be precise all the active exp bonuses are not shown in this number)


For a more detailed overview of Loot and its methodology, please visit the Looting page.

  • Items on the ground despawn after 60 minutes.
  • Coins on the ground despawn after 20 minutes.



When you kill an enemy, it may drop an item. If you have the card for the enemy, you can see their loot tables. The way they work is when you kill it, it rolls for every item on the main table. If it rolls a 1 on any of those, it drops that item. If it rolls a 1 on "Rare Drop", it then rolls for every item on the rare drop table. Then if it rolls a "Mega Rare Drop" It rolls for the items in that table. If it rolls a rare, but fails all the items, it just wont drop anything from the table. It rolls by a random number between 1 and the number it lists.

Example 1: Spore Cap from Green Spores is a 1 in 5, so it rolls a random number between 1 and 5 inclusive.

Drop Rarity

Drop Rarity/Rate & Drop chance from various sources will all add up to Drop Rarity as seen in the Player Info tab.

Drop Rarity increases the chance to roll all drops on every loot table, including coins and rare drop tables, with the exception of certain event items such as Summer Cooler or items with static drop rates such as boss keys and gems from bosses.

The chance to roll onto the Rare Drop and Mega Rare tables themselves are unaffected, to prevent Drop Rarity from applying multiple times.

AFK Mechanics

For a more detailed overview of AFK Mechanics and its functions, please visit the AFK page.

Fighting AFK gains

Things that affect fighting AFK gains:

  • Active attack talents (equipped)
  • Damage numbers (min damage) in the character sheet
  • Weapon speed
  • Movement speed
  • Active buffs (Extendo Rangeo, Firmly Grasp It etc)
  • Fighting AFK% bonuses (from cards, alchemy, talents, bribes, PO Fighting box)
  • Chance to hit
  • Health Food (if not at 100% survivability)/Hemoglobin
  • Crit Chance/Crit Dmg
  • Spawn Rate Merits up to 20%
  • Spawn Rate Star Sign Grim Reaper 16 with 2%
  • Attack moves boost your Afk gains more - Attacks on Simmer Special Talent
  • Higher bonuses to offline Gains "All for Kill" - Alchemy
  • Triggered talents (such as double hit, you're next etc)

Things that do not affect fighting AFK gains:

  • Mana
  • Cooldown reduction

Kill Caps

This is the theoretical max amount of enemies you can kill per hour when AFK, with the spawn rate merit maxed out (20%) and assuming 100% afk gains, based on Cyrns calculations:

Kill Caps
Img Monster Hourly Kills Cap
Green Mushroom Walking.gif Green Mushroom 1862
Frog Walking.gif Frog 3709
Bored Bean Walking.gif Bored Bean 1932
Slime Walking.gif Slime 2601
Baby Boa Walking.gif Baby Boa 1654
Carrotman Walking.gif Carrotman 1405
Glublin Walking.gif Glublin 1775
Giga Frog Walking.gif Giga Frog 1280
Poop Walking.gif Poop 2057
Rat Walking.gif Rat 1837
Walking Stick Walking.gif Walking Stick 1837
Nutto Walking.gif Nutto 1837
Sandy Pot Walking.gif Sandy Pot 1493
Mimic Walking.gif Mimic 1493
Crabcake Walking.gif Crabcake 1964
Mafioso Walking.gif Mafioso 1636
Sand Castle Walking.gif Sand Castle 1964
Pincermin Walking.gif Pincermin 1229
Mashed Potato Walking.gif Mashed Potato 1855
Tyson Walking.gif Tyson 1855
Moonmoon Walking.gif Moonmoon 1636
Sand Giant Walking.gif Sand Giant 2945
Snelbie Walking.gif Snelbie 1418

Food Consumption

Food Consumed per hour (Formula provided by Deerjump):
Grasslands: (dmg per hit * 300)/min(foodHeal, maxhp)
Desert: (dmg per hit * 500)/min(foodHeal, maxhp)
Tundra: (dmg per hit * 600)/min(foodHeal, maxhp)

Active Alchemy XP/Hr

Cauldron: 15 * brewSpeed * alchExpMultiplier
Liquid: 30 * brewSpeed * alchExpMultiplier

Steam/Web Specific


  • Q: Displays the Attack Bar
  • 1-6: Activates equipped active abilities
  • 7: Switches to next Attack Bar
  • 8: Switches to previous Attack Bar
  • C: Codex
  • I: Inventory
  • M: Map
  • T: Talents
  • Esc: Menu