Weekly Battles

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Weekly Battles

  • Each of your players takes a turn fighting.
  • Defeating each boss difficulty gives Trophie.png Trophies for the shop.
  • Bosses have 3 different themes, which determines the POWER of your actions.
  • Each week brings a new boss, new themes, new action choices, and new items in the shop.
  • MISC actions, which buff stats outside of this fight, last until the end of the week.

Weekly Bosses

Boss Name Base HP 2nd Diff 3rd Diff 4th Diff 5th Diff Requirements
Eclectic Lazlo 200 520 1352 3515 9139 Choppin Skill IconMini.png, Worship Skill IconMini.png, Class Lv.
Decibop Box 250 700 1960 5488 15366 Fishing Skill IconMini.png, Digits of Stiltmole Kills, Choppin Skill IconMini.png
Mutalius Cuboid 300 810 2187 5905 15943 Catching Skill IconMini.png, Digits of Green Mushroom Kills, Alchemy Skill IconMini.png
Jupiteye Major 400 1000 2500 6250 15625 Trapping Skill IconMini.png, Construction Skill IconMini.png, Class Lv.
The Nugenator 100 370 1369 5065 18742 Digits of Crabcake Kills, Cooking Skill IconMini.png, Mining Skill IconMini.png
Fat Eggplonk 600 1380 3174 7300 16790 Alchemy Skill IconMini.png, Class Lv., Digits of Green Mushroom Kills
Mollo Gomm 1000 1900 3610 6859 13032 Mining Skill IconMini.png, Material Carry Capacity, Class Lv.
Unit T-31 200 600 1800 5400 16200 Laboratory Skill IconMini.png, Divinity Skill IconMini.png, Digits of Dedotated Ram Kills
SWR Containment 350 910 2366 6152 15994 Cooking Skill IconMini.png, Digits of Choccie Kills, Construction Skill IconMini.png

Amount of Trophie.png Trophies for defeating Boss depends on its difficulty, in total of 35 Trophies for all difficulties defeated without any MISC:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
6 7 7 7 8


Reaching required tasks increase POW, that increases outcoming damage from Attack.

Task Description
List Of Possible Tasks
You notice a weakspot that could be further exposed with a swing of your pickaxe... Requires Mining Lv. 60
A small hole on the speaker glistens in the light, just large enough to fit a fishing hook in... Requires Fishing Lv. 50
It looks like the boss is literally made of wood... fortunately your hatchet is on hand. Requires Choppin Lv. 60
The air feels electric, as though there are spirits abound. Maybe they could be of assistance... Requires Worship Lv. 50
Knowing which toxins will be most effective will aid in your next move... Requires Alchemy Lv. 50
Perhaps a bone could be dislodged by engrossing it with the end of your net... Requires Catching Lv. 50
Trapping critters has given you a keen sense of where best to strike... Requires Trapping Lv. 40
You don't quite know why, but your ability to cook various meals fills you with confidence! Requires Cooking Lv. 35
All that time spent in the tube has got to be useful for something, right? Maybe this situation? Requires Laboratory Lv. 60
You notice the divine signaling to you from their volcanos with what is likely helpful advice... Requires Divinity Lv. 50
A good bill of health can help turn any fight around, regardless of the opponent. Requires 50 k HP

The wisdom that comes with large mana reserves will make your moves that more effective... Requires 50 k MP

You take a moment to pinpoint the small areas of weakness to aim for... Requires 200 k Accuracy

You've heard that great defence is the best offence, and are hoping it holds true here... Requires 100 k Defence

With a spring in your step, you consider how best to use your agile frame to your advantage... Requires 220 Movement Speed
There's got to be something useful in that massive inventory of yours... Requires 10 k Material Carry Capacity

You've learned a thing or two from all your past endeavors, making your next move all the better... Requires 100 Completed Quests
Cake by cake has fallen before you, and how different could a massive boss really be from a cake? Requires 100 k Crabcakes Kills

You lean on the vast amount of experience you've accumulated to drive your decision... Requires Class Lv. 175
Even something as trivial as defeating the weakest opponent can be helpful if done endlessly... Requires 100 k Green Mushrooms Kills

Standing firm against charging mobs has given you determination in situations like this... Requires 100 k Rams Kills

The hours you've spent learning to fight with a height disadvantage are sure to pay off here... Requires 100 k Stiltmoles Kills

Knowledge and skills can only get you so far, but THIS is something you can always rely on... Requires 10 M Max. Damage

Dissecting the choccie monsters gives a deep understanding of... wait how does this help? Requires 100 k Choccies Kills

Construction is a lot more than just building, it's also about breaking stuff... Requires Construction Lv. 50

Note: Tasks, such as kills of certain mobs, asks for digits. For example, 5 digits means 100 k.


