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There are currently four in-game worlds:

  • Blunder Hills (the introductory world)
  • Yum-Yum Desert (unlocked after defeating Amarok)
  • Frostbite Tundra (unlocked after defeating Efaunt)
  • Hyperion Nebula (unlocked after defeating Chizoar)
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Blunder HillsSpore MeadowsFroggy FieldsGrandfrog's BackyardValley Of The BeansBirch EnclaveJungle PerimeterWinding WillowsVegetable PatchSpike SurpriseForest OutskirtsEncroaching Forest VillasTucked AwayThe Base Of The BarkHollowed TrunkWhere the Branches EndTBDTunnels EntranceFreefall CavernsThe Ol StraightawayEchoing EgressEnd Of The RoadHigh In The SkyPoopy SewersRats NestThe OfficeWorld 1
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World 1 - Blunder Hills

G1 - Blunder Hills

Blunder Hills
Img Name Info
Forge.gif Forge Convert Ore to Bars
Anvil.gif Anvil Smithing Interface
Scripticus.gif Scripticus NPC
Town Marble.gif Town Marble NPC / Statues Interface
Mr Pigibank.gif Mr Pigibank NPC / Stamps Interface
Grasslands Gary.gif Grasslands Gary NPC / Blunder Hills Taskboard
Storage Chest.gif Storage Chest Account-wide Item Storage
Blunder Hills Vend.gif Blunder Hills Vendor Vendor
Builder Bird.gif Builder Bird NPC
Desert Portal.gif Desert Portal Portal to Yum-Yum Desert

G2 - Spore Meadows

Spore Meadows
Img Name Info
Green Mushroom Walking.gif Green Mushroom Enemy
Woodsman.gif Woodsman NPC
Oak Tree.png Oak Tree (Choppin) Source for Oak Logs.png Oak Logs

G3 - Froggy Fields

Froggy Fields
Img Name Info
Dewdrop Colosseum Sprite.png Dewdrop Colosseum Requires 1x Colosseum Ticket.png Colosseum Ticket to enter.
Frog Walking.gif Frog Enemy
Picnic Stowaway.gif Picnic Stowaway NPC
Hamish.gif Hamish NPC
Rocklyte.gif Rocklyte Secret NPC

P1 - Grandfrog's Backyard

Grandfrog's Backyard
Img Name Info
Frog Walking.gif Frog Enemy
Toadstall.gif Toadstall NPC
Grandfrog's Gazebo Entrance.png Grandfrog's Gazebo Dungeon Entrance

G4 - Valley Of The Beans

Valley of the Beans
Img Name Info
Bored Bean Walking.gif Bored Bean Enemy
Promotheus.gif Promotheus NPC (Class Choice)
Birch Tree.png Birch Tree (Choppin) Source for Bleach Logs.png Bleach Logs

G5- Birch Enclave

Birch Enclave
Img Name Info
Baba Yaga Walking.gif Baba Yaga Optional Miniboss. Spawns at the top of every hour.
Red Mushroom Walking.gif Red Mushroom Enemy

J1 - Jungle Perimeter

Jungle Perimeter
Img Name Info
Slime Walking.gif Slime Enemy
Stiltzcho.gif Stiltzcho NPC
Froge.png Froge (Trapping) Source for Froge.png Froge and Poison Froge.png Poison Froge

J2 - Winding Willows

Winding Willows
Img Name Info
Baby Boa Walking.gif Baby Boa Enemy
Funguy.gif Funguy NPC

J3 - Vegetable Patch

Vegetable Patch
Img Name Info
Carrotman Walking.gif Carrotman Enemy
Jungle Tree.png Jungle Tree (Choppin) Source for Jungle Logs.png Jungle Logs
Bushlyte.gif Bushlyte Secret NPC

J3 -> MG1 - Spike Surprise

Spike Suprise
Img Name Info
Spike Trap.gif Spike Surprise Minigame You can also get here by typing "If u love me let me go" in the chat. Starts at the top of every hour. Play for gems and glory.

F1 - Forest Outskirts

Forest Outskirts
Img Name Info
Glublin Walking.gif Glublin Enemy
Goblin Gorfest Totem.gif Goblin Gorefest Worship Totem (Tower Defence)

F2 - Encroaching Forest Villas

Encroaching Forest Villas
Img Name Info
Wode Board Walking.gif Wode Board Enemy
Dog Bone (NPC).gif Dog Bone NPC
Obol Altar.gif Obol Altar NPC / Obols Interface
Tiki Chief.gif Tiki Chief NPC
Encroaching Forest Villas Vendor.gif Encroaching Forest Villas Vendor Vendor

F2 - Amarok Arena

Amarok Arena
Img Name Info
Amarok (boss).png Amarok World Boss. Requires 1 Forest Villa Key.png Forest Villa Key to enter.

