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Attacking a Bug Nest will spawn a swarm of bugs. The bugs will rebuild the nest every 24h, but don't worry, you can AFK on a swarm of bugs for longer and get full rewards. Attacking the nest shows a small progress bar and a % number known as the "destruction bonus" but this feature has not yet been implemented.


The table below lists the required efficiency to be able to catch the bugs. Note: the 5% value is the absolute minimum value to even have a chance to catch any bugs. Apart from the bugs, you can also get various other items which you can see on the Nest's page.

Name Image Product 5% 100% x2 x3 x4 XP Area
Fly Nest Fly Nest.png Fly.png Fly 10 400 6.4 k

32.4 k

102.4 k

2 Jar Bridge
Butterfly Bar Butterfly Bar.png Butterfly.png Butterfly 100 4 k

64 k

324 k

1 M

6 Bandit Bob's Hideout
Sentient Bowl Sentient Bowl.png Sentient Cereal.png Sentient Cereal 500 20 k

320 k

1.6 M

5.1 M

10 Pincer Plateau
Grocery Bag Grocery Bag.png Fruitfly.png Fruitfly 1.5 k

60 k

960 k

4.9 M

15.4 M

20 Up Up Down Down
Snowden Snowden.png Mosquisnow.png Mosquisnow 3.8 k

150 k

2.4 M

12.2 M

38.4 M

40 Mamooooth Mountain
Icicle Nest Icicle Nest.png Flycicle.png Flycicle 8.8 k

350 k

5.6 M

28.4 M

89.6 M

75 Overpass of Sound
Bee Hive Bee Hive.png Worker Bee.png Worker Bee 25 k

1 M

16 M

81 M

256 M

150 Jelly Cube Bridge
Fairy Hovel Fairy Hovel.png Fairy.png Fairy 62.5 k

2.5 M

40 M

202.5 M

640 M

300 Shelled Shores
Scarab Nest Scarab Nest.png Scarab.png Scarab 125 k

5 M

80 M

405 M

1.3 B

550 The Great Molehill
Mote Hovel Mote Hovel.png Dust Mote.png Dust Mote 500 k

20 M

320 M

1.6 B

5.1 B

1750 Mount Doomish
Dream Particulate Dream Particulate.png Dream Particulate.png Dream Particulate 275 k

11 M

176 M

891 M

2.8 B

3500 Equinox Valley
Ladybug Nest Ladybug Nest.png Ladybug.png Ladybug 625 k

25 M

400 M

2 B

6.4 B

7500 Troll Playground
Firefly Nest Firefly Nest.png Firefly.png Firefly 3.8 M

150 M

2.4 B

12.2 B

38.4 B

20000 Lightway Path

Catching Nets

Catching Nets
Name Image Level Speed Skillpower Str Agi Wis Luk Misc Slots Sell Price Source
Copper Netted Net Copper Netted Net.png Catching Skill IconMini.png4 4 Catching Skill IconMini.png9 1 3 0 0 2
Silver Coin.png 42
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 1)
Reinforced Net Reinforced Net.png Catching Skill IconMini.png10 4 Catching Skill IconMini.png14 2 4 0 0 2
Gold Coin.png 1 Silver Coin.png 58
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 1)
Golden Net Golden Net.png Catching Skill IconMini.png15 5 Catching Skill IconMini.png20 2 6 0 0 2
Gold Coin.png 5 Silver Coin.png 58
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 2)
Platinet Platinet.png Catching Skill IconMini.png20 5 Catching Skill IconMini.png26 3 7 0 0 3
Gold Coin.png 25 Silver Coin.png 58
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 2)
Dementia Net Dementia Net.png Catching Skill IconMini.png25 5 Catching Skill IconMini.png31 4 9 0 0 3
Gold Coin.png 74 Silver Coin.png 8
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 3), Royal Worm
Void Imperium Net Void Imperium Net.png Catching Skill IconMini.png30 5 Catching Skill IconMini.png37 6 12 0 0 4
Platinum Coin.png 2 Gold Coin.png 74 Silver Coin.png 10 Copper Coin.png 50
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 3)
Lustre Netting Lustre Netting.png Catching Skill IconMini.png40 6 Catching Skill IconMini.png45 8 15 0 0 4
Platinum Coin.png 11 Gold Coin.png 91 Silver Coin.png 60 Copper Coin.png 50
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 4)
Starfire Trim Netting Starfire Trim Netting.png Catching Skill IconMini.png50 6 Catching Skill IconMini.png55 10 20 0 0 5
Platinum Coin.png 23 Gold Coin.png 97 Silver Coin.png 60 Copper Coin.png 50
Smithing (Task Unlocks Tab 4)
Dreadlo Matted Netting Dreadlo Matted Netting.png Catching Skill IconMini.png65 7 Catching Skill IconMini.png65 13 25 0 0 5
Platinum Coin.png 73 Gold Coin.png 97 Silver Coin.png 60 Copper Coin.png 50


