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Construction is a Squire specialized skill. The Construction table is located in World 3 town on the middle-upper platform. The main Construction interface presents itself on two tabs: the Build tab and the Cogs tab. The Build Tab shows three rows of buildings to construct: on the upper row are World 3 Utilities, the middle row contains Wizard Defenders used in Worship Tower Defence, and the bottom row shows the various Shrines that can be placed in any map. Slots on a smaller row at the bottom of this screen show the available Construction slots for all three categories of building. The Cog Board is the production aspect of the Construction table and allows for player icons as well as Cogs to be placed on an expandable square box interface.

Getting Started

Construction Table.gif
  • In world 3, Construction is available from the wooden table (pictured on the left). Inside this table you can construct buildings or access your cog board.
  • In order to construct a building, it must first go through the "Build" phase where the progress bar fills up according to your Build Rate. If you queue up multiple buildings at once, they all get your full Build Rate.
  • Once the "Build" phase is complete, you can complete construction with a material cost. Construction on a building isn't complete until the material cost has been paid.
  • Adding your characters to the Cog Board is the only way to increase Build Rate before acquiring Cogs, and the primary way to acquire character experience in Construction.
  • Placing characters on the Cog Shelf will add the characters' production value towards making Cogs, and award the character the same amount of experience as if they were placed on the board.
  • Toggle "Place flags" ON, then click on locked spaces to place them. In time these will unlock more spaces for you to place cogs or characters. Some spaces can take longer to unlock than others; explore which ones are cheaper before settling for the location.
  • Go to the refinery and turn on the first tier. The refinery will start converting resources into salts. Salts are needed to construct/upgrade buildings among other things.



The Refinery is where you produce Refinery Salts, which are used throughout construction, as well as in crafting recipes and alchemy.

  • Fuel components in your storage are used up each cycle as long as the production of a Salt is turned ON.
  • The base fuel cost per cycle for all salts are listed below. The amounts required per cycle increase as you Rank Up each Salt.
  • The "Fuel Time" listed is how long your materials in storage can sustain salt production until you completely run out.
  • The Combustion tab includes the first 3 salts. By default, Combustion cycles are 15 minutes long.
  • The Synthesis tab includes the second 3 salts. By default, Synthesis cycles are 1 hour long.
Salt Tier Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3 Resource 4 Resource 5 Resource 6
Redox Salts.png Redox Salts
10 Spore Cap.png
5 Copper Ore.png
Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
10 Bullfrog Horn.png
5 Forest Fibres.png
2 Redox Salts.png
Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
50 Pocket Sand.png
30 Goldfish.png
40 Fly.png
2 Explosive Salts.png
Dioxide Synthesis.png Dioxide Synthesis
10 Floof Ploof.png
2 Dune Soul.png
1 Scorpie.png
1 Spontaneity Salts.png
Purple Salt.png Purple Salt
25 Cracked Glass.png
5 Bloach.png
5 Sentient Cereal.png
5 Mousey.png
2 Dioxide Synthesis.png
Nullo Salt.png Nullo Salt
50 Contact Lense.png
5 Void Bar.png
5 Wispy Lumber.png
5 Flycicle.png
5 Frigid Soul.png
2 Purple Salt.png

Powering up

  • If you completely fill out the power bar of a certain tier and press REFINE, the tier of that Salt production will increase.
  • Ranking up causes the POWER (Salt) generated per cycle to increase. From Rank 3★ onwards, ranking up causes your efficiency to decrease, as material costs scale faster than power per cycle.
  • NUMBERS BELOW ARE ROUNDED (i.e. it may take more or less time to rank up)
Refinery Salt Production
Rank Cost Multi. Power/Cycle Power Cap Cycles to Rank Efficiency
1★ 1x 1x 50 50 100%
2★ 2x 2x 200 100 100%
3★ 5x 4x 800 200 80%
4★ 8x 6x 3,000 500 75%
5★ 11x 8x 8,000 1,000 73%
6★ 14x 10x 14,000 1,400 71%
7★ 18x 12x 20,000 1,666 67%
8★ 22x 14x 30,000 2,142 64%
9★ 27x 17x 40,000 2,352 63%
10★ 31x 19x 50,000 2,631 61%
11★ 36x 22x 65,000 2,954 61%
12★ 41x 25x 80,000 3,200 61%
13★ 46x 28x 100,000 3,571 61%
14★ 52x 30x 200,000 6,666 58%
15★ 58x 33x 300,000 9,090 57%
16★ 64x 36x 400,000 11,111 56%
17★ 70x 39x 500,000 12,820 56%
18★ 76x 42x 600,000 14,285 55%
19★ 82x 45x 700,000 15,555 55%
20★ 89x 49x 800,000 16,326 55%

20★ is not the max rank, but it takes real-time years to get to Rank 20 and beyond.

