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  • Talk to each world's Taskmaster to unlock new task sets!
  • Everything you do with tasks is shared between all your characters, no need to switch!
  • IMPORTANT: Recipes and gems from Unlocks are added AUTOMATICALLY to your anvil and account!

Recipe Unlocks

Blunder Hills

Unlock W1 Tasks by talking to Grasslands Gary after reaching level 14.

Grasslands Gary.gif

Yum-Yum Desert

Unlock W2 Tasks by talking to Desert Davey after reaching level 35 and completing his quest.

Desert Davey.gif

Frostbite Tundra

Unlock W3 Tasks by talking to Iceland Irwin and completing his quest.

Iceland Irwin.gif

Hyperion Nebula

Unlock W4 Tasks by talking to Nebula Neddy and completing his quest.

Nebula Neddy.gif

Smouldering' Plateau

Unlock W5 Tasks by talking to Lava Larry and completing his quest.

Lava Larry.gif