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Trapping is a Hunter specialized skill in which the player places traps in specific locations scattered across all three worlds in order to catch critters and their shiny variants.

Getting Started

In order to start trapping, you need to have completed the quest "Pelt for the Pelt God" for the Lord of the Hunt and accept the quest "Frogecoin to the MOON!". This quest opens Hunting Season for Froge critters, allowing them to spawn in the Jungle Perimeter.

Each Lord of the Hunt quest allows the next critter to spawn somewhere in the world. Critters DO NOT SPAWN until you've opened their Hunting Season. Hunting Season quests are account-wide, so unlocking a critter trapping spot on one character unlocks it for all of your characters.

Trapping Mechanics

Once you have opened a critter trapping location and have a Trap Box Set equipped, you can begin trapping. Stand in an area where critters are spawning and tap the Place Trap.png button at the top left of your screen to select a trap and trap timer.

At first you will only have access to Cardboard Traps from the Frostbite Towndra Vendor. After collecting your first Poison Froge, you can craft Silkskin Traps which allows you to trap Shiny critters much easier and set down more traps at once. See Trap Efficiency for a comparison table of different traps and their bonuses.

Placing Traps

  • Each higher tier trap lets you place +1 more trap down than the trap before it. These extra traps can be placed down in the same area, or you can place them at different critter trapping locations.
  • The Call Me Ash equippable Alchemy Bubble also allows you to place +1 more trap. Unequipping the bubble will not remove extra traps which have already been placed down.
  • Equipping a higher tier trap allows you to place any lower tier trap down. Use the left and right arrows at the top of the trap placement UI to select which type of trap to place.
  • You can place traps remotely using the Trapper Drone W3 Utility building.

Collecting/Removing Traps

  • When collecting a trap, the critters fall on the ground at your character's feet instead of going directly into your inventory. Do not leave the area before looting them from the ground.
  • Collecting a trap manually removes it from the ground, it must be placed down again to trap more critters.
  • In order to move your traps to a new location, you must first remove them from their current location. Tap on a trap, then tap the Trash icon. You can also destroy traps remotely using the trash icon in the bottom left of the Eagle Eye/Trapper Drone UI.

Collecting using Eagle Eye

  • Using the Hunter talent Eagle Eye Eagle Eye, you are able to collect and reset all traps for all characters remotely, giving partial trapping XP/critter quantity. Critters from all traps drop at the Hunter's feet.
  • Eagle Eye replaces all traps without removing them, which means that you can use the alchemy bubble Call Me Ash to place an extra trap on each character and not need to re-equip the bubble each time you collect traps.
  • Using the Talent Book Library to increase the max level of Eagle Eye is recommended to increase the quantity of XP and critters collected. Eagle Eye combined with the Poison Tincture Alchemy Vial lets you go past 100% collection rate, despite the description on the Vial.
  • The Trapper Drone W3 Utility building functions like Eagle Eye. Its collection rates are based off of your Hunter's Eagle Eye talent.

Shiny Critters

  • When a trap is placed down, you can see a ⭐% - this is your chance of getting a single shiny when you collect the trap. See Critters for base shiny chance per critter.
  • Shiny chance is per trap, it is unrelated to the QTY of critters you're collecting. It also has no relation to trap timer unless you are using a trap with Shiny bonus (Silkskin Traps, Steel Traps, Royal Traps).
  • Shiny Chance cards can be equipped during trap collection to boost your Shiny odds.
    • Critter Numnums can also be used on collection and are used up 1 per trap (they are considered a waste of resources).
  • The Shiny Snitch Prayer is the only way to increase the QTY of shiny critters you get per trap. Without the prayer you can only get 1 shiny per trap, even if your shiny chance exceeds 100%. If your Hunter has the prayer equipped and uses Eagle Eye, the Bonus/Curse applies to all traps.

Pen Pals Minigame

The Pen Pals minigame can be played on any platform with critters running around. It consists of four corner zones surrounding a center zone with a hole in it. From the hole critters will periodically appear at increasing rates and will need to be sorted in their respective corner. Which critter goes to which corner is determined purely by when the order in which they first appear. First will be top left, second top right, third bottom left, and fourth bottom right. While in the center area the critters will wander around inching toward the various corners.

