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Welcome to Plant Pickers! I mean Gaming!

The Field

This is the main screen that you see when you open up the Gaming view. There's quite a bit that can go on here, but initially you won't see much.

You'll see all of your Sprouts in random places at their various stages of growth and any applicable import items that you've unlocked. Some Sprouts have ranged effects when collected so their placement matters, but you can't move them around where they are once grown so some strategic trimming may be in order if your fields (sometimes called gardens) get full. Collecting plants can earn you Bits.png Bits and Gaming EXP.

Using your Gaming Bits - Blue.png Bits you've earnt from your garden, you can upgrade the skill itself, buy Superbits upgrades, upgrade Bubbles, and boost the blessings on Divinity Gods!

The "Toolbox"

This is the section with the various upgrades that you can purchase. At the top is your Bit Counter and the Logbook which details all of the plants and their growth stages that you've reached before, which provides a Bit gain multiplier. Bits are also colored in either White, Green, Red, Purple, or Blue and they change color once you reach 1,000,000,000,000,000,000(1QQ) for that tier. (Gaming Bits - Blue.png= 1e72 Bits, Gaming Bits - Purple.png= 1e54 Bits, Gaming Bits - Red.png= 1e36 Bits, Gaming Bits - Green.png= 1e18 Bits.)


Initially unlocked, this provides your first set of 3 upgrades at the cost of Bits: Base bit value, Growth cycle time, and the maximum amount of Sprouts you can have.


This is where you can unlock new breeds of Sprouts by using DNA from harvesting sprouts; more DNA equates to higher chance, though the rate slows with each new Sprout. You can also spend Bits to increase the chance for a Sprout to evolve or move to the next growth stage, every growth cycle.

Plant Name
Gaming Plant 0.gif
The basic plant. 1x Bits and 1x gaming exp.
Gaming Plant 1.gif
Gives 3x more Bits when picked, but gives no gaming exp. Usually, gaming exp is based on Bits gained
Gaming Plant 2.gif
Gives 4x Bits per evolution instead of the normal 3x Bits per evolution that other plants get
Gaming Plant 3.gif
Gives growth cycles to surrounding plants within 230 pixels. The more evolutions the cactus has, the more cycles it gives!
Gaming Plant 4.gif
Gives 2x more Bits when picked, and 5x more gaming exp too.
Gaming Plant 5.gif
Instantly grows plants, the amount based on Voraci's Evolution. These plants can be Sprouts, Fungi, Bonsai, Cactus, or Blossoms.
Gaming Plant 6.gif
Berri Bush
Gives 7x more Bits when picked, and 3x more gaming exp too.
Gaming Plant 7.gif
Gives up to 100x more Bits when picked, but the exact multiplier is random. It could be as low as just 1x Bits.
Gaming Plant 8.gif
Moves everything in garden ahead in time when picked. This includes import item cooldowns and growing all plants.
Amount of time is Chemical Plant's Level^2


Expensive boxes from Idlezon that once unlocked give various abilities that can be upgraded.

Name Flavor Text & Effect Bonus Per Upgrade Unlock Cost
Little Sprinkler A small metal sprinkler, and a trusty ally to have in the garden. It's heart is in the right place, but it won't do much if your garden has no space.
Instantly grows sprouts when activated. Recharges over time.
Recharges +1% Faster 200 K Gaming Bits - White.png

Dirty Shovel It may be rusty and old, but this reliable tool can find pure gold! With rumors of a million multiplier nugget, this is sure to come in handy!
Digs up gold nuggets when activated. Only the biggest nugget found affects Bits multi.
+% Big Nugget Luck 3 M Gaming Bits - White.png

Autumn Squirrel Everyones favorite garden rodent, other than the king rat of olde. This furry fella just cant help but gather all the nuts it can find!
Gives all acorns it has found since your last visit. Acorns are spent in the Acorn Shop
+5% Acorns Found 500 M Gaming Bits - White.png

Elegant Seashell The seashell emits a soothing ocean noise. The good vibes stop once you realize that ninja tsunamis will use this as a distraction to sneak up on you.
Boosts Bits from plants based on Shell Rank. Increase Shell Rank when enough plants evolve.
+1% Bits Per Rank 1 T Gaming Bits - White.png

Kitsune Roxie Totally kawaii, totally enjoys sleeping! IMPORTANT: Kitsune Rock cannot be toggled while plants are unpicked.
Plants grow 4x faster but all give 3x less Bits. Tap rock to turn this effect ON or OFF.
+1% Faster Active Bonus 1.5 Q Gaming Bits - White.png

