Random Events

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Added in Version 1.73 is the chance for random events to appear.

  • Every hour there is a 25% chance for a Random Event to appear. A teleport option box will appear.
  • A player can only complete 1 Random Event each day according to their personal reset timer.
  • If the player has already completed then the teleport option will not appear.
  • The player can team up with others before starting the event (for fight events then the first attack counts as starting it), which will increase the difficulty to complete as well as apply a drop chance multiplier based on how many members are in the team. Random Events can be completed Solo as well.

Possible Events

Event Unique Rewards Task
RE - Meteorite.png Meteorhead.png Meteorhead (1.25%), Meteorite Ring.png Meteorite Ring (1%) Beat up a rock.
RE - Mega Grumblo.png Grumbie the Hatchet Hammer.png Grumbie the Hatchet Hammer (0.83%) Kill big Grumblo
RE - Glacial Guild.png Ice Guard Helmet.png Ice Guard Helmet (1.67%), Vigilant Obol of Ice Guard.png Vigilant Obol of Ice Guard (1.67%) Kill Ice Guard
RE - Snake Swarm.png Skewered Snek.png Skewered Snek (0.83%) Kill snek
RE - Angry Frogs.png Grumpy Obol of the Grandfrogger.png Grumpy Obol of the Grandfrogger (1.67%) Big angry frog. Must kill.

Additional Rewards

These rewards can be gotten for completing the any of the Random Events. The chances are independent from each other except where indicated.

Item Chance Notes
Black Pearl.png Black Pearl 12% Only one or the other
Holy Pearl.png Holy Pearl
Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon 30% Only one or the other
Medium Experience Balloon.png Medium Experience Balloon
Dungeon Loot Dice.png Dungeon Loot Dice x1~3 40%
Gold Food Coupon.png Gold Food Coupon x1~3 40%
Random Statue x5~20 20% A random statue.
  • World 1+: Power, Speed, Mining, Feasty, Health, or Kachow.
  • World 2+: Lumberbob, Thicc Skin, Oceanman, Ol Reliable, Exp Book, Anvil.
  • World 3: Cauldron, Beholder, Bullseye, Box, Twosoul, EhExPee.
Gold Food Coupon.png Gold Food Coupon x1~3 40% Yes, it's there twice.
Random Statue x5~20 20% Yes, it's there twice.
Glass Shard.png Glass Shard x1~3 50% World 2 only.
Yellow Snowflake.png Yellow Snowflake x1~3 50% World 3 only.

After successfully rolling for the 50% you'll get one with the follwing chance:

  • Yellow Snowflake: 33%
  • Ice Age 3: 21.8%
  • Black Lense: 45.2%
Ice Age 3.png Ice Age 3 x1~3
Black Lense.png Black Lense x1~3