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  • The Equinox is a feature in World 3 which is accessible through an Equinox Mirror.png Equinox Mirror, a 10001 in 1,000 drop from Bloodbone.
  • Upon unlocking the Equinox, the Equinox Valley Mirror.gif Equinox Valley Mirror NPC can be interacted with.
  • When the bar at the top is full, it can be spent on an upgrade, though the upgrades need to be unlocked from completing Equinox Dreams, short challenges that require something to be done.
  • Equinox upgrades can be boosted multiple times by spending multiple upgrades on them.
  • Every time the bar is spent on an upgrade, the requirement to get the next full bar is increased.
  • Equinox cannot be AFK’ed at.

Dream Upgrades

Upgrade Description Unlocks
Dream Upgrade 1.png
Equinox Dreams
Unlocks a Dream cloud through which you can complete challenges. More clouds allows you to see more challenges at once. Total Levels: 5
Unlocks Clouds #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5. Unlocking more clouds allows completing multiple tasks at once.
Dream Upgrade 2.png
Equinox Resources
Unlocks a new resource to gather right here in the equinox. Each one has it's own Vial in Alchemy, but no card. Total Levels: 4
Unlocks gathering Marble Ore.png Marble Ore, Willow Logs.png Willow Logs, Equinox Fish.png Equinox Fish and Dream Particulate.png Dream Particulate
Vials: Marble Mocha, Willow Sippy, Shinyfin Stew and Dreamy Drink
Dream Upgrade 3.png
Shades of K
Adds another choice at the end of each Killroy Run to invest into. Total Levels: 3
Adds Faster Respawn, Dungeon Drops and Pearl Drops choices after completing Killroy's Slaughterhouse
Dream Upgrade 4.png
If liquid is full, 9% of excess liquid generated will be invested into CAP/RATE upgrades. Total Levels: 4/7/11 (With Dream Clouds #7, #16)
When Liquid at its cap, excess (up to 99%) would be invested into Cauldron's Capacity and Liquid Regen Rate
Dream Upgrade 5.png
Matching Scims
+10% Damage. This is its own multiplier, so it's EXTRA powerful! Total Levels: 8/13/23 (With Dream Clouds #13, #19)
Gives damage, up to 230%. 10% is 2% Multiplicative Damage, so 100% would be 11% Multiplicative Damage or 1.11x
Dream Upgrade 6.png
Slow Roast Wiz
+1% tower dmg every second for all towers in worship, resets when a new wave starts. Only starts working after 10 seconds. Total Levels: 5
Gives damage every second to Towers in Worship's Tower Defense, up to 5%
Dream Upgrade 7.png
Laboratory Fuse
+1 px longer connection range for all Lab bonuses and jewels, unless they state otherwise. Total Levels: 10
Gives longer connection range for Laboratory's Bonuses and Jewels, up to 10px
Dream Upgrade 8.png
Metal Detector
+1% nugget size for each nugget you dig up that isn't a new biggest nug. Once you do eventually dig up a new best, this bonus resets. Total Levels: 6
Increases golden nuggets amount for each failed new best nugget size, up to 6% per fail and resets after success
Dream Upgrade 9.png
Faux Jewels
+5% Drop Rate. This is additive, so it's great but not THAT great. DR is DR though right? Total Levels: 6/21 (With Dream Clouds #22, #27)
Gives Drop Rate, up to 105%
Dream Upgrade 10.png
Food Lust
Defeating a Random Event boss lowers Meal upgrade cost by -20%. Stacks up to x times. Resets when meal is upgraded. Total Levels: 10/14 (With Dream Cloud #26)
Defeating Random Events' Boss reduces Meal upgrade cost by 20%, stacks up to 14x times and resets after meal's upgrade
Dream Upgrade 11.png
Equinox Symbols
+1 all talent LVs, as long as they have a single point invested. Total Levels: 5/9 (With Dream Cloud #31)
Gives additional levels to talents, up to 9. Works as Symbols of Beyond or similar additional Talent Levels bonuses.
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Hmm... Huh... Nothing yet.

Dream Clouds

Dream Clouds gives challenges, whose difficulty varies from easy to really hard ones.