Should a critter enter into the wrong area, either by wandering or the player misplacing them, they will remove one trap chance as indicated by the trap icons at the top left of the screen. Upon finishing the game the player will be awarded unique permanent bonus based on their score. Unlike other minigames this one does not take any daily minigame plays to attempt, and doesn't give any drops upon completion.

The player is awarded various cumulative bonuses based on their highest score achieved shown in the table below.

Score Bonus Awarded
25 5% Trapping EXP
50 5% Trapping Efficiency
75 15% Shiny Critter Chance
100 5% Trapping EXP
125 10% Critter Gain
150 15% Shiny Critter Chance
175 5% Trapping Efficiency
200 10% Critter Gain
225 1% Skill AFK Gain rate

Tips & Tricks

  • You can view how much time is left on your character's traps in Items > Skill Info > Trapping. Eagle Eye lets you view the timers for the traps of all characters on your account.
  • Certain trapping areas do not offer a lot of room to work with. Having lower movespeed makes it easier to place traps closer together.
  • Your trapping efficiency (and therefore QTY of bonus critters), EXP and Shiny Chance (from sources other than Cards & Critter Numnums) are saved when you place down a trap.
    • This means that if your efficiency goes up and you want more bonus critters, you'll need to replace your traps.
    • This also means that if your efficiency goes down after you've placed your traps (resetting talents, unequipping traps/alchemy bubble/obols), you get to keep the values that were saved when you placed the trap!
  • Trap timers will NOT progress if you are sitting on the Character Swap screen. If you are AFK on all characters, fully close the game.
  • If you do not have enough talent points on your Hunter for Eagle Eye alongside your normal build, it can be placed in a second Talent Preset. If you go this route, you must return to town and swap presets to collect traps.
  • The Trapping Drone building from Construction allows you to place traps on the selected character at any unlocked critter, no matter if you've unlocked the area or not; as well as remove or collect all/any traps on any character
  • Trapping Drone provides extra EXP and QTY with every building level in Construction, as well as provides a base bonus from your highest level Eagle Eye level from any Hunter


You collect a baseline of 10 critters per 20 minute trap (this is increased by the QTY multiplier of the traps you place down). Unlike other skills that use efficiency, there is no minimum efficiency to collect - just efficiency for bonus critters. Base XP listed below is for the minimum amount of 10 critters and does not go up with bonus critters. Base Shiny Chance is per trap, and is not affected by quantity of critter or length of time, only Shiny-specific bonuses.

Unless you have started the requisite quest, critters will not spawn.

Name Critter Base XP/Critter Base Shiny% Shiny Critter Bonus Critter Eff. Location Quest Req
Froge Froge.png 2 5% Poison Froge.png Poison Froge 35 Jungle Perimeter Frogecoin to the MOON!
Crabbo Crabbo.png 8 3% Mutant Crabbo.png Mutant Crabbo 400 Salty Shores Yet another Cartoon Reference
Scorpie Scorpie.png 25 2% Crescent Scorpie.png Crescent Scorpie 1.5 k The Ring Small Stingers, Big Owie
Mousey Mousey.png 50 1% Nakeo Moleo.png Nakeo Moleo 3.5 k Rats Nest The Mouse n the Molerat
Owlio Owlio.png 80 0.6% Minervowl.png Minervowl 8 k Hollowed Trunk Happy Tree Friend
Pingy Pingy.png 125 0.3% Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember.png Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember 15 k The Stache Split Noot Noot!
Bunny Bunny.png 160 0.15% Purbunni.png Purbunni 45 k Thermonuclear Climb Bunny you Should Say That!
Dung Beat Dung Beat.png 200 0.06% Jade Scarab.png Jade Scarab 100 k Efaunts Tomb Rollin' Thunder!
Honker Honker.png 260 0.02% Diamond Duck.png Diamond Duck 200 k Wam Wonderland Untitled Quest
Blobfish Blobfish.png 350 0.003% Voodofish.png Voodofish 500 k Cocoa Tunnel Glitter Critter

