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  • Newbie Guide by Sangy#5166
  • Guide Sheet by 100mar#2993, Owl#9548, harold#7682, anavn#3787, cakesoup#0427, Koneko Toujou#5355, Puddles#7889, rkinasz#4976, Sparksen#2656, Tony#6558 and Gnakor#9980


Progress Track Tools:

  • Idleon Toolbox by Morojo | Power up your Legends of Idleon adventure with Idleon Toolbox's essential tools and resources for optimizing gameplay, character builds, crafting, and more.
  • Idleon Efficiency by Sludger | Site aimed to provide players of the game Legends of Idleon with tools to become more efficient. Has public profiles feauture to share your progress.

Misc Tools:

  • Idleon Insight by Corbeno | Search any game data with support of regex and basic strings.