Dream Upgrade/Unlock
1 Greenstack 20 different items in your Storage Chest Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
2 Get 400 kills in a single Killroy run. Why do they keep respawning anyway, are they stupid? +1 Trophy per Weekly Battle boss kill forever
3 Reach Lv 100 on all of your characters. Single character accounts, it's your time to shine! Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
4 Reach a total Refinery Rank of 30 across all cycles +10% Equinox Bar fill rate
5 Get a single sample of 1 million or more of any item. 7 digit sample club, you in? Unlocks Dreamer Damage.png Dreamer Damage Special Talent Book
6 Reach wave 50 on first 6 Tower Defence Worship Summons Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
7 Defeat all 5 difficulties of a Weekly BATTLE boss. RIP! +3 Max LV for Equinox Upgrade Liquidvestment
8 Max out 5 stat upgrades within the Flurbo Shop of the Dungeon Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
9 Defeat the Vengeful Grandfrogger, 4th difficulty, in a party of just yourself. Tick Tock book from alchemy can now go up to Lv.200
10 Reach Lv 300 Construction on any character +15% Equinox Bar fill rate
11 Reach Lv 250 on all of your characters, every one of them. Yes, even the bad ones you neglect Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
12 Greenstack* 75 different items in your Storage Chest +1 Trophy per Weekly Battle boss kill forever
13 Get 100,000 sec of instant progress from a single use of Cranium Cooking.png Cranium Cooking talent +5 Max LV for Matching Scims Equinox Upgrade
14 Reach a total shrine lv of 140 across all shrines Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
15 Defeat the Inevitable Snakenhotep in a party by yourself. That's the 3rd and final W2 Dungeon boss +20% Equinox Bar fill rate
16 Fill half of your cog board, at least 48 slots, with Double Ultimate.png Double Ultimate Cogs. +4 Max LV for Liquidvestment Equinox Upgrade
17 Get a Lucky Lad.png Lucky Lad trophy drop on a beginner type character
Not equipping. Getting it from dropped by mob or skilling.
New Recipe in Anvil III for the Luckier Lad.png Luckier Lad trophy
18 Reach a total Refinery Rank of 60 across all cycles Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
19 Use a stack of 100,000 Cooking Ladle.png Cooking Ladles in a single usage +10 Max LV for Matching Scims Equinox Upgrade
20 Defeat the Caustic Glaciaxus in a party of just yourself. That's the 3rd and final W3 Dungeon boss +25% Equinox Bar fill rate
21 Reach round 115 in the Pet Arena, but only using a team of 4 Pets or less Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
22 Upgrade the BobJoePickle.png Bobjoepickle vial to Lv 2. It will still do nothing, but one can dream! +5 Max LV for Faux Jewels Equinox Upgrade
23 Reach Lv 500 on all of your characters. That's over half way to the fabled 9999! +30% Equinox Bar fill rate
24 Have 15 chemical plants just chillin' in your Gaming Garden all at once Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
25 Get 2000 kills in a single Killroy's Slaughterhouse run. Seems like a lot, but compared to your deathnote, it really isn't huh... +35% Equinox Bar fill rate
26 Get a total of 100 BILLION Green Mushroom deathnote kills. +4 Max LV for Food Lust Equinox Upg
27 Get a single sample of 1 billion or more of any item. 10 digit sample club, you in? +10 Max LV for Faux Jewels Equinox Upgrade
28 Reach wave 121 on all 6 Tower Defence Worship Summons +200 Starting Points in Worship TD
29 Greenstack* 200 different items in your Storage Chest Unlocks next Equinox upgrade
30 Successfully take a Red Frisbee.png Red Frisbee sample at Wood Mushrooms. Yeah, it's possible +40% Equinox Bar fill rate
31 Get 100 5 star ruby cards. Or, get 1 500 star card. The latter does not exist. Sadly +4 Max LV for Equinox Symbols Equinox Upgrade

Greenstack means Stack of 10 M items and displayed as Greenstack.png at the bottom of chest.

Equinox Bar

Required amount to fully fill up Bar depends on how many Upgrades been obtained before. 111 Upgrades in total with all Clouds, that increases cap.

Upgrade Number Requirement
Bar requirement for first 10 Upgrades
1 163
2 208
3 255
4 303
5 353
6 405
7 459
8 516
9 574
10 634

Required amount can be calculated with next formula:

Math.round((120 + 40 * UpgradeNumber) * Math.pow(1.02, UpgradeNumber))