F3 - Tucked Away

Tucked Away
Img Name Info
Giga Frog Walking.gif Giga Frog Enemy
Papua Piggea.gif Papua Piggea NPC
Forest Tree.png Choppin (Forest Tree) Source for Forest Fibres.png Forest Fibres

TB - The Roots

The Roots
Img Name Info
Acorn Assault Totem.gif Acorn Assault Worship Totem (Tower Defence)

T1 - The Base Of The Bark

The Base Of The Bark
Img Name Info
Walking Stick Walking.gif Walking Stick Enemy
Sprout.gif Sprout NPC

T2 - Hollowed Trunk

Hollowed Trunk
Img Name Info
Nutto Walking.gif Nutto Enemy
Stump Tree.png Stump Tree (Choppin) Source for Veiny Logs.png Veiny Logs
Dazey.gif Dazey NPC
Owlio.png Owlio (Trapping) Source for Owlio.png Owlio and Minervowl.png Minervowl

T3 - Where the Branches End

Where the Branches End
Img Name Info
Wood Mushroom Walking.gif Wood Mushroom Enemy
Telescope.gif Telescope NPC / Star Signs Interface

M1 - Tunnels Entrance

Tunnels Entrance
Img Name Info
Copper Node.png Copper Vein (Mining) Source for Copper Ore.png Copper Ore
Forge.gif Forge Convert Ore into Bars
Glumlee.gif Glumlee NPC

M2 - Freefall Caverns

Freefall Caverns
Img Name Info
Iron Node.png Iron Vein (Mining) Source for Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Gold Node.png Gold Vein (Mining) Source for Gold Ore.png Gold Ore
Krunk.gif Krunk NPC
Mutton.gif Mutton NPC

M3 - The Ol Straightaway

The Ol Straightaway
Img Name Info
Platinum Node.png Platinum Vein (Mining) Source for Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore
Dementia Node.png Dementia Vein (Mining) Source for Dementia Ore.png Dementia Ore

M4 - Echoing Egress

Echoing Egress
Img Name Info
Void Node.png Void Vein (Mining) Source for Void Ore.png Void Ore
Lustre Node.png Lustre Vein (Mining) Source for Lustre Ore.png Lustre Ore

M5 - Slip Slidy Ledges

Slip Slidy Ledges
Img Name Info
Starfire Node.png Starfire Vein (Mining) Source for Starfire Ore.png Starfire Ore

M6 - High In The Sky

Inaccessible as of 1.61.

S1 - Poopy Sewers

Poopy Sewers
Img Name Info
Poop Walking.gif Poop Enemy
Toilet Tree.png Toilet Tree (Choppin) Source for Potty Rolls.png Potty Rolls

S2 - Rats Nest

Rats Nest
Img Name Info
Rat Walking.gif Rat Enemy
TP Pete.gif TP Pete NPC
Mousey.png Mousey (Trapping) Source for Mousey.png Mousey and Nakeo Moleo.png Nakeo Moleo

S3 - The Office

The Office
Img Name Info
Dr Defecaus Walking.gif Dr Defecaus Optional Miniboss. Spawns daily.
Poop Walking.gif Poop Enemy
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Yum Yum GrottoSalty ShoresFaraway PiersDeepwater DocksJar BridgeThe Mimic HoleBandit Bob's HideoutHeaty HoleDessert DunesThe Grandioso CanyonShifty SandboxPincer PlateauSlamabam StraightawayThe RingUp Up Down DownSands of TimeDjonnuttownEfaunts TombWorld 2
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World 2 - YumYum Desert

D0 - YumYum Grotto

YumYum Grotto
Img Name Info
Alchemy Cauldron.gif Alchemy Cauldron Alchemy Interface
Yum Yum Grotto Vendor.gif YumYum Grotto Shop Vendor
Obol Altar.gif Obol Altar NPC / Obols Interface
Postboy Pablob.gif Postboy Pablob NPC / Post Office
Cowbo Jones.gif Cowbo Jones NPC
Storage Chest.gif Storage Chest Account-wide Item Storage
Desert Davey.gif Desert Davey NPC / Yum-Yum Desert Taskboard
Killroy.gif Killroy NPC / Killroy's Slaughterhouse

F1 - Salty Shores

Salty Shores
Img Name Info
Fishing Spot.gif Fishing Spot 2 Fishing spots
Fishing Rack.gif Fishing Rack Change Fishing Accessories
Whattso.gif Whattso NPC
Crabbo.png Crabbo (Trapping) Source for Crabbo.png Crabbo and Mutant Crabbo.png Mutant Crabbo