Catching Power & Efficiency
Name Source Description
GreenBubble7.png Sanic Tools Alchemy Bubbles Skilling Power for Catching Nets and Traps
Ol Reliable Statue.png Ol Reliable Statue Statues Catchin Power. Boosted by Shwifty Statues.png Shwifty Statues
Silver Obol of Big Bugs.png Catching Obols Obols Catching Efficiency, Catching Power, and AGI
Mosquisnow.png Ew Gross Gross Alchemy Vials Catching Efficiency
Teleki'Net'Ic Logs.png Teleki'Net'Ic Logs Bowman Talent Catching Efficiency
Briar Patch Runner.png Briar Patch Runner Bowman Talent Catching Efficiency
Elusive Efficiency.png Elusive Efficiency Archer Talent Skill Efficiency for Archer Specialized Skills (Catching, Trapping)
Butterfly Card.png Butterfly Card Cards +% Total Catching Efficiency
Mosquisnow Card.png Mosquisnow Card Cards +% Total Catching Efficiency
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Ch-4c (Shoe Fly) Chronus Galaxy 5% Catch Efficiency, 20% Multi-Bug Chance
Catching Shipment.png Bug Hunting Supplies - 1st Effect Post Office % Catching Efficiency
Sleek Coif.png Sleek Coif Helmets 10% Catch Efficiency (Archers Only)
Feral Leathering.png Feral Leathering Shirts 10% Catch Efficiency (Archers Only)
Bandito Pantaloon.png Bandito Pantaloon Pants 12% Catching Efficiency
Bandito Boots.png Bandito Boots Shoes 20% Catching Efficiency
Spaggy Westerados.png Spaggy Westerados Shoes 35% Catching Efficiency
Catch Net Stamp.png Catch Net Stamp Stamps Catching Efficiency
Golden Fly Achievement.png Golden Fly Yum Yum Desert Achievement +5% Catching Efficiency
Catching Speed
Name Source Description
Buttered Toasted Butter.png Buttered Toasted Butter Boost Food Increases Catching Spd by 20%
Mistleberries.png Mistleberries Boost Food Increases Catching Spd by 25%
Fruit Salad Achievement.png Fruit Salad Yum Yum Desert Achievement  +5% Catching speed for all characters
Catching AFK Gain and Capacity
Name Source Description
Sunset On The Hives.png Sunset On The Hives Bowman Talent Catching AFK Gain
Flycicle Card.png Flycicle Card Cards +% Catching Away Gains
Fruitfly Card.png Fruitfly Card Cards +% Catching Away Gains
Catching Shipment.png Bug Hunting Supplies - 3rd Effect Post Office % Catching AFK Gains
Bugsack Stamp.png Bugsack Stamp Stamps % Bug Carry Cap
Catching EXP Gain
Name Source Description
Bug Enthusiast.png Bug Enthusiast Bowman Talent Catching EXP
Focused Soul.png Focused Soul Archer Talent Skill EXP for Archer Specialized Skills (Smithing, Catching, Trapping)
Yea I Already Know Yea I Already Know Archer Start with % EXP filled when you level up an Archer Skill (Smithing, Catching, Trapping)
Sentient Cereal Card.png Sentient Cereal Card Cards +% Catching EXP
Gold Arcade Ball.png Arcade's Golden Ball Bonuses Golden Ball Shop Catching EXP Gain
Fly Intel Stamp.png Fly Intel Stamp Stamps % Catching Exp
Threadin' the Needle Achievement.png Threadin' the Needle Yum Yum Desert Achievement  +5% Catching EXP for all characters
Catching Prowess, Multi-Bug Chance
Name Source Description
GreenBubble8.png Bug² Alchemy Bubbles Multi-Bug Catch Chance
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Ch-4c (Shoe Fly) Chronus Galaxy 5% Catch Efficiency, 20% Multi-Bug Chance
Catching Shipment.png Bug Hunting Supplies - 2nd Effect Post Office % Catching Prowess Effect
Buzz Buzz Stamp.png Buzz Buzz Stamp Stamps % Multibug Chance

