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Smithing is an Archer Class Icon.png Archer Specialized Skill. Smithing encompasses Crafting items, creating Anvil Production materials, as well as Forging bars from ore.


Find and use recipes to unlock new items to craft, and unlock entire new tabs of items by crafting Anvil Expansions.

  • Most recipes come from Taskboard Unlocks, but some are drops, quest rewards, or achievement rewards. You can view an in-game hint about where a recipe comes from by tapping its ? icon inside your anvil, or refer to the recipe source in the Anvil Tab pages below.
  • In order to fit the materials for many crafts in your inventory, you'll need to upgrade your characters with Inventory Bags and Capacity Pouches. After you've crafted an item for the first time on one character, you'll unlock the option to craft that item from storage on any character.
  • You can hold down the craft button to craft many items at once instead of clicking the craft button over and over.
Anvil Tabs
Icon Tier Link
Anvil Tab 1.png Beginner Tier.png Anvil Tab 1 Recipes
Anvil Tab 2.png Novice Tier.png Anvil Tab 2 Recipes
Anvil Tab 3.png Apprentice Tier.png Anvil Tab 3 Recipes
Anvil Tab 4.png Journeyman Tier.png Anvil Tab 4 Recipes
Anvil Tab 5.png Adept Tier.png Anvil Tab 5 Recipes
Anvil Tab 6.png Master Tier.png Anvil Tab 6 Recipes

Anvil Production

On this tab, you can select anvil production items to generate. Aside from being used in various crafts & upgrades, anvil production items are also your main source of Smithing EXP.

  • By default, each character can produce a single item. The Infinity Hammer Gem Shop upgrade and the equipable Hammer Hammer Alchemy bubble each let you produce +1 additional item. With both you can produce a max of 3 items at once. Instead of producing different items, you can produce the same item by tapping again where the "produce" button would be. If you are using multiple production slots on a single item, you'll see that item marked as x2 or x3.
  • Using the Quick Deposit button at the top of the production tab will send all produced mats directly to your storage chest. By using Quick Deposit from the Quick Ref tab of your Codex, you can collect Anvil Mats without needing to go to town.
  • The Automation Station W3 Utility Building's 5th upgrade can automatically deposit anvil production items for you. Items are deposited at your daily reset.
Production Items
Smithing.png Item Exp Per Craft Production Per Craft Production Per Exp
1 Thread.png Thread 6 100 16.67
5 Trusty Nails.png Trusty Nails 10 200 20
12 Boring Brick.png Boring Brick 16 350 21.88
17 Chain Link.png Chain Link 25 700 28
25 Leather Hide.png Leather Hide 35 1200 34.29
30 Pinion Spur.png Pinion Spur 50 2000 40
35 Lugi Bracket.png Lugi Bracket 65 3000 46.15
43 Purple Screw.png Purple Screw 75 4000 53.33
50 Thingymabob.png Thingymabob 90 6000 66.67
60 Tangled Cords.png Tangled Cords 110 8500 77.27
70 PVC Pipe.png PVC Pipe 140 12000 85.71

Anvil Points

At the bottom of the production tab, you can choose spend anvil points to upgrade your anvil production. The upgrades are as follows:

  • Bonus EXP - Increases the amount of EXP you get per production item
  • Speed/h - Increases the speed at which you create production items
  • Capacity - Increases the max capacity of production items before the anvil becomes full (Note that base anvil capacity is tied to your Material carry cap, so it's best to upgrade your capacity with Material Capacity Pouches instead of spending too many anvil points on capacity)

Anvil points are spent per character. There are 3 ways to earn anvil points:

  • Each Smithing level gives +1 anvil point.
  • Anvil points can be purchased using Coins or Monster Drops at the bottom of the production tab. Each character can purchase a maximum of 600 anvil points with Coins or 700 points with Monster Drops independently for a total of 1300 Anvil Points.
  • Archers can use the Acme Anvil Archer talent for bonus anvil points. If you invest in this talent, spend the anvil points, then reset your talents, your available anvil points will go into the negative but you will keep the upgrades you purchased. You can re-invest in this talent to no longer be in the negative (or just keep it in a secondary talent preset).