Bog Log Underneath each log lies either a star, which will give you instant garden growth, or death, which will end your career as a log flipper.
+% Chance For Free Game 8 Gaming Bits - Green.png

Pong Controller Retro technology capable of moving a rectangle into the direct path of a circle, in the hopes that the other rectangle will not be able to replicate your feat of skill.
No Bonus. It's All Skill. 375 K Gaming Bits - Green.png

Immortal Snail This snail will slowly drive you crazy. With each Lv, the snail grows stronger, and thanks to the Snail Sprout Treaty of 1951, your garden does too. Every day, the snail will collect mail. Spend the mail to upgrade the snail. +1% Chance For Extra Daily Mail 15.2 T Gaming Bits - Green.png


Spend bits on bonuses around the game. The bonuses are displayed in a two-dimensional table, where in order to make a certain bonus unlockable, you have to first purchase the bonus to the left or above it.

Note: MSA is the "Miniature Soul Apparatus" of the Automation Arm unlocked through Construction.

Name & Bonus Bits Name & Bonus Bits Name & Bonus Bits Name & Bonus Bits Name & Bonus Bits Name & Bonus Bits
Bits per Achievement
x1.03 Bits per Achievement you've unlocked
1 B Gaming Bits - White.png

Plant Evo
+1 Max evolution for all plants. This is 20x rarer than normal evolutions
30 B Gaming Bits - White.png Obol Stat Booster
All obols give +40% more STR/AGI/WIS/LUK than what they say they do!
2 T Gaming Bits - White.png MSA Sailing
MSA now gives 1% bonus Sailing Speed
50 Q Gaming Bits - White.png Moar Bubbles
+20% Chance for +1 bubble boosted by No Bubble Left Behind
10000 Gaming Bits - Green.png Plant Evo
+1 Max Evolution for all plants. This one is 5000x rarer than normal
300 M Gaming Bits - Red.png

Worship Totem HP
+5 Max HP for Worship Totem during Tower Defence summon battle
200 B Gaming Bits - White.png MSA Totalizer
Unlock the Totalizer for the Miniature Soul Apparatus (MSA) in World 3, also gives +1% bonus DMG per 10 total Waves
50 T Gaming Bits - White.png Shrine Speed
All shrines level up +50% faster than normal
500 T Gaming Bits - White.png No More Praying
If no Prayers equipped, get 1/5th bonus of all prayers, and no curses
300 Q Gaming Bits - White.png Double EXP
+15% chance for Double Exp whenever claiming AFK gains
200 K Gaming Bits - Green.png MSA Class EXP
MSA now gives +1% bonus Class EXP per 10 total Waves
400 Gaming Bits - Red.png

Library Checkouts
+1% faster Library Checkout Speed per Gaming Lv.
40 Gaming Bits - Green.png MSA Mealing
MSA now gives +10% bonus Meal Cooking speed per 10 total Waves
200 Gaming Bits - Green.png Spice Is Nice
All spice claimed, either manually or automatically, is worth 1.5x more
40 M Gaming Bits - Green.png Worship Totem HPr
+10 Max HP for Worship Totem during Tower Defence summon battle
40 T Gaming Bits - Green.png MSA Skill EXP
MSA now gives +1% bonus Skill Exp per 10 total Waves
400 K Gaming Bits - Red.png Spice Is Nicer
All spice claimed, either manually or automatically, is worth 2x more
500 B Gaming Bits - Red.png

Plant Evo
+1 Max Evolution for all plants. This one is 250x rarer than normal
2 B Gaming Bits - Green.png Noobie Gains
Your lowest leveled character gets 1.5x Class EXP
400 B Gaming Bits - Green.png MSA Big Bits
MSA now gives +50% Bits for Gaming per 10 total Waves
5 Gaming Bits - Green.png Atom Redux
All atom upgrading is now 10% cheaper
2 Gaming Bits - Red.png Even Moar Bubbles
+20% Chance for +1 bubble boosted by No Bubble Left Behind
8 Gaming Bits - Red.png Isotope Discovery
All atoms now have +10 Max LV
9 Gaming Bits - Red.png

Skill Mastery

Upon completing Rift 16 in World 4, Skill Mastery unlocks. Skill Mastery gives you account wide bonuses based on your skill's total level across every player.

Total Level Req Bonus
List of Bonuses
150 +25% Gaming EXP gain
200 1.15x Gaming bits gained
300 +5% Total damage
400 +10% All skill EXP
500 +5% All skill efficiency
750 +1% Printer output
1000 +25% All skill EXP