Trap Box Sets

Trap Box Sets
Name Image Level Speed Skillpower Str Agi Wis Luk Misc Slots Sell Price Source
Cardboard Traps Cardboard Traps.png Trapping Skill IconMini.png1 4 Trapping Skill IconMini.png4 0 2 0 0 1
Silver Coin.png 50
Lord of the Hunt, Frostbite Towndra (Shop)
Silkskin Traps Silkskin Traps.png Trapping Skill IconMini.png5 4 Trapping Skill IconMini.png8 0 4 0 0 1
Silver Coin.png 6
Wooden Traps Wooden Traps.png Trapping Skill IconMini.png15 4 Trapping Skill IconMini.png13 0 7 0 0 2
Silver Coin.png 60
Natural Traps Natural Traps.png Trapping Skill IconMini.png25 4 Trapping Skill IconMini.png20 0 10 0 0 2
Gold Coin.png 1 Silver Coin.png 10 Copper Coin.png 15
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 3)
Steel Traps Steel Traps.png Trapping Skill IconMini.png35 4 Trapping Skill IconMini.png26 0 12 0 0 3
Gold Coin.png 1 Silver Coin.png 12 Copper Coin.png 83
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 3)
Meaty Traps Meaty Traps.png Trapping Skill IconMini.png40 4 Trapping Skill IconMini.png34 0 15 0 0 3
Gold Coin.png 11 Silver Coin.png 13 Copper Coin.png 13
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 4)
Royal Traps Royal Traps.png Trapping Skill IconMini.png48 4 Trapping Skill IconMini.png45 0 20 0 0 4
Platinum Coin.png 8 Gold Coin.png 11 Silver Coin.png 13 Copper Coin.png 13
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 4)
Egalitarian Royal Traps Egalitarian Royal Traps.png Trapping Skill IconMini.png60 4 Trapping Skill IconMini.png55 0 38 0 0 4
Platinum Coin.png 9 Gold Coin.png 11 Silver Coin.png 16 Copper Coin.png 13

Trap Box Efficiency

Trap Efficiency
Image Name Time Qty
Cardboard Traps.png Cardboard Traps 20 Minutes 1x 1x 3x/h 3x/h 3x/h
1 Hours 2x 2x 2x/h 2x/h 1x/h
8 Hours 10x 8x 1.25x/h 1x/h 0.13x/h
20 Hours 20x 15x 1x/h 0.75x/h 0.05x/h
Silkskin Traps.png Silkskin Traps 20 Minutes 1x 2x 3x/h 3x/h 6x/h
1 Hours 2x 4x 2x/h 1x/h 4x/h
8 Hours 10x 16x 1.25x/h 0.13x/h 2x/h
20 Hours 20x 30x 1x/h 0.05x/h 1.5x/h
40 Hours 35x 50x 0.88x/h 0.03x/h 1.25x/h
Wooden Traps.png Wooden Traps 3 Hours 5x 5x 1.67x/h 1.67x/h 0.33x/h
60 Hours 50x 40x 0.83x/h 0.67x/h 0.02x/h
5 Days 100x 80x 0.83x/h 0.67x/h 0.01x/h
5 Days 200x 0x 1.67x/h 0x/h 0.01x/h
5 Days 0x 200x 0x/h 1.67x/h 0.01x/h
Natural Traps.png Natural Traps 8 Hours 0x 40x 0x/h 5x/h 0.13x/h
20 Hours 0x 75x 0x/h 3.75x/h 0.05x/h
44 Hours 0x 120x 0x/h 2.73x/h 0.02x/h
6 Days 0x 350x 0x/h 2.43x/h 0.01x/h
Steel Traps.png Steel Traps 3 Hours 5x 10x 1.67x/h 0.33x/h 3.33x/h
60 Hours 50x 50x 0.83x/h 0.02x/h 0.83x/h
5 Days 100x 100x 0.83x/h 0.01x/h 0.83x/h
20 Hours 1x 60x 0.05x/h 0.05x/h 3x/h
Meaty Traps.png Meaty Traps 1 Hours 3x 3x 3x/h 3x/h 1x/h
10 Hours 15x 12x 1.5x/h 1.2x/h 0.1x/h
30 Hours 40x 30x 1.33x/h 1x/h 0.03x/h
8 Days 220x 200x 1.15x/h 1.04x/h 0.01x/h
Royal Traps.png Royal Traps 20 Minutes 2x 4x 6x/h 3x/h 12x/h
1 Hours 4x 8x 4x/h 1x/h 8x/h
10 Hours 21x 38x 2.1x/h 0.1x/h 3.8x/h
40 Hours 70x 125x 1.75x/h 0.03x/h 3.13x/h
7 Days 250x 375x 1.49x/h 0.01x/h 2.23x/h
28 Days 550x 1150x 0.82x/h 0x/h 1.71x/h
Egalitarian Royal Traps.png Egalitarian Royal Traps Does not provide any additonal options.