Salt Merit

The W3 Taskboard has a merit that reduces the salt cost of refining salts (not the material cost of refining salts). The merit makes it so that each salt uses the Power per Cycle multiplier rather than the Component Cost multiplier for any salts used in the refining process. Refer to the table above for Cost and Power/Cycle multipliers for each rank. As an example: Rank 5 Explosive Salt has an 11x component cost multiplier and an 8x power per cycle multiplier. Refining Explosive Salt has a base cost of 2 Redox Salt. This means that without the merit it would cost 22 Redox Salt per cycle (2 x 11) and with the merit it would cost 16 Redox Salt per cycle (2 x 8). Redox Salt does not use any salts in the refining process, so the first level of the merit applies to Explosive Salt. Rank 1★ and Rank 2★ salts have the exact same cost multi and power per cycle multi, so the merit only reduces the cost of Rank 3★ and higher salts.


In order to boost your 'Build Rate' and construct buildings, you need to place your characters and cogs on empty spaces the Cog Board. New spaces on the Cog Board are unlocked by placing Flags. Create brand new cogs by placing characters in the Cog Shelf. You can open the Cog Shelf with the button near the top left of the interface. When you make a new cog, its stats are based on the highest Construction level you have in your account. The higher your best Construction player, the better cog stats you'll get! The possible base stats are:

  • Build Rate: Increases the speed at which you construct buildings
  • Flaggy Rate: Increases the speed at which your Flags unlock new spaces on the cog board
  • Bonus Construct EXP: Increases the speed at which your characters gain construction levels.

Because Construction level dictates a character's innate build rate, flaggy rate, cog production speed and the tier of cog they are able to produce, focusing on Construct EXP cogs has a huge effect on your overall Construction progress.

Basic Cog Types

When cogs are collected, their stats are rolled. The number of times a stats rolled is determined by the tier, and the strength of stats are determined by the tier and then scaled based on your highest construction level. For cogs without a Boost effect, the game assigns internal rating based on the cog's stats and then chooses an image + suffix based on that rating.

  • Low/Average Stat(s): Cog (Broken)
  • Above Average Single Stat: Cog, Average, Spur, Stacked, Deckered
  • Above Average Multiple Stats: Double, Trips, Trabble, Quad, Penta

Note that the game's rating does not necessarily reflect what you are looking for in a cog, as extremely high EXP% cogs may show the "broken" graphic due to having relatively low stats elsewhere.

Type Nooby (Lvl 1+) Decent (Lvl 15+) Superb (Lvl 40+) Ultimate (Lvl 70+)
Cog (Broken) Cog Nooby.png Cog Decent.png Cog Superb.png Cog Ultimate.png
Cog CogB Nooby.png CogB Decent.png CogB Superb.png CogB Ultimate.png
Average Average Nooby.png Average Decent.png Average Superb.png Average Ultimate.png
Spur Not Available Spur Decent.png Spur Superb.png Spur Ultimate.png
Stacked Not Available Not Available Stacked Superb.png Stacked Ultimate.png
Deckered Not Available Not Available Not Available DeckeredB Ultimate.png
Double Double Nooby.png Double Decent.png Double Superb.png Double Ultimate.png
Trips Trips Nooby.png Trips Decent.png Trips Superb.png Trips Ultimate.png
Trabble Not Available Trabble Decent.png Trabble Superb.png Trabble Ultimate.png
Quad Not Available Not Available Quad Superb.png Quad Ultimate.png
Penta Not Available Not Available Not Available Penta Ultimate.png

Boost Cog Types

When Collecting Cogs, you have a 10%, 25%, 10%, 10% chance respectively to get Boost Cogs, after that it rolls for what type of Boost Cog it will be. Each tier of cogs has a different set of available boost shapes.