List Of Possible Attack Actions
You steady your nerves and strike the boss directly, dealing x damage.
You burn their skin, dealing x damage. This exact damage re-triggers each time an ATTACK is chosen.
You clamp a cursed ring to their toe, dealing x damage now and each time a BUFF is cast in the future.
Dual wielding the next characters weapon, you deal x damage, but the next char can't choose ATTACK.
You just start randomly grabbing weapons, dealing x damage, but the next 2 chars can't choose ATTACK.
You trip and fall dealing x damage lmao, but the boss's HP gets set to 30% from laughing so hard.
Deal x damage for each previous ATTACK cast. If 3 or more, rewind a character and reset number of casts.
You sense weakness and deal a crushing blow of x damage. If boss is under half HP, damage is dealt twice.
Punch them into yesteryear, dealing x damage. If 9+ ATTACK casted, rewind to 1st character. Only works once.
List Of Possible Buff Actions
You drop your weapon, drawing attention and allowing the next ATTACK to deal x% more damage.
You tell the others of a new technique, so every ATTACK in the future deals x% more damage.
You conjure a friendly spirit, which boosts all damage dealt to boss by x%.
You cast a gross but effective fog, increasing all damage by x%, but the next char can't choose BUFF.
You align the energy in the air, so that the next BUFF is 2x more powerful, except for this one. No 4x for you.
You create a portal to the 'oof owie' dimension, so that whatever damage hits the boss next is doubled.
Boost all damage by x% for each previous BUFF cast. If 3 or more, rewind a character and reset number of casts.
Summon a blackhole, boosting all damage by x%. If 9+ BUFF casted, rewind to 1st character. Only works once.
List Of Possible Misc Actions
Tired and slightly agitated, you take a tea drinking break, giving +x% Class EXP for all characters.
You add extra chilly cheese to everyone's hotdogs outside the fight, giving +x% DMG to all characters.
You notice a trophy on the ground, and run to pick it up instead of attacking.
You reminisce on all the times MISC was cast. If 2 or more, rewind back to 1st character. This only works once.
You tell a really freakin' funny joke to your final character, who gets to select an extra turn!

Note: MISC Actions lasts till next rotation.

Shop Rewards

Icon Name Price Preview Example
UI Rewards
Main Default UI.png Default UI Main Default UI Preview.png
Main Galaxy UI.png Galaxy UI 50x Trophie.png Trophies Main Galaxy UI Preview.png
Main Hardwood UI.png Hardwood UI 15x Trophie.png Trophies Main Hardwood UI Preview.png
Main Deadwood UI.png Deadwood UI 15x Trophie.png Trophies Main Deadwood UI Preview.png
Main Corkboard UI.png Corkboard UI 25x Trophie.png Trophies Main Corkboard UI Preview.png
Main Catacomb UI.png Catacomb UI 40x Trophie.png Trophies Main Catacomb UI Preview.png
Main Rift UI.png Rift UI 35x Trophie.png Trophies Main Rift UI Preview.png
Main Magma UI.png Magma UI 40x Trophie.png Trophies Main Magma UI Preview.png
Main Grassy UI.png Grassy UI 30x Trophie.png Trophies Main Grassy UI Preview.png
Main Sandburn UI.png Sandburn UI 25x Trophie.png Trophies Main Sandburn UI Preview.png
Main Graveyard UI.png Graveyard UI 20x Trophie.png Trophies Main Graveyard UI Preview.png
Main Goldwood UI.png Goldwood UI 60x Trophie.png Trophies Main Goldwood UI Preview.png
Main Peachwood UI.png Peachwood UI 20x Trophie.png Trophies Main Peachwood UI Preview.png
Item Price Description
Item Rewards
Pink Headband.png Pink Headband 999x Trophie.png Trophies The legendary Pink Headband
25x Killroy Skull.png Killroy Skulls 14x Trophie.png Trophies 25 Skulls for Killroy's Shop, deposited instantly for use
Bored To Death.png Bored To Death Special Talent Book 25x Trophie.png Trophies Death Star Talent book with random Max LV up to Lv 100
Boss Battle Spillover.png Boss Battle Spillover Special Talent Book 25x Trophie.png Trophies Trophy Star Talent book with random Max LV up to Lv 100
The Crow Perch.png The Crow Perch 125x Trophie.png Trophies A little crow on a hat, perfect for premiumify-ing
100x Golden Food 12x Trophie.png Trophies 100 Gold Food of the type shown to the left (in-game)
1000x Statues 12x Trophie.png Trophies 1000 Statues of the type shown to the left (in-game)
Silver Pocketwatch.png Silver Pocketwatch 2x Trophie.png Trophies Alter your daily reset time forward or backward by 15 mins
Gold Pocketwatch.png Gold Pocketwatch 30x Trophie.png Trophies Shift time forward by 24 hours, triggering daily bonuses and resets

Note: Golden Food and Statue types depends on World been reached. Look up for Crystal Mob in relevant World's drop table for example.