Trapping Bonuses

Trapping Power & Efficiency
Name Source Description
Elusive Efficiency Elusive Efficiency Archer Talent Archer Specialized Skill Efficiency (Catching, Trapping)
Invasive Species Invasive Species Hunter Talent Trapping Efficiency
GreenBubble12.png Call Me Ash Alchemy Bubbles % Trapping Efficiency, place one more Trap
Crabbo Card.png Crabbo Card Cards % Trapping Efficiency
Dung Beat Card.png Dung Beat Card Cards % Trapping Efficiency
Silver Obol of Trapping.png Trapping Obols Obols Trapping Power and AGI
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Trapezoidburg (Hy-8B) Star Signs 20% Critters/Trap, 10% Trap Efficiency
GreenBubble7.png Sanic Tools Alchemy Bubbles Skilling Power for Catching Nets and Traps (In-game description only mentions Catching Nets)
Gold Arcade Ball.png Arcade Bonus Golden Ball Shop Trapping Efficiency
Trap Shipment.png Trapping Lockbox (Bonus 1) Post Office % Trapping Efficiency
Hidey Box Stamp.png Hidey Box Stamp Stamps Trapping Efficiency
Box Statue.png Box Statue Statues Trapping Power
Trapping EXP Gain
Name Source Description
Focused Soul Focused Soul Archer Talent Archer Specialized Skill EXP (Smithing, Catching, Trapping)
Shroom Bait Shroom Bait Hunter Talent Trapping EXP
Yea I Already Know Yea I Already Know Archer Start with % EXP filled when you level up an Archer Skill (Smithing, Catching, Trapping)
Scorpie Card.png Scorpie Card Cards % Trapping EXP
Honker Card.png Honker Card Cards % Trapping EXP
Trap Shipment.png Trapping Lockbox (Bonus 2) Post Office % Trapping EXP
Spikemouth Stamp.png Spikemouth Stamp Stamps % Trapping Exp
Shiny Critters
Name Source Description
Reflective Eyesight Reflective Eyesight Hunter Talent Shiny Critter Chance
Critter Numnums.png Critter Numnums Boost Food Increases Shiny Odds by 25%
Froge Card.png Froge Card Cards % Shiny Critter Chance
Mousey Card.png Mousey Card Cards % Shiny Critter Chance
Pingy Card.png Pingy Card Cards % Shiny Critter Chance
Blobfish Card.png Blobfish Card Cards % Shiny Critter Chance
GreenBubble13.png Cuz I Catch Em All Alchemy Bubbles Shiny Critter Chance
Floof Ploof.png Fur Refresher Alchemy Vials Shiny Critter Chance
Explosive Salts.png Orange Malt Alchemy Vials Shiny Critter Chance
Gold Arcade Ball.png Shiny Chance Arcade Shop Shiny Chance
Shiny Snitch.png Shiny Snitch Prayers Bonus: Shiny Critters drop in bundles of instead of 1
Curse: Your Shiny chance is now x lower
Purp Froge Stamp.png Purp Froge Stamp Stamps % Shiny Chance
Frostbite Tundra Merit.png Come 'ere Critters! W3 Tasks 2% Shiny Chance per task level
Critter Percentage, Utility
Name Source Description
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye Hunter Talent Collect, reset or remove traps for all characters remotely
Poison Froge.png Poison Tincture Alchemy Vials % more Critters from Eagle Eye
Honker.png Goosey Glug Alchemy Vials Base Critters per Trap
Trapper Drone.png Trapper Drone Construction Collect, place, remove or reset traps for all characters remotely (Collection rate scales off of Eagle Eye Eagle Eye)
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Trapezoidburg (Hy-8B) Star Signs 20% Critters/Trap, 10% Trap Efficiency
Trap Shipment.png Trapping Lockbox (Bonus 3) Post Office % Critters Trapped
Sea Urchin.png Sea Urchin Cooking Meal % Critters Trapped