Type Nooby (10%) Decent (25%) Superb (10%) Ultimate (10%) Boost Area
Adjay (Adjacent) 50% Adjacent Nooby.png 40% Adjacent Decent.png 30% Adjacent Superb.png Not Available Adjay Boost.png
Diggle (Diagonal) 50% Diagonal Nooby.png 40% Diagonal Decent.png 30% Diagonal Superb.png Not Available Diggle Boost.png
Uppy (Up) Not Available 5% Up Decent.png 8% Up Superb.png 15% Up Ultimate.png Uppy Boost.png
Downer (Down) Not Available 5% Down Decent.png 8% Down Superb.png 15% Down Ultimate.png Downer Boost.png
Leff (Left) Not Available 5% Left Decent.png 8% Left Superb.png 15% Left Ultimate.png Leff Boost.png
Rite (Right) Not Available 5% Right Decent.png 8% Right Superb.png 15% Right Ultimate.png Rite Boost.png
Rowow (Row) Not Available Not Available 4% Row Superb.png 16% Row Ultimate.png Rowow Boost.png
Collumm (Column) Not Available Not Available 4% Column Superb.png 19.2% Column Ultimate.png Collumm Boost.png
Omni (Corner) Not Available Not Available Not Available 4.8% Corner Ultimate.png Omni Boost.png

Each tier of cogs also has a different set of available boost bonuses.

Type Chance Strength
+% Build Rate: Increases the Build Rate stat of characters or cogs within its AOE. This bonus is visible on individual characters/cogs and in your board-wide Total Build Rate. Nooby: 100%
Decent: 70%
Superb: 65%
Ulti: 50%
Nooby: 5-10%
Decent: 8-15%
Superb: 12-40%
Ulti: 20-65%
+% Flaggy Rate: Increases the Flaggy Rate stat of characters or cogs within its AOE. This bonus is visible on individual characters/cogs and in your board-wide Total Flaggy Rate. Decent: 30%
Superb: 14%
Ulti: 15%
Decent: 8-15%
Superb: 12-40%
Ulti: 20-65%
+% Player Construct XP: Increases the EXP/hr of characters within its AOE. This bonus is visible on individual character heads, NOT in your board-wide Player XP Bonus. Superb: 10.5%
Ulti: 10.5%
Superb: 12-40%
Ulti: 20-65%
+% Nothing! LOL: This boost does nothing. Superb: 10.5% Superb: 12-40%
+% Speed to Flags: Increases the speed of flags within its AOE. This bonus is not visible as flags do not list their speed but flags within the AOE will unlock noticeably faster. Ulti: 24.5% Ulti: 20-65%

Zen Cog Types

The Gem Shop has a special set of unique cogs known as Zen Cogs. Each purchase gives one Yin cog and one Yang cog and can be purchased a maximum of eight times. Combining four Yin cogs on your board forms "Excogia", a multi-part cog which with a unique board-wide boost.

Type Cog Stats Boost Effect Boost Area
Yang Mongo Cog Yang Cog.png None 40% Build Rate
40% Flaggy Rate
Mongo Boost.png
Yin Cog Yin Top Left Cog.png High Build Rate
High Flaggy Rate
Average Construct EXP%
Stats scale to level
None N/A
Excogia!!! Excogia.png Yin Cog Stats 5% Build Rate Excogia Boost.png


Place flags to unlock more spaces in which to assign characters or Cogs. The center of the board starts unlocked. If you place a flag and then decide you want to move it, double tap it again to remove it (the first tap selects the flag and shows its current progress). Spaces will save your unlock progress even if you move the flag. The table below shows how much is required to unlock each space.

Flag Placement
250M 50M 17.5M 300K 100K 31.3K 31.3K 100K 300K 17.5M 50M 250M
50M 1M 188K 8.75K 1.5K 625 625 1.5K 8.75K 188K 1M 50M
17.5M 313K 15K 225 X X X X 225 15K 313K 17.5M
2.5M 50K 3.25K 100 X X X X 100 3.25K 50K 2.5M
2.5M 50K 3.25K 100 X X X X 100 3.25K 50K 2.5M
17.5M 313K 15K 225 X X X X 225 15K 313K 17.5M
50M 1M 188K 8.75K 1.5K 625 625 1.5K 8.75K 188K 1M 50M
250M 50M 17.5M 300K 100K 31.3K 31.3K 100K 300K 17.5M 50M 250M