F2 - Faraway Piers

Faraway Piers
Img Name Info
Fishing Spot.gif Fishing Spot 3 Fishing spots
Fishing Rack.gif Fishing Rack Change Fishing Accessories
Scubidew.gif Scubidew NPC
Fishpaste97.gif Fishpaste97 NPC
Faraway Piers Vendor.gif Faraway Piers Shop Vendor

F3 - Deepwater Docks

Deepwater Docks
Img Name Info
Fishing Rack.gif Fishing Rack Change Fishing Accessories
Omar Da Ogar.gif Omar Da Ogar NPC
Big Fishing Spot.gif Large Fishing Spot 3 Large Fishing Spots

D1 - Jar Bridge

Jar Bridge
Img Name Info
Sandy Pot Walking.gif Sandy Pot Enemy
Fly Nest.png Fly Nest (Catching) Source for Fly.png Fly

D2 - The Mimic Hole

The Mimic Hole
Img Name Info
Mimic Walking.gif Mimic Enemy
Sandstone Colosseum Sprite.png Sandstone Colosseum Requires 2x Colosseum Ticket.png Colosseum Ticket to enter
Centurion.gif Centurion NPC
Snake Jar.gif Snake Jar NPC

Sandstone Colosseum

Sandstone Colosseum
Img Name Info
Multiple Enemies See Sandstone Colosseum
Fishing Spot.gif Fishing Spot 2 Fishing spots, spawns at Round 4 and Round 11 briefly. Sandstone Colosseum Points Multiplier.
Palm Tree.png Choppin (Palm Tree) Source for Tropilogs.png Tropilogs, spawns at Round 6 briefly. Sandstone Colosseum Points Multiplier.
Platinum Node.png Platinum Ore Node (Mining) Source for Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore, spawns at Round 8 briefly. Sandstone Colosseum Points Multiplier.
Void Node.png Void Ore Node (Mining) Source for Void Ore.png Void Ore, spawns at Round 14 briefly. Sandstone Colosseum Points Multiplier.

D3 - Bandit Bob's Hideout

Bandit Bob's Hideout
Img Name Info
Bandit Bob.gif Bandit Bob NPC
Butterfly Bar.png Butterfly Bar (Catching) Source for Butterfly.png Butterfly

P1 - Heaty Hole

Heaty Hole
Img Name Info
Mimic Walking.gif Mimic Enemy
Gangster Gus.gif Gangster Gus NPC
Crypt of Snakenhotep Entrance.png Crypt of Snakenhotep Dungeon Entrance

D4 - Dessert Dunes

Dessert Dunes
Img Name Info
Crabcake Walking.gif Crabcake Enemy
Speccius.gif Speccius NPC (Subclass Choice)
Palm Tree.png Palm Tree (Choppin) Source for Tropilogs.png Tropilogs

D5 - The Grandioso Canyon

The Grandioso Canyon
Img Name Info
Mafioso Walking.gif Mafioso Enemy
XxX Cattleprod XxX.gif XxX Cattleprod XxX NPC

D6 - Shifty Sandbox

Shifty Sandbox
Img Name Info
Sand Castle Walking.gif Sand Castle Enemy
Goldric.gif Goldric NPC

D7 - Pincer Plateau

Pincer Plateau
Img Name Info
Pincermin Walking.gif Pincermin Enemy
Sentient Bowl.png Sentient Bowl (Catching) Source for Sentient Cereal.png Sentient Cereal

D8 - Slamabam Straightaway

Slamabam Straightaway
Img Name Info
Mashed Potato Walking.gif Mashed Potato Enemy
Carpetiem.gif Carpetiem NPC

D9 - The Ring

The Ring
Img Name Info
Tyson Walking.gif Tyson Enemy
Scorpie.png Scorpie (Trapping) Source for Scorpie.png Scorpie and Crescent Scorpie.png Crescent Scorpie

D10 - Up Up Down Down

Up Up Down Down
Img Name Info
Moonmoon Walking.gif Moonmoon Enemy
Loominadi.gif Loominadi NPC
Grocery Bag.png Grocery Bag (Catching) Source for Fruitfly.png Fruitfly
Wakawaka War Totem.gif Wakawaka War Worship Totem (Tower Defence)

D11 - Sands of Time

Sands of Time
Img Name Info
Sand Giant Walking.gif Sand Giant Enemy
Wellington.gif Wellington NPC

D12 - Djonnuttown

Img Name Info
Snelbie Walking.gif Snelbie Enemy
Djonnut.gif Djonnut NPC
Cactolyte.gif Cactolyte Secret NPC