Skilling EXP Gain
Name Source Description
Happy Dude Happy Dude Beginner Talent Specialized Skill EXP Gain (does not affect Construction)
Maestro Transfusion Maestro Transfusion Maestro Talent Skill EXP Gain, Skill Efficiency Loss
Left Hand of Learning Left Hand of Learning Maestro Talent Skill Exp Gain for Characters with skill level lower than Maestro's
Crystal Countdown Crystal Countdown Maestro Talent Lowers Skill EXP Req on Crystal/Giant kill
Chaotic Efaunt Card.png Chaotic Efaunt Card Cards % Skill EXP
Medium Resources Cardset.png Medium Resources Set Card Sets % Skill EXP
Acorn Topper.png Acorn Topper Helmets 15% Skill EXP
Club Maestro.png Club Maestro Trophies 35% Skill EXP (Beginners Only)
Golden Ham.png Golden Ham Golden Food % Skill EXP
Unending Energy.png Unending Energy Prayers Bonus: +% Class and Skill EXP
Curse: Max AFK time is now 10 hours
Balance of Proficiency.png Balance of Proficiency Prayers Bonus: +% Skill Exp Gain
Curse: -% Skill Efficiency
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy (Ch-14a) Star Signs 3% Skill EXP gain
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy Major (Hy-12) Star Signs 6% Skill EXP gain (If Lv>70)
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick (Bonus 4) Construction % Class EXP and Skill EXP
Dungeon Credits Flurbo Edition.png Flurbo Shop Stats Dungeons % Skill EXP (Note: Currently bugged. The Class EXP purchase affects both Skill and Class EXP)
Summereading Shrine.png Summereading Shrine Shrines Increases all EXP gain for all characters on the same map.
EhExPee Statue.png EhExPee Statue Statues % Skill EXP (Boosted by Skilliest Statue Skilliest Statue)
Skilling Efficiency
Name Source Description
Right Hand of Action Right Hand of Action Maestro Talent Skill Efficiency for Characters with skill level lower than Maestro's
Toilet Paper Postage Toilet Paper Postage Special Talents Higher bonuses from Skill Efficiency Stamps
Supersource Supersource Special Talents Base Skill Efficiency
Chaotic Troll Card.png Chaotic Troll Card Cards % Skill Efficiency
Easy Resources Cardset.png Easy Resources Set Card Sets % Skill Efficiency
Rex Ring.png Rex Ring Rings 5% Skill Efficiency
Serrated Rex Ring.png Serrated Rex Ring Rings 8% Skill Efficiency
Funny Hat.png Funny Hat Helmets 6% Skill Efficiency
Idle Skiller.png Idle Skiller Trophies 15% Skill Efficiency
Slushy Obol of Much Dilapidation.png Slushy Obol of Much Dilapidation Obols 3% Skill Efficiency
Skilled Dimwit.png Skilled Dimwit Prayers Bonus: +% Skill Efficiency
Curse: -% Skill Exp Gain
Hunter Class Icon.png Hunter Family Bonus Family Bonuses Skill Efficiency
Multi Tool Multi Tool Guild Bonuses % Total Skill Efficiency
Corn.png Corn Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Riceball.png Riceball Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Whipped Cocoa.png Whipped Cocoa Cooking % Skill Efficiency

General AGI
Name Source Description
Quickness Boots Quickness Boots Beginner Talent AGI (Level cap increased by AGI Again AGI Again / AGI Again AGI Again)
Sanic Speed Sanic Speed Archer Talent Base AGI
GreenBubble1.png Swift Steppin Alchemy Bubbles Total AGI (Boosted by GreenBubble17.png Premigreen)
Carrotman Card.png Carrotman Card Cards Base AGI
Bloque Card.png Bloque Card Cards Base AGI
Mafioso Card.png Mafioso Card Cards Base AGI
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Flexo Bendo (Ch-2) Star Signs 3 AGI
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Fast Frog (Ch-7b) Star Signs 8 AGI
Archer Class Icon.png Archer Family Bonus Family Bonuses Total AGI
Dumbphone Chain.png Dumbphone Chain Keychains AGI
Simple Key Chain.png Any Tier 1 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) AGI
Silver AGI Obol.png AGI Obols Obols AGI
Agile Stamp.png Agile Stamp Stamps AGI
Hermes Stamp.png Hermes Stamp Stamps AGI
Percentage AGI
Name Source Description
Garb Of Un'Agi'Ng Quality Garb Of Un'Agi'Ng Quality Archer Talent % AGI from Equipment
Shoeful Of Obol Shoeful Of Obol Bowman Talent % AGI from Obols
Shoeful Of Obol Shoeful Of Obol Hunter Talent % AGI from Obols
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Agitagi (Hy-4B) Star Signs 3% AGI
Sushi Chain.png Sushi Chain Keychains % AGI
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % AGI
Critter Baron.png Critter Baron Trophies 5% AGI
General All Stat
Name Source Description
Will Of The Eldest Will Of The Eldest Special Talents All Stats
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounder (Ch-7) Star Signs 4 All Stats
Stat Runes Stat Runes Guild Bonuses Total All Stats
Stat Graph Stamp.png Stat Graph Stamp Stamps All Stats
Stat Wallstreet Stamp.png Stat Wallstreet Stamp Stamps, Trash Island All Stats
Sandy Pot.png Sandy Pot Campanion Pets +15 Base All Stats
Myriad Shipment.png Myriad Crate Post Office + Base All Stat