Construction EXP Gain
Name Source Description
OrangeBubble12.png Call Me Bob Alchemy Bubbles % Construction EXP Gain
Pen.png Visible Ink Alchemy Vials Construction EXP
Sharper Saws.png Sharper Saws Squire Talent Construction EXP Gain
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Hy-9 (Sawsaw Salala) Hydron Galaxy 25% Construct Exp. Note: Currently Non-functional
Cons Shipment.png Construction Container - 3rd Effect Post Office % Construction EXP
Seesaw Statue.png Seesaw Statue Statues % Cons Exp
Saw Stamp.png Saw Stamp Stamps % Construction Exp
Geared for Success Achievement.png Geared for Success Frostbite Tundra Achievement  +5% Construction EXP gain
Name Source Description
Redox Salts.png Red Malt Alchemy Vials Refinery Cycle Speed
Refinery Throttle.png Refinery Throttle Squire Talent Refinery Cycle Trigger (Active)
Salt Lick.png 3rd Salt Lick Bonus Construction +x% Refinery speed for all cycle types. In other words, cycles take less time.
Frostbite Merit Shop 6.png Frostbite Merit Merit Shops Refinery Salt Costs don't scale beyond power output. +1 Salt Per Purchase
Name Source Description
YellowBubble11.png Cogs For Hands Alchemy Bubbles % Cog Production speed
Mousey.png Bubonic Burp Alchemy Vials Cog Inventory Space
Sippy Straw.png Sippy Cup Alchemy Vials Cog Speed
Chizoar Card.png Chizoar Card Cards +% Cog Build Spd (Passive)
Zen Cogs.png Zen Cogs Gem Shop Purchase Yin and Yang Cogs. One each for each purchase.
Cog Inventory Space.png Cog Inventory Space Gem Shop Purchase Cog Inventory Space +4
Fluorescent Flaggies.png Fluorescent Flaggies Gem Shop Purchase 50% Faster Flaggy Rate
Bribes Icon.png Taxidermied Cog Pouches Bribe Bribes +4 Cog Inventory slots.
Name Source Description
OrangeBubble13.png Carpenter Alchemy Bubbles % Build Speed per Construction Level
Redox Rates.png Redox Rates Squire Talent Build Speed
Cons Shipment.png Construction Container - 1st Effect Post Office % Base Build Rate
Silver Obol of Construction.png Construction Obols Obols Build Speed and STR
Cog in the System Achievement.png Cog in the System Frostbite Tundra Achievement  +5% Build Speed in Construction
Make or Break.png Make or Break Guild Bonuses % Production Rate in Town Skills
Cons Shipment.png Construction Container - 2nd Effect Post Office % Shrine Charge Rate
Golden Cheese.png Golden Cheese Golden Food Claiming AFK gains levels up shrines faster.
Tower Building Slots.png Tower Building Slots Gem Shop Purchase Tower Building Slot +1
Printer and Samples
Name Source Description
YellowBubble12.png Sample It Alchemy Bubbles Sample Size %
Snow Ball.png Snow Slurry Alchemy Vials Printer Sample Size
Super Samples.png Super Samples Squire Talent Printer Sample Size
Printer Go Brrr.png Printer Go Brrr Maestro Talent Print Printer Materials (Active)
Salt Lick.png 1st Salt Lick Bonus Construction Samples taken for the 3d printer are +x% bigger!
Gold Arcade Ball.png Arcade's Golden Ball Bonuses Golden Ball Shop Sample Size
Crystal 3d Printer.png Crystal 3d Printer Gem Shop Purchase 2nd 3d Printer printing slot
More Sample Spaces.png More Sample Spaces Gem Shop Purchase Sample storage space. +1 each.
Stample Stamp.png Stample Stamp Stamps % Sample Size
Maestro Class Icon.png Maestro Family Bonus Family Bonuses Printer Sample Size
Frostbite Merit Shop 5.png Merit Shops +0.5% Printer Sample Size per purchase.
Name Source Description
YellowBubble14.png Ignore Overdues Alchemy Bubbles Book Checkout Speed
Dune Soul.png Chonker Chug Alchemy Vials Library Checkout Speed
Salt Lick.png 5th Salt Lick Bonus Construction +x Max level for talent books from the Library. RNG be with you!
Burning Bad Books.png Burning Bad Books Gem Shop Purchase Talent Library minimum book level.
Biblio Stamp.png Biblio Stamp Stamps % Faster Books
Checkout Takeout Achievement.png Checkout Takeout Frostbite Tundra Achievement  +5 Book Max LV, +30% Library charge rate
Bribes Icon.png Library Double Agent Bribe Bribes +4 minimum Lv for all Talent Books from the library, so you get more of the goood stuff.
Frostbite Merit Shop 3.png Merit Shops Plus 2 Max possible Lv of Talent books from the Talent book library


3D Printer.png

3D Printer

Using the new Star Talent (on the 2nd tab of Star Talents), you can collect samples to start printing resources!