You can reduce the cost of purchasing anvil points using coins or monster drops by upgrading the Anvilnomics Alchemy bubble. The table below shows the total cost of monster drops without any reduction.

A character's spent anvil points can be reset using an Anvil Reset Whetstone.png Anvil Reset Whetstone, purchased from the shop in Frostbite Towndra.

Anvil Point Costs - Monster Drops
Points Monster Drop Quantity
1-5 Spore Cap.png Spore Cap 38
6-15 Frog Leg.png Frog Leg 446
16-25 Bean Slices.png Bean Slices 1129
26-40 Slime Sludge.png Slime Sludge 3342
41-55 Carrot Cube.png Carrot Cube 5710
56-70 Glublin Ear.png Glublin Ear 8443
71-85 Bullfrog Horn.png Bullfrog Horn 11503
86-100 Pocket Sand.png Pocket Sand 14844
101-115 Crabby Cakey.png Crabby Cakey 18449
116-130 Coconotnotto.png Coconotnotto 22302
131-150 Pincer Arm.png Pincer Arm 36119
151-175 High Steaks.png High Steaks 56115
176-200 Wakka Cherry.png Wakka Cherry 69153
201-225 Shrapshell.png Shrapshell 83052
226-250 Melty Cube.png Melty Cube 97751
251-280 Sticky Stick.png Sticky Stick 137768
281-310 Pen.png Pen 161274
311-350 Sippy Straw.png Sippy Straw 253626
351-375 Ram Wool.png Ram Wool 181978
376-410 Purple Mush Cap.png Purple Mush Cap 286469
411-440 Half Eaten Donut.png Half Eaten Donut 276091
441-470 Genie Lamp.png Genie Lamp 305321
471-500 Bottle Cap.png Bottle Cap 335497
501-540 Tongue Bone.png Tongue Bone 495864
541-600 Empty Oyster Shell.png Empty Oyster Shell 852041
601-700 Condensed Zap.png Condensed Zap 1725370

Formula: ROUND((PointsBought + PointsBought1.5) * MAX(0.1, 1 - BubbleEffect))

The Forge


In order to turn ore into bars you need to put them in the forge. Better ores require more time to smelt and use more ores to produce each bar. You can also add barrels to speed up or otherwise enhance the smelting.

You can upgrade the forge as well in the upgrade tab. Upgrades include:

Upgrade Bonus Max Bonus
New Forge Slot Opens +1 slot to smelt ores in per level 16 Available Slots (Lv. 16)
Ore Capacity Boost Increases max ores per slot by 10 * (2 + level) per level 13270 Max Ore Capacity (Lv. 50)
Forge Speed Ores are turned into bars +5% faster per level +550% Forge Speed (Lv. 90)
Forge EXP Gain +1% bonus EXP gain from using the forge per level
(doesn't do anything atm)
85% Forge EXP Gain (Lv. 85)
Bar Bonanza +1% chance to make an extra bar per level +75% Chance for Multi Bars (Lv. 75)
Puff Puff Go +1% chance for a card drop while afk
(forge card chance, which are not from afk)
120% Card Drop Chance (Lv. 60)

Forge slots can also be upgraded in the Gem Shop via the Brimstone Forge Slot upgrade, which grants 50% faster smelting and 50% multi-bar for a slot.

