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Guides, resources and other useful links

You can find a repository that aims to be a collection of idleon formulas here.


Guides for beginners:

Build guides and useful tools to follow your progress:

  • Idleon Companion by Musimaniac#7620 and many great people, check github there
  • GlacierFrost2's Builds (Page off) by Grago#5082 to Search, Create and Share your builds! Github
  • Idleon Toolbox by Morojo#2331 Follow your idleon progression with ease with full character overview, item locator (account wide), crafting calculator and more!


Fighting calculators:

Skilling calculators:

Other calculators:

Min-maxing tools

Misc Tools

  • Idleon Insight by Corbeno. Regex enabled database search to find every instence of text within Idleon effects.

Outdated resources