Con. Level Bonus: +1 Player Slot Unlocked
Max Con. Level: 10

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts

To start printing resources you first have to get the Printer Sampling Printer Sampling Talent book, by doing the Hoggindaz quest "Constructing a Tower". Put one or more points into it and equip the talent on your bar (the talent is located on the second special talent page). Then go wherever you want to sample and use the sample talent. This (sample size is based on your afk gains) will add the sample to an empty sample slot in the 3D printer. Click on it to start printing. Each level of the building unlocks a new row for use in the 3D printer, starting with your first character and then characters are unlocked for use in order.

Talent Book Library.png

Talent Book Library

Relive your youth by checking out books, and further relive your youth by never returning them! Instead use them to boost your talent max levels.

Con. Level Bonus: +5% Checkout Refresh Speed
Max Con. Level: 50

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts
Froge.png Froge

Boost the maximum levels of your talents! Checking out a book gives you a random number of your new max level. Initially it is 101-125. It's completely free so utilize it well. Minimum level can be boosted by a Stamp Bribe and a Gem Shop purchase, and maximum by a W3 Merit (+10), a Salt Lick upgrade (+20), a W3 Achievement (+5), and a Sailing Artifact (+50). This results in a maximum book level of 210 (125+10+20+5+50). You start out with a few checkouts, and you regain one every once in a while, based on your library checkout speed. The maximum levels boosted with library books are permanent so you don't need very many for each skill; you only need more to reroll. (Note: There is currently a bug where class promoting resets booked talents back to max level 100, so you'll have to check out books again. Using a subclass swap token does not reset talent max levels.) Certain talents already have their max level boosted by tab 3 talents, so they are unavailable for checkout. The unavailable talents are:

  • Tab 1 STR, AGI, WIS (Due to Barbarian/Squire STR Summore, Bowman/Hunter AGI Again, Shaman/Wizard WIS Wumbo)
  • Critikill/Meatshank for Warriors (Due to Barbarian Beefy Bottles, Squire Blocky Bottles)
  • Featherweight/I See You for Archers (Due to Bowman Velocity Vessels, Hunter Visibility Vessels)
  • Farsight/Overclocked Energy for Mages (Due to Shaman Fantasia Flasks, Wizard Fuscia Flasks)
  • Happy Dude/Lucky Horseshoe/Sleepin' on the Job for Beginners/Journeyman (Due to Maestro Bliss N Chips, Colloquial Containers).

Death Note.png

Death Note

"Death Note Defeat TONS of monsters to boost your Multikill Rate for each world. Upgrading this tower also boosts your base Multikill Bonus in all worlds.

Con. Level Bonus: +2% Multikill Bonus
Max Con. Level: 51

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Forest Soul.png Forest Soul

Rack up those kills! The Death note tracks the amount of kills of every mob from all your characters. It introduces 2 new functions that boost your resource collecting from mobs, Multikill bonuses and Damage Tiers. Multikill bonuses are calculated by the number of kills of each mob, giving points for each kill threshold that you reach. One point adds +1% Multikill bonus per tier. Each world has a separate bonus depending on the amounts you've killed from said world./

  • 25,000 Kills = 1 point
  • 100,000 Kills = 2 points
  • 250,000 Kills = 3 points
  • 500,000 Kills = 4 points
  • 1,000,000 Kills = 5 points
  • 5,000,000 Kills = 7 points
  • 100,000,000 Kills = 10 points

    Damage Tiers are calculated based on how much extra damage you do. You begin to get a Multikill bonus when your maximum damage is more than twice the monster's HP, this is the 1x Damage Tier. Each next tier requires double the previous max damage, enough to kill the monster 4 times over, then 8 times over, 16 times and so on ( MonsterHP * 2^Tier ). For example, 2000 maximum damage is enough kill a Green Mushroom 200 times, putting you in the 6x Tier. Your final Multikill bonus against Green Mushrooms is then 6 times your Multikill tier bonus for World 1, plus any bonuses from other sources.

Similar to prowess where you can collect more resources by hitting efficiency tiers past 100% mine/chop/catch/fish chance, you are able to collect more monster resources due to Multikill%. This increases the basic resource drop of the monster such as Spore Caps. Other drops are not increased. Multikill bonuses also increase kill counts, helping with points for the Death Note, unlocking portals, or Apocalypse Zow.