Smithing Bonuses

Smithing EXP
Name Source Description
Focused Soul Focused Soul Archer Talent Archer Specialized Skill EXP Gain (Smithing, Catching, Trapping)
Fire Forge Card.png Fire Forge Card Cards % Smithing EXP
Cinder Forge Card.png Cinder Forge Card Cards % Smithing EXP
Smith Shipment.png Blacksmith Box (Bonus 1) Post Office % Smithing XP
Yea I Already Know Yea I Already Know Archer Start with % EXP filled when you level up an Archer Skill (Smithing, Catching, Trapping)
Name Source Description
Godly Creation Godly Creation Archer Talent % Chance for 1-3 additional STR, AGI, WIS, or LUK on crafted items
Smith Shipment.png Blacksmith Box (Bonus 3) Post Office % Chance for +1 Upgrade Slot on crafted items
Anvil Production
Name Source Description
Broken Time Broken Time Archer Talent % Production Speed in Town Skills (Smithing, Alchemy)
GreenBubble3.png Hammer Hammer Alchemy Bubbles % Increased Production Speed, Produce +1 more item (Active)
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Bob Build Guy (Ch-13) Star Signs 10% Town Skill Speed (Smithing, Alchemy)
Infinity Hammer.png Infinity Hammer Gem Shop Produce +1 more item
Make or Break Make or Break Guild Bonuses % Production Rate in Town Skills (Smithing, Alchemy)
Smith Shipment.png Blacksmith Box (Bonus 2) Post Office % Production Speed
Anvil Statue.png Anvil Statue Statues % Production Speed (Boosted by Shwifty Statues Shwifty Statues and Straightshot Statues Straightshot Statues)
Anvil Zoomer Stamp.png Anvil Zoomer Stamp Stamps % Anvil Production Spd
Acme Anvil Acme Anvil Archer Talent Anvil Production Points
GreenBubble5.png Anvilnomics Alchemy Bubbles % Anvil Point cost reduction (Boosted by GreenBubble2.png Archer Or Bust)
Name Source Description
Smeltin' Erryday Smeltin' Erryday Archer Talent Instant Forge Progress on monster kill (Works both Active/AFK, multikill counts)
Forge.gif Forge Upgrades Forge Additional Forge Slots, Ore Capacity, Smelting Speed, Multi-Bar Chance
Brimstone Forge Slot.png Brimstone Forge Slot Gem Shop Increased Multi-Bar Chance, Faster Smelting per slot
Crude Oil.png Crude Oil Oil Barrels Forging Speed +15%
Eco Friendly Oil.png Eco Friendly Oil Oil Barrels Forging Speed +10%
Radioactive Waste.png Radioactive Waste Oil Barrels Forging Speed +30%
Glumlee's Special Tutorial Oil.png Glumlee's Special Tutorial Oil Oil Barrels Forging Speed +999%
Toxic Sludge.png Toxic Sludge Oil Barrels Extra Bar Chance +20%
Bribes Icon.png Fossil Fuel Legislation Bribe Bribes Oil Barrel consumption chance is reduced to 80% of the original chance

