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Smoulderin' Plateau

Divinity is a passive skill for World 5 that requires the player to leave characters to meditate on the Altar located in Magma Rivertown. Meditating on the Altar gives the character Divinity EXP and Divinity Points. These Points are used to curry favor with Divines, the gods of the Idleon universe, and gain access to link with them. Each Divinie will offer a bonus for being linked (Major Bonus), a passive bonus that scales with the Character's Divinity Level (Minor Linked Bonus), and a Blessing that can be upgraded by spending Sailing Treasure 0.png Sailing Treasures, Bits.png Bits, or Coins.gif Coins.

The Rewards

For the Major Bonus and Passive Bonus, a character must be linked to that Divine to recieve the bonus. However, if a bonus says that it applies to all characters then all characters will have that bonus as long as at least one character is linked to that Divine, but the bonuses will be reflective of the character's Divinity Level and not the Level of the linked character so keep on leveling that Divinity! The Blessings are always active regardless of if that Divine is linked to at all or not. You are able to re-link with another Divine once a week.

The Process

First the player must have 1 or more of their characters Meditate on the Altar, and gain Divinity Points. These Points are account wide, and you can check how much you generate per hour in the info section of the Divinity Window while meditating on the Altar. If you can't see the window then clicking on your meditating character should reveal the menu once more.

Once you have gathered a sizable amount of Divinity Points you must spend them on one of two categories of Offerings within the section of the same name. We use the term categories here because, while you are only presented with 2 options, each option will be one of 3 possibilities for that category. We'll refer to them as Low and High categories because of their respective chances to summon a Divine. Each option will have a set chance to summon and a cost to go with it, with each new Divine requiring more and more Divinity Points. When you use your Divinity Points to attempt a summon and fail, either category has a chance to upgrade to a higher tier within it's category, or lower down if not the lowest. The options are as follows:

Low Category Divine Summoning Low 1.png Divine Summoning Low 2.png Divine Summoning Low 3.png
High Category Divine Summoning High 1.png Divine Summoning High 2.png Divine Summoning High 3.png

Once you have successfully aquired access to a Divine it is unlocked for all Characters to access.


These are the methods that your Character can use to Meditate. Which is flavor text to their actual purpose: Determining the base amount of Divinity EXP and Divinity Points you aquire every hour.

Style Level Requirement Flavor Text Divinity Points Divinity EXP Notes
Divinity Style Kinesis.png 1 The beginner approach of flailing your arms around! 1 1
Divinity Style Chakra.png 5 Keep your internal wheel rotating at all times! 2 2
Divinity Style Focus.png 10 Block out all unwanted stimulus and information! 4 1
Divinity Style Mantra.png 15 One for all, one for all, one for all... 0 1 For ALL characters per hour.
Divinity Style Vitalic.png 25 Open your heart and grow as a player! 2 7
Divinity Style TranQi.png 40 Exude raw tranquility at all times! 0 3 Even when not meditating.
Divinity Style Zen.png 60 Find inner peace and become one with the divine! 8 8
Divinity Style Mindful.png 80 Feel connected to every atom of the universe! 15 10

The Divines

Name Major Bonus Minor Linked Bonus (Max)* Blessing Bonus Blessing Cost (Total)
Divine Name- Snehebatu.png  +30% AFK Gains for all activities!  +70% accuracy and  +70% defence  +2% Divinity Gain
(Max: +200%)
26.8 M Gaming Bits - Green.png

Divine Name- Arctis.png This character is always active within the Lab Mainframe. However, they will not gain any Lab EXP!  +15 Talent LV for all talents above Lv 1  +3% Divinity Gain
(Max: +300%)
78.3 M Sailing Treasure 0.png

Divine Name- Nobisect.png All kills count for 2x more kills for opening portals and accumulating Deathnote kills.  +200% Total Damage  +50 Scaled Skill Efficiency
(Max: +5000)
1,322 Gaming Bits - Red.png
Divine Name- Harriep.png This character produces 3x more resources at 3d Printer! Works with the Lab Bonus, but won't affect the displayed printer amount.  +100% coins gained for ALL characters!  +3% Divinity Gain
(Max: +300%)
Godshard Coin.png 41 Dreadlo Coin.png 32 Starfire Coin.png 22 Lustre Coin.png 51 Void Coin.png 84 Dementia Coin.png 92 Platinum Coin.png 66 Gold Coin.png 40
Divine Name- Goharut.png Being connected to the Lab also counts as being present at the Divinity Altar, so you get gains for both!  +5% AFK Gains for ALL characters!  +4% Sailing Speed
(Max: +400%)
196.4 B Gaming Bits - Red.png

Divine Name- Omniphau.png When claiming non-candy AFK gains, also progress one of the following by the AFK time! (Refinery, 3D Printer, Cooking, Pet Breeding, Sailing, or Gaming)  +100% Class EXP  +4% Divinity Gain
(Max: +400%)
3.5 M Atoms.png

Divine Name- Purrmep.png All characters produce 2x more Divinity, and get 2x more Divinity EXP! @ Only 1 player can link to Purrmep  +50% Boat Sailing speed and  +50% Gaming Plant grow speed  +3% Sailing Speed
(Max: +300%)
Godshard Coin.png 30853 Dreadlo Coin.png 81 Starfire Coin.png 3 Lustre Coin.png 10 Void Coin.png 62 Dementia Coin.png 62
Divine Name- Flutterbis.png Whenever you level up a skill thats over Lv 50, a Divinity Pearl will drop which gives  +40% exp to any skill under Lv 50!  +150% skill exp  +1% Total Damage
(Max: +100%)
78.3 M Atoms.png

Divine Name- Kattlecruk.png I am not yet prepared to bestow upon you my bonus, give me some time. You may link with me, but nothing will come of it. Nothing. Be patient mortal.  +1% Total Damage
(Max: +100%)
257 Gaming Bits - Purple.png
Divine Name- Bagur.png I am not yet prepared to bestow upon you my bonus, give me some time. You may link with me, but nothing will come of it. Nothing. Be patient mortal.  +5% Sailing Speed
(Max: +500%)
1.7 B Atoms.png

 * While the code lists this as the max value, you'll never be able to reach it. The formula for calulating the passive is as follows:

Divinity_Level / (60 + Divinity_Level) * Big_P_Bubble(min 1) * (God's_Max_Passive)