D13 - Efaunts Tomb

Efaunts Tomb
Img Name Info
Efaunt (boss).png Efaunt World Boss. Requires 1 Efaunt's Tomb Key.png Efaunt's Tomb Key to enter.
Dung Beat.png Dung Beat (Trapping) Source for Dung Beat.png Dung Beat and Jade Scarab.png Jade Scarab
FT header.png
Trappers FolleyFrostbite TowndraInside the IglooSteep Sheep LedgeSnowfield OutskirtsThe Stache SplitRefrigeration StationMamooooth MountainRollin' TundraSignature SlopesThermonuclear ClimbWaterlogged EntranceCryo CatacombsOverpass of SoundCrystal BasecampEycicles's NestWam WonderlandWorld 3
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World 3 - Frostbite Tundra

F0 - Trappers Folley

Trappers Folley
Img Name Info
Lord of the Hunt.gif Lord of the Hunt NPC

F1 - Frostbite Towndra

Frostbite Towndra
Img Name Info
Construction Table.gif Construction Table Construction
Refinery.gif Refinery Construction
3D Printer.png 3D Printer Construction (Built)
Talent Book Library.png Talent Book Library Construction (Built)
Death Note.png Death Note Construction (Built)
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick Construction (Built)
Auto Arm.gif Auto Arm Construction (Built)
EZ Totem.gif Auto Arm - EZ Totem Extension Construction (Built)
Critter Drone.gif Critter Drone Construction (Built)
Frostbite Towndra Vendor.gif Frostbite Towndra Shop Vendor
Storage Chest.gif Storage Chest Account-wide Item Storage
Prayer Stone.gif Prayer Stone Worship
Iceland Irwin.gif Iceland Irwin NPC / Frostbite Tundra Taskboard
Hoggindaz.gif Hoggindaz NPC
Carpenter Cardinal.gif Carpenter Cardinal NPC

P1 - Inside the Igloo

Inside the Igloo
Img Name Info
Sheepie Walking.gif Sheepie Enemy
Worldo.gif Worldo NPC
Frostbite Towndra Vendor.gif Glacial Basement Dungeon Entrance

F2 - Steep Sheep Ledge

Steep Sheep Ledge
Img Name Info
Sheepie Walking.gif Sheepie Enemy
Saharan Foal.png Saharan Foal (Choppin) Source for Tundra Logs.png Tundra Logs

F3 - Snowfield Outskirts

Snowfield Outskirts
Img Name Info
Frost Flake Walking.gif Frost Flake Enemy
Lonely Hunter.gif Lonely Hunter NPC
Chillsnap Colosseum Sprite.png Chillsnap Colosseum Requires 3x Colosseum Ticket.png Colosseum Ticket to enter.

F4 - The Stache Split

The Stache Split
Img Name Info
Sir Stache Walking.gif Sir Stache Enemy
Pingy.png Pingy (Trapping) Source for Pingy.png Pingy and Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember.png Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember
Snouts.gif Snouts NPC

F5 - Refrigeration Station

Refrigeration Station
Img Name Info
Bloque Walking.gif Bloque Enemy

F6 - Mamooooth Mountain

Mamooooth Mountain
Img Name Info
Mamooth Walking.gif Mamooth Enemy
Shuvelle.gif Shuvelle NPC
Snowden.png Snowden (Catching) Source for Mosquisnow.png Mosquisnow

F7 - Rollin' Tundra

Rollin' Tundra
Img Name Info
Snowman Walking.gif Snowman Enemy

F8 - Signature Slopes

Signature Slopes
Img Name Info
Penguin Walking.gif Penguin Enemy
Yondergreen.gif Yondergreen NPC

F9 - Thermonuclear Climb

Thermonuclear Climb
Img Name Info
Thermister Walking.gif Thermister Enemy
Bunny.png Bunny (Trapping) Source for Bunny.png Bunny and Purbunni.png Purbunni

F10 - Waterlogged Entrance

Waterlogged Entrance
Img Name Info
Quenchie Walking.gif Quenchie Enemy
Wispy Tree.png Wispy Tree (Choppin) Source for Wispy Lumber.png Wispy Lumber

F11 - Cryo Catacombs

Cryo Catacombs
Img Name Info
Cryosnake Walking.gif Cryosnake Enemy
Crystalswine.gif Crystalswine NPC

F12 - Overpass of Sound

Overpass of Sound
Img Name Info
Bop Box Walking.gif Bop Box Enemy
Bill Brr.gif Bill Brr NPC
Icicle Nest.png Icicle Nest (Catching) Source for Flycicle.png Flycicle

F13 - Crystal Basecamp

Crystal Basecamp
Img Name Info
Neyeptune Walking.gif Neyeptune Enemy
Bellows.gif Bellows NPC

F14 - Eycicles's Nest

Eycicles's Nest
Img Name Info
Chizoar (boss).png Chizoar World Boss. Requires 1 Chizoar's Cavern Key.png Chizoar's Cavern Key to enter.