Salt Lick.png

Salt Lick

Spend refinery salts and other World 3 Resources in return for bonuses from the hungry blobulytes! (See below)

Con. Level Bonus: +1 Available Upgrades
Max Con. Level: 10

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Crabbo.png Crabbo

Note: 4th, 6th, and 10th upgrades are currently not upgradable beyond levels 50, 90, and 160 respectively due to the new 1 billion resource cap.

Description Material Total Cost Bonus Max Level
Samples taken for the 3D printer are +x% bigger!Redox Salts.png Redox Salts33.2 K+0.5%/Level
+10% Max
+4 Obol storage slots per upgrade! Circle, Square, Hexagon, then Sparkle, in that order.Froge.png Froge20 K+4 Slots/Level
+8/type Max
+x% Refinery Speed for all cycle types. In other words, cycles take less time.Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts11.1 K+2%/Level
+20% Max
+x% Class EXP and Skill EXP. Not really sure what those blobulytes do with these souls...Dune Soul.png Dune Soul6.3 M+0.2%/Level
+20% Max
+x Max level for talent books from the library. RNG be with you!Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts11.1 K+2/Level
+20 Max
+x% Liquid rate and Capacity for all liquids in Alchemy.Mousey.png Mousey81.8 M+1%/Level
+100% Max
+x% Points Earned during Worship Tower Defense from killing monsters.Dioxide Synthesis.png Dioxide Synthesis5,115+5%/Level
+50% Max
+x% Movement Speed. Doesn't work if you're above 170% move speed already.Frigid Soul.png Frigid Soul21.3 K+0.4%/Level
+10% Max
+x% Multikill Rate for all worlds. All of them!Purple Salt.png Purple Salt11.1 K+3%/Level
+30% Max
+x% Total Damage dealt.Pingy.png Pingy113.3 M+0.1%/Level
+25% Max

Formula: Scale^Level * BaseCost

Chest Space.png

Chest Space

Just gives more Storage Chest slots, straight up. Better late than never, eh? (Passive Upgrade)

Base Con. Bonus: +2 Storage Chest Slots
Con. Level Bonus: +2 more Storage Chest Slots
Max Con. Level: 25

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Oak Logs.png Oak Logs

More chest space per upgrade up to a total of 50 more Storage Chest Slots

Cost Cruncher.png

Cost Cruncher

Reduces the resource costs of upgrading buildings. Doesn't affect 'building' phase cost (Passive Upgrade)

Base Con. Bonus: -10% Resource Cost
Con. Level Bonus: -1% more Resource Cost
Max Con. Level: 60

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Fruitfly.png Fruitfly

Trapper Drone.png

Trapper Drone

Remotely deploy AND collect traps to and from any discovered critter location! Collect-all is based on Hunter's Eagle Eye Talent.

Base Con. Bonus: 0% extra critters
Con. Level Bonus: +10% extra critters
Max Con. Level: 10

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Crescent Scorpie.png Crescent Scorpie

Automation Arm.png

Automation Arm

Automate some of the more tedious actions with the flip of a switch! Let the robots do the dirty work!

Base Con. Bonus: Automates each task available at daily reset time.
Con. Level Bonus: +1 Automated System, controlled via the Robotic Arm
Max Con. Level: 5

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Cryosnake Skin.png Cryosnake Skin
Name Description
Forge Convayer Belt Automatically refills all forge slots with ores and oils from your storage chest.
Nutrient Neural Network When consuming any food or potion while you're gone, your stacks will be replenished using food from your Storage Chest, as long as you have that food in Storage.
Minauture Soul Apparatus Gives remote access to all Worship Totems with a Best Wave of 10+ for the sole purpose of farming souls.
Anvil Production Pipeline Automatically deposits all anvil production items, on all your characters from the anvil to your Storage Chest. It also collects anvil EXP.
Book Reservation System If you have 20 or more available Library Book checkouts, the next book you checkout is guaranteed to be the highest possible Lv. Doing so uses up 20 checkouts.

Atom Collider.png

Atom Collider

Accelerate enough material to high speeds, and you can create the first physical atoms in this pixellated world!

Base Con. Bonus: +0.1% chance for an extra atom upon collision
Con. Level Bonus: Upgrade costs for atoms are 0.1% cheaper (Increases every 10 lvs).
Max Con. Level: 200

Nullo Salt.png Nullo Salt
Shattered Skull.png Shattered Skull

Atom Collider provides the following upgradable boons. All Atoms have a max level of 20.