 % All Stats
Name Source Description
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounderi (Hy-1) Star Signs 1% All Stats
The Emperor's Opal.png The Emperor's Opal Rings 6% All Stats
BobGoldPickle Chain.png BobGoldPickle Chain Keychains % All Stats
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Stats
Cascading Scaled Cape of Krieg.png Cascading Scaled Cape of Kreig Massive Troll 6% All Stats
Giant Violet.png Giant Violet Valentine's Event 10% All Stat
Equinox Ring.png Equinox Ring Equinox Dreamer Pack 10% All Stat
Ele Sorcerer Pointed Hat.png Ele Sorcerer Pointed Hat Gem Shop (Limited Specials) 5% All Stat
Strung Tooth of the Divine.png Strung Tooth of the Divine Kattlecruk 5% All Stat
Slush Skull.png Slush Skull Dilapidated Slush 2% All Stat
Dreadnaught Skull.png Dreadnaught Skull Smithing 3% All Stat
Hyper Pyre Obol.png Hyper Pyre Obol Limited Specials (Gem Shop) 2% All Stat
Jagged Obol of Massive Trolling.png Jagged Obol of Massive Trolling Massive Troll 3% All Stat
Thin Veil of The Troll.png Thin Veil of the Troll Smithing 3% All Stat
Trollish Garb.png Trollish Garb Smithing 3% All Stat
Twisted Scales.png Twisted Scales Smithing 3% All Stat
Soles of the Troll.png Soles of the Troll Smithing 3% All Stat
Magma Core Headdress.png Magma Core Headdress Smithing 6% All Stat
Magma Core Wavemaille.png Magma Core Wavemaille Smithing 4% All Stat
Magma Core Battleskirt.png Magma Core Batlleskirt Smithing 4% All Stat
Magma Core Lavarunners.png Magma Core Lavarunners Smithing 4% All Stat
Console Jewel Sapphire Navette.png Sapphire Navette Laboratory 3% All Stat
Spelunker Obol Lab Bonus.png Spelunker Obol Laboratory Jewels give x1.5 bonuses. Boosts Sapphire Navette.
Dummy Thicc Stats.png Dummy Thicc Stats Star Talents, Shimmer Island % All Stats/ POW 10 Dummy DPS
Pearler Shell.png Pearl Seltzer Vials % All Stats
Seaworthy Captain Achievement.png Seaworthy Captain Achievements 1% All Stats
Socrates.png Socrates Sailing 10/20/30% All Stats
Stilted Seeker Card.png Stilted Seeker Card Stilted Seekers, Cards +0.5% All Stats/Level
Tremor Wurm Card.png Tremor Wurm Card Tremor Wurms, Cards 1% All Stats/Level
Blighted Chizoar Card.png Blighted Chizoar Card Nightmare Chizoar 1.5% All Stats/Level
Bubonic Conjuror.png Bubonic Conjuror Family Bonus Bubonic Conjuror % All Stats

Skill Mastery

Upon completing Rift 16 in World 4, Skill Mastery unlocks. Skill Mastery gives you account wide bonuses based on your skill's total level across every player.

Total Level Req Bonus
List of Bonuses
150 +25% Trapping EXP gain
200 +10% Trapping Efficiency
300 All Trapping cards are now passive
400 +10% All skill EXP
500 +5% All skill efficiency
750 +1% Printer output
1000 +25% All skill EXP