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Guilds are a community of up to 210 individuals that perform daily and weekly tasks for Guild Points (GP) that the Leader or King of the guild can then use to level Guild Bonuses that increase stats for everyone in the guild. The Guild member cap is restricted by the guild Level and initially starts at 30 members, rising by 4 each level, maxing out at 210 members at guild level of 45.

Guild members can choose one of the available bonuses as their "Wanted Bonus" from the Bonuses menu so that the Leader can see which bonuses members want to see upgraded next. Guild members always have the benefits of every single bonus, no matter which one is set as "Wanted."

Every day, each member receives 10 GP when they first log in. This GP does not need to be claimed, it is automatically added to that member's total GP. This can be increased to 20 GP with the Guild VIP Fraud bribe, and up to 30 GP with the Guild GP Hack bribe.

Guild Bonuses

These are the Guild Bonuses that Leaders use GP earned from guild members to level up for boosts to everyone in the guild. For a detailed look at all the bonuses per level effect and GP cost, see Guild Bonuses.

Guild Bonuses
Icon Bonus MaxLvl Effect Req
Guild Gifts.png Guild Gifts 100 +x% chance for an extra Guild Gift to be added to your Storage Chest every week. None

Stat Runes.png Stat Runes 50 +x Total All Stats. Guild Gifts, Level 2
Gold Charm.png Gold Charm 50 +x% Total Drop Rate. Guild Gifts, Level 2
Rucksack.png Rucksack 50 +x% Total Carry Cap. Stat Runes, Level 4
Bonus GP for small guilds.png Bonus GP for small guilds 50 +100% Bonus GP earned if your guild has 10 members or less. Upgrading this DECREASES the bonus % GP, but raises the cap. Guild Gifts, Level 2
Star Dazzle.png Star Dazzle 50 +x Star Talent Points. Gold Charm, Level 4
Power of Pow.png Power of Pow 50 +x Weapon Power. Rucksack, Level 5
Multi Tool.png Multi Tool 50 +x% Total Skill Efficiency. Rucksack, Level 5
C2 Card Spotter.png C2 Card Spotter 50 +x% Card Drop Rate. Star Dazzle, Level 5
Craps.png Craps 50 +x% chance to get an AFK reroll. Star Dazzle, Level 5
REM Fighting.png REM Fighting 50 +x% Fight AFK gain rate. Power of Pow, Level 8
Sleepy Skiller.png Sleepy Skiller 50 +x% Skill AFK gain rate. Multitool, Level 8
Bestone.png Bestone 50 +x% Stone Upgrade Success chance. C2 Card Spotter, Level 8
Anotha One.png Anotha One 50 +x% chance for 2x EXP when claming AFK. Craps, Level 8
Make or Break.png Make or Break 50 +x% Production Rate in Town Skills REM Fighting, Level 10
Coin Supercharger.png Coin Supercharger 100 +% Cash for each world you've reached. Sleepy Skiller, Level 5
Wait A Minute.png Wait A Minute 0 n/a n/a
Wait A Minute 2.png Wait A Minute 2 0 n/a n/a

Daily Guild Tasks

Daily Guild Tasks
Task Objective Notes Rotates
Defeat Monsters 300 Must be done actively. No
W1 Daily Task 1 The task in the bottom right of the taskboard is daily. No
W2 Daily Task 1 The task in the bottom right of the taskboard is daily. No
Sign Post Office Order 1 Yes
Pick up Item Drops 300 Counts items dropped, not items collected. Yes
Play W1 Colosseum 1 Completes as soon as you set foot in the Colosseum Yes
Play W2 Colosseum 1 Completes as soon as you set foot in the Colosseum Yes
Defeat a World Boss 1 Amarok, Efaunt or Chizoar Yes
Fishing Minigame Score 4 Yes
Choppin Minigame Score 20 Yes
Catching Minigame Score 11 Yes
Mining Minigame Score 5 Yes
Play Party Dungeons 1 The Dungeon must be completed for this to count Yes

Weekly Guild Tasks

Weekly Guild Tasks
Task Objective Notes Rotates
Defeat any Boss 20 Both World Bosses and Mini-Bosses count for this task No
Claim 5+ Hour AFK gain 35 Counts across any of your characters. All AFK sessions above 5 hours count the same No
Claim Guild Points 250 The daily signing in GP bonus does not count towards this task No
Collect Cards 25 Yes
Defeat Crystal Mobs 5 Crystal Carrot, Crystal Crabal or Crystal Cattle Yes
Defeat a Chaotic Boss 1 Chaotic Amarok, Chaotic Efaunt, Chaotic Chizoar or Chaotic Massive Troll Yes
Play Party Dungeons 4 The Dungeon must be completed for this to count Yes

Guild Giftboxes

Once a week, as the weekly Guild tasks refresh, being in a Guild will give you at least 2 Guild Giftboxes. The Guild Bonus "Guild Gifts" can increase how many you receive weekly.

Guild Giftboxes
Name Quantity Chance Notes
Trophy Ultra Unboxer.png Ultra Unboxer 1x 0.2% Only source for this item
Exp Balloon Large Experience Balloon.png Large Experience Balloon 1x - 2x 0.3%
Exp Balloon Medium Experience Balloon.png Medium Experience Balloon 1x - 3x 0.3%
Upgrade Stone Premium LUK Stone.png Premium LUK Stone 1x 0.3%
Upgrade Stone Warped Helmet Upgrade Stone.png Warped Helmet Upgrade Stone 1x 2.2%
Upgrade Stone Warped Weapon Upgrade Stone.png Warped Weapon Upgrade Stone 1x 2.5%
Exp Balloon Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon 1x - 4x 0.3%
Upgrade Stone Armor Upgrade Stone C.png Armor Upgrade Stone C 1x 1%
Boost Food Decent EXP Potion.png Decent EXP Potion 400x 1.2%
Time Candy 12 HR Time Candy.png 12 HR Time Candy 1x 1.5%
Boost Food Average EXP Potion.png Average EXP Potion 400x 1.8%
Time Candy 4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy 1x 2.5%
Fragment Talent Point Reset Fragment.png Talent Point Reset Fragment 3x 5%
Gem Gem.png Gem 25x 5%
Time Candy 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy 1x 5%
Time Candy 1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy 1x 6%
Upgrade Stone Weapon Upgrade Stone II.png Weapon Upgrade Stone II 3x 7%
Upgrade Stone Armor Upgrade Stone II.png Armor Upgrade Stone II 3x - 4x 7%
Gem Gem.png Gem 69x 15%
Gem Gem.png Gem 25x 22%

Guild Ranks & Icons

Guild Ranks
Guild Rank Crown1.png Can Kick/Promote/Demote below this rank
Guild Rank Crown2.png Can Promote/Demote below this rank
Guild Rank Gold Star.png Guild Rank Iron Star.png Guild Rank Bronze Star.png Currently just aesthetic
Guild Icons
There are a total of 123 Guild Icons you can choose from, in order for you to personalize your guild that much more!
Guild Icons.png
NOTE: The missing icon in row 12 is LavaFlame2's own guild icon, which is the same as the Trailblazer Trophy