Atom Image Effect (Lvl1/Lvl20) Atoms to Max
Hydrogen - Stamp Decreaser.png Every day you log in, the resource cost to upgrade a stamp's max lv decreases by (1/20)% up to a max of 90%. This reduction resets back to 0% when upgrading any stamp max lv. Atoms.png 20.9 K

Helium - Talent Power Stacker.png All talents that give more bonus per 'Power of 10 resources you own' will count +(1/20) more powers of 10 than you actually own when giving the bonus. Atoms.png 111 QQ

Lithium - Bubble Insta Expander.png No Bubble Left Behind bonus now has a 15% chance to level up the lowest bubble out of ALL bubbles, not just the first 15 of each colour. Also, +(1/20)% chance to give +1 additional Lv. Atoms.png 60.7 K

Beryllium - Post Office Penner.png Every day, 1 silver pen from your Post Office will instantly convert into 1 PO Box for all characters. This conversion happens (1/20) times per day. Atoms.png 147.8 K

Boron - Particle Upgrader.png When a bubble has a cost of 100M or more to upgrade, you can instead spend particles. However, you can only do this (2/40) times a day, after which the cost will return to resources. Atoms.png 1.9 M

Carbon - Wizard Maximizer.png All wizard towers in construction get +(2/40) max levels. Also, all wizards get a +2% damage bonus for each wizard tower level above 50 in construction. Atoms.png 1.9 M

Nitrogen - Construction Trimmer.png Gold trimmed construction slots give +(15/300)% more build rate than before. Also, you now have 1 additional trimmed slot. Atoms.png 3 M

Oxygen - Library Booker.png Increases the Checkout Refresh Speed of the Talent Library by +(2/40)%. Also, the Minimum Talent LV is increased by +(1/20), and the Maximum Talent LV is increased by +10. Atoms.png 10.2 M

Fluoride - Void Plate Chef.png Multiplies your cooking speed by +(1/20)% for every meal at Lv 30+. In other words, every plate with a studded black void plate. Atoms.png 50.9 M

Neon - Damage N' Cheapener.png Increases your total damage by +(1/20)%. Also, reduces the cost of all atom upgrades by (1/20)% too. Atoms.png 130 M

Formula for cost: 1/ (1 + (Neon_Level + Atom_Split_Bubble + Atom_Collider_Level / 10)) / 100) * (Base_Cost + Inc_Rate * Current_Level) * POW(Cost_Scale, Current_Level)


These Wizard Defenders are used in Worship Skill Icon.png Worship Tower Defence. For trait bonuses, see Worship Towers.

Pulse Mage.png

Pulse Mage

Zaps a single nearby monster.
Has fast speed, and low damage.

Con. Level Bonus: +15% Damage / +1.7% Lower Upgrade Costs in Worship
Max Con. Level: 50

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts

Fireball Lobber.png

Fireball Lobber

Lobs exploding fireballs.
Has medium speed, and medium damage.

Con. Level Bonus: +20% Damage / +1.5% Lower Upgrade Costs in Worship
Max Con. Level: 50

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts
Froge.png Froge

Boulder Roller.png

Boulder Roller

Rolls a boulder forward.
Has slow speed, and medium damage, but reliably hits multiple enemies.

Con. Level Bonus: +25% Damage / +1.6% Lower Upgrade Costs in Worship
Max Con. Level: 50

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar

Frozone Malone.png

Frozone Malone

Casts a wave of freezing snow.
Has slow speed, but can stack its effect with other Freeze Towers.

Con. Level Bonus: +4% Range / +1.6% Lower Upgrade Costs in Worship
Max Con. Level: 50

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Bleach Logs.png Bleach Logs



Smites enemies with lightning
Has super slow speed, but high damage.

Con. Level Bonus: +30% Damage / +1.7% Lower Upgrade Costs in Worship
Max Con. Level: 50

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Scorpie.png Scorpie

Party Starter.png

Party Starter

Has no function other than its Trait Boosts.

Con. Level Bonus: +4% Range / +1.6% Lower Upgrade Costs in Worship
Max Con. Level: 50

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Mosquisnow.png Mosquisnow

Kraken Cosplayer.png

Kraken Cosplayer

Summons eyeball defenders.
Has slow speed, and just keeps monsters away.