Skilling EXP Gain
Name Source Description
Happy Dude Happy Dude Beginner Talent Specialized Skill EXP Gain (does not affect Construction)
Maestro Transfusion Maestro Transfusion Maestro Talent Skill EXP Gain, Skill Efficiency Loss
Left Hand of Learning Left Hand of Learning Maestro Talent Skill Exp Gain for Characters with skill level lower than Maestro's
Crystal Countdown Crystal Countdown Maestro Talent Lowers Skill EXP Req on Crystal/Giant kill
Chaotic Efaunt Card.png Chaotic Efaunt Card Cards % Skill EXP
Cheese Nub Card.png Cheese Nub Card Cards +% Skill EXP (Passive)
Spring Splendor Card.png Spring Splendor Card Cards +% Skill EXP (Passive)
Medium Resources Cardset.png Medium Resources Set Card Sets % Skill EXP
Acorn Topper.png Acorn Topper Helmets 15% Skill EXP
Eternal Flames of The Divine.png Eternal Flames of The Divine Capes +40% Skill EXP
Nebula Royal.png Nebula Royal Trophies +50% Skill EXP
Master of Nothing.png Master of Nothing Trophies +70% Skill EXP
Club Maestro.png Club Maestro Trophies 35% Skill EXP (Beginners Only)
Blooming Vine.png Blooming Vine Gem Shop (Bloomin' Pet Pack) +50% Skill EXP
Spring Flowers Nametag.png Spring Flowers Nametag Spring Splendor Event +15% Skill EXP
Golden Ham.png Golden Ham Golden Food % Skill EXP
Unending Energy.png Unending Energy Prayers Bonus: +% Class and Skill EXP
Curse: Max AFK time is now 10 hours
Balance of Proficiency.png Balance of Proficiency Prayers Bonus: +% Skill Exp Gain
Curse: -% Skill Efficiency
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy (Ch-14a) Star Signs 3% Skill EXP gain
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Sir Savvy Major (Hy-12) Star Signs 6% Skill EXP gain (If Lv>70)
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick (Bonus 4) Construction % Class EXP and Skill EXP
Dungeon Credits Flurbo Edition.png Flurbo Shop Stats Dungeons % Skill EXP (Note: Currently bugged. The Class EXP purchase affects both Skill and Class EXP)
Summereading Shrine.png Summereading Shrine Shrines Increases all EXP gain for all characters on the same map.
EhExPee Statue.png EhExPee Statue Statues % Skill EXP (Boosted by Skilliest Statue Skilliest Statue)
Biggie Hours Card.png Biggie Hours Card Cards % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
Bribes Icon.png Double EXP Scheme Bribes % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
Anotha One Anotha One Guild Bonuses % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
BigZ Shipment.png Lazzzy Lootcrate (Bonus 1) Post Office % Chance for 2x EXP when claiming AFK
Supernatural Gamer Achievement.png Supernatural Gamer Achievements +10% Skill EXP
Smokin' Stars Achievement.png Smokin' Stars Achievements +20% Skill EXP
Long Live Bagur Achievement.png Long Live Bagur Achievements +20% Skill EXP
Divinity Skill IconMini.png Flutterbis (Minor Link Bonus) Divinity +% Skill EXP
Gaming Bits - Green.png MSA Skill EXP Gaming (Superbits) +1% Skill EXP/10 Worship TD Waves
Bloque Idle.gif Bloque Pet Pets +20% Skill EXP
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick Bonus Salt Lick +% Skill EXP
Crabcake Shiny.gif Shiny Crabcake Breeding +2% Skill EXP/Level
Thermister Shiny.gif Shiny Thermister Breeding +2% Skill EXP/Level
Clammie Shiny.gifShiny Clammie Breeding +2% Skill EXP/Level
Black Pearl.png Black Pearl Many Sources Gives 20% EXP to a skill <30
Skill AFK
Name Source Description
Tick Tock Tick Tock Special Talents % Fighting and Skill AFK
Amarok Card.png Amarok Card Cards % Skill AFK gain rate
Bunny Card.png Bunny Card Cards % Skill AFK gain rate
Hard Resources Cardset.png Hard Resources Set Card Sets % Skill AFK Gain
Time Candy Chain.png Time Candy Chain Keychains % All Afk Gain
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Afk Gain
Persephones Bouquet.png Persephones Bouquet Pendants 15% Skill AFK Gain
Blunder Hero.png Blunder Hero Trophies 3% Skill AFK Gain
Giftmas Snoozy Cap.png Giftmas Snoozy Cap Premium Helmets 10% All AFK Gain
Zerg Rushogen.png Zerg Rushogen Prayers Bonus: +% AFK Gain Rate
Curse: -% Carry Capacity
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The Big Comatose (Ch-14) Star Signs 2% Skill AFK Gain
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The OG Skiller (Ch-17) Star Signs 1% Skill AFK Gain, 2% Skill Prowess
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Comatose Major (Hy-16) Star Signs 4% Skill AFK Gain (If Lv>90)
Gold Arcade Ball.png AFK Gains Arcade Shop % All AFK Gain
Bribes Icon.png AFKeylogging Bribe Bribes Boosts Skill AFK Gain Rate by +2%
Dungeon Credits Flurbo Edition.png Flurbo Shop Stats Dungeons AFK Gains
Sleepy Skiller Sleepy Skiller Guild Bonuses % Skill AFK gain rate
Desert Merit Shop 3.png AFK Gains Merit W2 Tasks +2% AFK Gains for your first X characters in your family


