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The codex is the in-game reference, as well as a record of your progress.


From the Quests tab you can check the requirements & rewards of all the quests you've encountered. Quests are listed in order by World, then NPC Name (alphabetically), the in the order you received quests from that NPC. Quests with a green circle icon are from World 1 (Blunder Hills), quests with a yellow triangle icon are from World 2 (Yum-Yum Desert), and quests with a blue square icon are from World 3 (Frostbite Tundra).

  • Quests in Progress: Add/remove active quests from your Quest Helper, or forfeit quests if you need to start over. Quests with a star icon/highlighted name are involved in the main questline. Quests with a Q icon are currently assigned to your on-screen Quest Helper.
  • Quests Completed: Check your total completed quests. Some completed quests let you Reclaim Items - handy if you need more Crimson String for a new pair of Boxing Gloves!


Every time you encounter a new feature, you'll unlock a new set of Hints to read through.

Quick Ref

Through Quick Ref you can access several town services. These are currently:

  • Anvil where you can see your available recipes, but cannot craft. You can also check your Production tab to send production items to your storage via quick deposit and spend Anvil Points.
  • Storage where you can see the contents of your storage chest. You can re-arrange items but cannot withdraw or deposit items or coins.
  • Tasks where you can see and complete tasks and achievements. You can also check your Recipes Unlocks and Merit shop, but cannot purchase recipes or merits.
  • Post Office where you can see your current orders (and order refresh timer) and box upgrades, but cannot fulfill orders or allocate boxes.
  • Obols where you can view your currently assigned Personal/Family Obols in the Obol altar and fragment obols, but cannot combine/reroll or move around equipped obols.
  • Alchemy where you can view all alchemy tabs and assign characters to cauldrons, but nothing else.
  • Star Signs where you can view your character's equipped star signs.
  • Arcade where you can collect and launch pachinko balls.
  • Construction where you can place flags and build/upgrade buildings.

At the bottom left of Quick Ref is the EZ-Access Menu, which contains more services that are unlocked via Achievements. (Note that the graphic for EZ-Access only appears after you've completed W1 EZ-Access achievements, but the panel can be accessed at any time by clicking in the bottom left corner of Quick Ref.)

  • Boss Keys for Amarok (via Platinum 200G), Efaunt (via Skill Master), and Chizoar (via Top Cogs)
  • Colosseum Tickets from Typhoon (via Half a Mill-log), Centurion (via Super Cereal), and Lonely Hunter (via Cool Score!).
  • Vendors to buy/sell items remotely. Blunder Hills/Encroaching Forest Villas (via Half a Mill-log), YumYum Grotto/Faraway Pier (via Super Cereal), and Frostbite Towndra (via Cool Score!).


From this tab you can view and equip Cards and also change your card set bonus. You start with 4 card slots and you can unlock up to 8, the last 4 are available in the Gem Shop. Once your character hits level 40 you can also set up a second card preset. Additional preset slots are available in the Gem Shop.

Besides giving bonuses when equipped, cards also act as your in-game bestiary, where you can view monster HP/ATK/Accuracy requirements, see monster killcounts for the character you are logged in as, and browse droptables for both monsters and skilling nodes.


This tab shows you the bonuses you get from your characters, and which character is providing each bonus. These bonuses are passive and they apply to all your characters. Higher class levels means higher bonuses!

Class Family Bonus
Warrior +Total Strength (+1 every 5 levels)
Archer +Total Agility (+1 every 5 levels)
Mage +Total Wisdom (+1 every 5 levels)
Journeyman +Total Luck (+1 every 5 levels)
Barbarian +Weapon Power
Squire +% Total HP
Bowman +% EXP when fighting monsters actively
Hunter +% Efficiency for all skills
Wizard +Star Talent Points
Shaman Higher Bonuses from Golden Foods
Maestro +x% Printer Sample Size
Blood Berserker +% Total Damage
Divine Knight +World 5 Stuff
Siege Breaker +World 5 Stuff
Beast Master +% All skill AFK gains
Elemental Sorcerer +World 5 Stuff
Bubonic Conjuror +All stat STR, AGI, WIS, LUK

If you have multiple of the same class, e.g. 2 Barbarians, then you will get only the higher bonus of the two.


Here you can see your online and offline friends, message them or remove them from your list. In order to add friends, enable "2x Tap Player" in Options. For someone to show up as online in your friends list, they must add you back. (It can take some time for the online list to update after you first add a new friend)


From this tab you can see your Guild. Guilds give you a lot of extra bonuses.

In this tab you can view:

  • Your guild name and level and also how many Guild Points you need for the next level up.
  • The capacity of your guild, how many members there are currently and your maximum members for your level.
  • Your guild members, their rank, their name, class and level. Also you can see how many Guild Points they contributed with since they joined the guild.
  • Your Guild Points list with every task that you have for current day or week. There are 5 tasks that are daily, and 4 that are weekly.
  • Bonuses tab which allow the King and Leaders of your guild to increase their desired bonus for entire guild. If you are not a King nor a Leader, then you can see what bonuses you're getting from your guild. Also you can set one of them as wanted so your leaders know what the entire guild wants. Every bonus is active no matter which one you set as wanted. Above the Set as Wanted button you can change which character's name is visible in the guild roster, and view the guild leaderboards.
  • Manage tab allows the King and Leaders to accept players into the guild, to promote the members and to kick them.
  • Leave button which allows you to leave your guild.