Skilling EXP Gain
Name Source Description
Happy Dude Happy Dude Beginner Talent Specialized Skill EXP Gain (does not affect Construction)
Maestro Transfusion Maestro Transfusion Maestro Talent Skill EXP Gain, Skill Efficiency Loss
Left Hand of Learning Left Hand of Learning Maestro Talent Skill Exp Gain for Characters with skill level lower than Maestro's
Crystal Countdown Crystal Countdown Maestro Talent Lowers Skill EXP Req on Crystal/Giant kill
Chaotic Efaunt Card.png Chaotic Efaunt Card Cards % Skill EXP
Cheese Nub Card.png Cheese Nub Card Cards +% Skill EXP (Passive)
Spring Splendor Card.png Spring Splendor Card Cards +% Skill EXP (Passive)
Medium Resources Cardset.png Medium Resources Set Card Sets % Skill EXP
Acorn Topper.png Acorn Topper Helmets 15% Skill EXP
Eternal Flames of The Divine.png Eternal Flames of The Divine Capes +40% Skill EXP
Nebula Royal.png Nebula Royal Trophies +50% Skill EXP
Master of Nothing.png Master of Nothing Trophies +70% Skill EXP
Club Maestro.png Club Maestro Trophies 35% Skill EXP (Beginners Only)
Blooming Vine.png Blooming Vine Gem Shop (Bloomin' Pet Pack) +50% Skill EXP
Spring Flowers Nametag.png Spring Flowers Nametag Spring Splendor Event +15% Skill EXP
Golden Ham.png Golden Ham Golden Food % Skill EXP
Unending Energy.png Unending Energy Prayers Bonus: +% Class and Skill EXP
Curse: Max AFK time is now 10 hours
Balance of Proficiency.png Balance of Proficiency Prayers Bonus: +% Skill Exp Gain
Curse: -% Skill Efficiency
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy (Ch-14a) Star Signs 3% Skill EXP gain
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy Major (Hy-12) Star Signs 6% Skill EXP gain (If Lv>70)
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick (Bonus 4) Construction % Class EXP and Skill EXP
Dungeon Credits Flurbo Edition.png Flurbo Shop Stats Dungeons % Skill EXP (Note: Currently bugged. The Class EXP purchase affects both Skill and Class EXP)
Summereading Shrine.png Summereading Shrine Shrines Increases all EXP gain for all characters on the same map.
EhExPee Statue.png EhExPee Statue Statues % Skill EXP (Boosted by Skilliest Statue Skilliest Statue)
Supernatural Gamer Achievement.png Supernatural Gamer Achievements +10% Skill EXP
Smokin' Stars Achievement.png Smokin' Stars Achievements +20% Skill EXP
Long Live Bagur Achievement.png Long Live Bagur Achievements +20% Skill EXP
Divinity Skill IconMini.png Flutterbis (Minor Link Bonus) Divinity +% Skill EXP
Gaming Bits - Green.png MSA Skill EXP Gaming (Superbits) +1% Skill EXP/10 Worship TD Waves
Bloque Idle.gif Bloque Pet Pets +20% Skill EXP
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick Bonus Salt Lick +% Skill EXP
Crabcake Shiny.gif Shiny Crabcake Breeding +2% Skill EXP/Level
Thermister Shiny.gif Shiny Thermister Breeding +2% Skill EXP/Level
Clammie Shiny.gifShiny Clammie Breeding +2% Skill EXP/Level
Black Pearl.png Black Pearl Many Sources Gives 20% EXP to a skill <30

General AGI
Name Source Description
Quickness Boots Quickness Boots Beginner Talent AGI (Level cap increased by AGI Again AGI Again / AGI Again AGI Again)
Sanic Speed Sanic Speed Archer Talent Base AGI
GreenBubble1.png Swift Steppin Alchemy Bubbles Total AGI (Boosted by GreenBubble17.png Premigreen)
Carrotman Card.png Carrotman Card Cards Base AGI
Mafioso Card.png Mafioso Card Cards Base AGI
Bloque Card.png Bloque Card Cards Base AGI
Biggole Wurm Card.png Biggole Wurm Card Cards Base AGI
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Flexo Bendo (Ch-2) Star Signs 3 AGI
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Fast Frog (Ch-7b) Star Signs 8 AGI
Archer Class Icon.png Archer Family Bonus Family Bonuses Total AGI
Dumbphone Chain.png Dumbphone Chain Keychains AGI
Simple Key Chain.png Any Tier 1 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) AGI
Silver AGI Obol.png AGI Obols Obols AGI
Agile Stamp.png Agile Stamp Stamps AGI
Hermes Stamp.png Hermes Stamp Stamps AGI
Percentage AGI
Name Source Description
Garb Of Un'Agi'Ng Quality Garb Of Un'Agi'Ng Quality Archer Talent % AGI from Equipment
Shoeful Of Obol Shoeful Of Obol Bowman Talent % AGI from Obols
Shoeful Of Obol Shoeful Of Obol Hunter Talent % AGI from Obols
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Agitagi (Hy-4B) Star Signs 3% AGI
Sushi Chain.png Sushi Chain Keychains % AGI
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % AGI
Critter Baron.png Critter Baron Trophies 5% AGI
General All Stat
Name Source Description
Will Of The Eldest Will Of The Eldest Special Talents All Stats
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounder (Ch-7) Star Signs 4 All Stats
Stat Runes Stat Runes Guild Bonuses Total All Stats
Stat Graph Stamp.png Stat Graph Stamp Stamps All Stats
Stat Wallstreet Stamp.png Stat Wallstreet Stamp Stamps, Trash Island All Stats
Sandy Pot.png Sandy Pot Campanion Pets +15 Base All Stats
Myriad Shipment.png Myriad Crate Post Office + Base All Stat