F15 - Wam Wonderland

Wam Wonderland
Img Name Info
Dedotated Ram Walking.gif Dedotated Ram Enemy
Honker.png Honker (Trapping) Source for Honker.png Honker and Diamond Duck.png Diamond Duck

F16 - Hell hath Frozen Over

Hell Hath Frozen Over
Img Name Info
Bloodbone Walking.gif Bloodbone Enemy
HN header.png
Outer World TownSpaceway RacewayTV OutpostDonut Drive-InOutskirts of Fallstar IsleMoutainous DeughWurm HighwayJelly Cube BridgeCocoa TunnelStandstill PlainsShelled ShoresThe Untraveled OctopathFlamboyant BayouEnclave of EyesBoss MapWorld 4
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World 4 - Hyperion Nebula

HT - Outer World Town

Outer World Town
Img Name Info
Gobo.gif Gobo NPC
Outer World Town Vendor.gif Outer Rowld Town Shop Vendor
Egg Nest.gif Egg Nest Breeding Interface
Laboratory Mainframe.gif Laboratory Mainframe Laboratory Interface
Cooking Table.gif Cooking Table Recipe Cooking Interface
Cooking Menu.gif Cooking Menu Meal Upgrade Interface
Nebula Neddy.gif Nebula Neddy NPC/Hyperion Nebula Taskboard
Architect Toucan.gif Architect Toucan NPC

H1 - Spaceway Raceway

Spaceway Raceway
Img Name Info
Purp Mushroom Walking.gif Purp Mushroom Enemy
Mutated Mush Walking.gif Mutated Mush Boss

H2 - TV Outpost

TV Outpost
Img Name Info
TV Walking.gif TV Enemy
Astro Colosseum Sprite.png Astro Colosseum Requires 6x Colosseum Ticket.png Colosseum Ticket to enter.

H3 - Donut Drive-In

Donut Drive-In
Img Name Info
Oinkin.gif Oinkin NPC
Donut Walking.gif Donut Enemy

H4 - Outskirts of Fallstar Isle

Outskirts of Fallstar Isle
Img Name Info
Demon Genie Walking.gif Demon Genie Enemy
Alien Tree.png Alien Tree (Choppin) Source for Alien Hive Chunk.png Alien Hive Chunk
Eliteus.gif Eliteus NPC (First Elite Class Choice)

H5 - Moutainous Deugh

Moutainous Deugh
Img Name Info
Soda Can Walking.gif Soda Can Enemy

H6 - Wurm Highway

Wurm Highway
Img Name Info
Flying Worm Walking.gif Flying Worm Enemy

H7 - Jelly Cube Bridge

Jelly Cube Bridge
Img Name Info
Gelatinous Cuboid Walking.gif Gelatinous Cuboid Enemy
Bee Hive.png Bee Hive (Catching) Source for Worker Bee.png Worker Bee
Capital P.gif Capital P NPC

H8 - Cocoa Tunnel

Cocoa Tunnel
Img Name Info
Blobbo.gif Blobbo NPC
Blobfish.png Blobfish Trapping Critter
Choccie Walking.gif Choccie Enemy

H9 - Standstill Plains

Standstill Plains
Img Name Info
Biggole Wurm Walking.gif Biggole Wurm Enemy
Cubed Tree.png Cubed Tree (Choppin) Source for Cubed Logs.png Cubed Logs

H10 - Shelled Shores

Shelled Shores
Img Name Info
Clammie Walking.gif Clammie Enemy
Fairy Hovel.png Fairy Hovel (Catching) Source for Fairy.png Fairy

H11 - The Untraveled Octopath

The Untraveled Octopath
Img Name Info
Octodar Walking.gif Octodar Enemy

H12 - Flamboyant Bayou

Flamboyant Bayou
Img Name Info
Flombeige Walking.gif Flombeige Enemy

H13 - Enclave of Eyes

Enclave of Eyes
Img Name Info
Stilted Seeker Walking.gif Stilted Seeker Enemy

HB - Boss Map

Enclave a la Troll
Img Name Info
Massive Troll (boss).png Massive Troll World Boss. Requires 1/5/60 Troll's Enclave Key.png Troll's Enclave Key to enter.