Con. Level Bonus: +3% Spawn Rate / +1.6% Lower Upgrade Costs in Worship
Max Con. Level: 50

Dioxide Synthesis.png Dioxide Synthesis
Dementia Ore.png Dementia Ore

Poisonic Elder.png

Poisonic Elder

Poisons enemies.
Has slow speed, but great AoE for hitting large crouds of mobs.

Con. Level Bonus: +15% Damage / +1.6% Lower Upgrade Costs in Worship
Max Con. Level: 50

Purple Salt.png Purple Salt
Purple Mush Cap.png Purple Mush Cap



Casts a wave of null and void, removing enemy colours.

Con. Level Bonus: +0.7% Range / +0.8% Lower Upgrade Costs in Worship
Max Con. Level: 100

Nullo Salt.png Nullo Salt
Suggma Ashes.png Suggma Ashes


After you get the Shrine Architect Shrine Architect special talent from the Hoggindaz quest "Taking Samples", you can place available shrines in any map. Before you move them, newly-built shrines will appear in the top left corner of Blunder Hills town. Shrines give their bonuses to any characters in the same map. Shrines gain EXP when characters collect AFK time on the map the shrine is located, leveling up increases the strength of a shrine's bonuses. If you move a shrine it will lose all progress towards the next level, but will retain already gained levels. Upgrading shrines within Construction increases their level up rate.

Woodular Shrine.png

Woodular Shrine

This shrine increases the Total Damage of all characters on the same map. Level it up by claiming AFK Gains on the same map.

Shrine Bonus: 12% Base / 3% per Level
Con. Level Bonus: +10% Level Up Rate
Max Con. Level: 100

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts

Isaccian Shrine.png

Isaccian Shrine

This shrine increases the Max HP and Total Defence of characters on the same map. Level it up by claiming AFK Gains on the same map.

Shrine Bonus: 12% Base / 3% per Level
Con. Level Bonus: +10% Level Up Rate
Max Con. Level: 100

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts
Forest Soul.png Forest Soul

Crystal Shrine.png

Crystal Shrine

This shrine increases Shrine Level Up Rate for all other shrines on the same map. Level it up by claiming AFK Gains on the same map.

Shrine Bonus: 12% Base / 3% per Level
Con. Level Bonus: +10% Level Up Rate
Max Con. Level: 100

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Gold Bar.png Gold Bar

Pantheon Shrine.png

Pantheon Shrine

This shrine increases the Carry Capacity of all characters on the same map. Level it up by claiming AFK Gains on the same map.

Shrine Bonus: 10% Base / 2% per Level
Con. Level Bonus: +10% Level Up Rate
Max Con. Level: 100

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Jungle Logs.png Jungle Logs

Clover Shrine.png

Clover Shrine

This shrine increases the Drop Rate of all characters on the same map. Level it up by claiming AFK Gains on the same map.

Shrine Bonus: 15% Base / 3% per Level
Con. Level Bonus: +10% Level Up Rate
Max Con. Level: 100

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Rooted Soul.png Rooted Soul

Summereading Shrine.png

Summereading Shrine

This shrine increases all EXP gain for all characters on the same map. Level it up by claiming AFK Gains on the same map.

Shrine Bonus: 6% Base / 1% per Level
Con. Level Bonus: +10% Level Up Rate
Max Con. Level: 100

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Flycicle.png Flycicle

Crescent Shrine.png

Crescent Shrine

This shrine increases Crystal and Giant Spawn chance, and Active EXP gain, of all characters on the same map. U know how to lvl it up lol.

Shrine Bonus: 50% Base / 10% per Level
Con. Level Bonus: +10% Level Up Rate
Max Con. Level: 100

Dioxide Synthesis.png Dioxide Synthesis
Void Ore.png Void Ore

Undead Shrine.png

Undead Shrine

This shrine increases the Respawn rate of all monsters on the same map.

Shrine Bonus: 5% Base / 1% per Level
Con. Level Bonus: +10% Level Up Rate
Max Con. Level: 100

Purple Salt.png Purple Salt
Wispy Lumber.png Wispy Lumber

Primordial Shrine.png

Primordial Shrine

This shrine increases the AFK Gain Rate of all characters on the same map, but only if you have less than 150%.

Shrine Bonus: 1% Base / 0.1% per Level
Con. Level Bonus: +10% Level Up Rate
Max Con. Level: 100

Nullo Salt.png Nullo Salt
Black Lense.png Black Lense