 % All Stats
Name Source Description
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounderi (Hy-1) Star Signs 1% All Stats
The Emperor's Opal.png The Emperor's Opal Rings 6% All Stats
BobGoldPickle Chain.png BobGoldPickle Chain Keychains % All Stats
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Stats
Cascading Scaled Cape of Krieg.png Cascading Scaled Cape of Kreig Massive Troll 6% All Stats
Giant Violet.png Giant Violet Valentine's Event 10% All Stat
Equinox Ring.png Equinox Ring Equinox Dreamer Pack 10% All Stat
Ele Sorcerer Pointed Hat.png Ele Sorcerer Pointed Hat Gem Shop (Limited Specials) 5% All Stat
Strung Tooth of the Divine.png Strung Tooth of the Divine Kattlecruk 5% All Stat
Slush Skull.png Slush Skull Dilapidated Slush 2% All Stat
Dreadnaught Skull.png Dreadnaught Skull Smithing 3% All Stat
Hyper Pyre Obol.png Hyper Pyre Obol Limited Specials (Gem Shop) 2% All Stat
Jagged Obol of Massive Trolling.png Jagged Obol of Massive Trolling Massive Troll 3% All Stat
Thin Veil of The Troll.png Thin Veil of the Troll Smithing 3% All Stat
Trollish Garb.png Trollish Garb Smithing 3% All Stat
Twisted Scales.png Twisted Scales Smithing 3% All Stat
Soles of the Troll.png Soles of the Troll Smithing 3% All Stat
Magma Core Headdress.png Magma Core Headdress Smithing 6% All Stat
Magma Core Wavemaille.png Magma Core Wavemaille Smithing 4% All Stat
Magma Core Battleskirt.png Magma Core Batlleskirt Smithing 4% All Stat
Magma Core Lavarunners.png Magma Core Lavarunners Smithing 4% All Stat
Console Jewel Sapphire Navette.png Sapphire Navette Laboratory 3% All Stat
Spelunker Obol Lab Bonus.png Spelunker Obol Laboratory Jewels give x1.5 bonuses. Boosts Sapphire Navette.
Dummy Thicc Stats.png Dummy Thicc Stats Star Talents, Shimmer Island % All Stats/ POW 10 Dummy DPS
Pearler Shell.png Pearl Seltzer Vials % All Stats
Seaworthy Captain Achievement.png Seaworthy Captain Achievements 1% All Stats
Socrates.png Socrates Sailing 10/20/30% All Stats
Stilted Seeker Card.png Stilted Seeker Card Stilted Seekers, Cards +0.5% All Stats/Level
Tremor Wurm Card.png Tremor Wurm Card Tremor Wurms, Cards 1% All Stats/Level
Blighted Chizoar Card.png Blighted Chizoar Card Nightmare Chizoar 1.5% All Stats/Level
Bubonic Conjuror.png Bubonic Conjuror Family Bonus Bubonic Conjuror % All Stats

Skill Mastery

Upon completing Rift 16 in World 4, Skill Mastery unlocks. Skill Mastery gives you account wide bonuses based on your skill's total level across every player.

Total Level Req Bonus
List of Bonuses
150 +25% Smithing EXP gain
200 +10% Forge Ore Capacity
300 +5% Total damage
400 +10% All skill EXP
500 +5% All skill efficiency
750 +1% Printer output
1000 +25% All skill EXP
Theoretical Next Anvil Tabs (Images made by Nano)
Anvil Tab Tier Image
Anvil Tab 7 Master Tier.png Anvil Tab 7.png