Skilling Efficiency
Name Source Description
Right Hand of Action Right Hand of Action Maestro Talent Skill Efficiency for Characters with skill level lower than Maestro's
Toilet Paper Postage Toilet Paper Postage Special Talents Higher bonuses from Skill Efficiency Stamps
Supersource Supersource Special Talents Base Skill Efficiency
Studious Quester Studious Quester Star Talents +0.1% Skill Efficiency/Quest Completed
Crystal Capybara Card.png Crystal Capybara Card Crystal Capybara +3% Skill Efficiency/Level (Passive)
Chaotic Troll Card.png Chaotic Troll Card Cards % Skill Efficiency
Easy Resources Cardset.png Easy Resources Set Card Sets % Skill Efficiency
Rex Ring.png Rex Ring Rings 5% Skill Efficiency
Serrated Rex Ring.png Serrated Rex Ring Rings 8% Skill Efficiency
Funny Hat.png Funny Hat Helmets 6% Skill Efficiency
Idle Skiller.png Idle Skiller Trophies 15% Skill Efficiency
Gilded Efaunt Dislodged Tusks.png Gilded Efaunt Dislodged Tusks Capes, Efaunt +10% Skill Efficiency
Dawn Stopwatch.png Dawn Stopwatch Smithing +1% Skill Efficiency
Slushy Obol of Much Dilapidation.png Slushy Obol of Much Dilapidation Obols 3% Skill Efficiency
Skilled Dimwit.png Skilled Dimwit Prayers Bonus: +% Skill Efficiency
Curse: -% Skill Exp Gain
Hunter Class Icon.png Hunter Family Bonus Family Bonuses Skill Efficiency
Multi Tool Multi Tool Guild Bonuses % Total Skill Efficiency
Corn.png Corn Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Riceball.png Riceball Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Whipped Cocoa.png Whipped Cocoa Cooking % Skill Efficiency
Frost Relic.png Frost Relic Sailing +30/60/90% Skill Efficiency for all W1, 2 & 3 Skills
Multitool Stamp.png Multitool Stamp Stamps, Poigu Base Skill Efficiency for all skills
Molti Idle.gif Molti Pet Pets +5% Skill Efficiency
Divinity Skill IconMini.png Nobisect Blessing Divinity Scaled Skill Efficiency (goes down as level increases)
Rift Bonus 3.png Skill Mastery The Rift +5% Skill Efficiency for every Skill above 500

Skilling Speed (Tool swing speed)
Name Source Description
Action Frenzy Action Frenzy Special Talents % Skill Speed
Diamond Honker Chain.png Diamond Honker Chain Keychains % All Skill Speed
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Skill Speed
Name Source Description
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif The OG Skiller (Ch-17) Star Signs 1% Skill AFK Gain, 2% Skill Prowess
YellowBubble5.png Prowesessary Alchemy Bubbles Prowess Bonus multiplier for every skill
Leek.png Leek Cooking % Skill Prowess
Name Source Description
Antifun Spirit.png Antifun Spirit Prayers Bonus: +% Minigame Reward Multi (Material rewards, not EXP)
Curse: Minigames cost x plays per attempt (starts at 10)
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Miniature Game (Ch-4b) Star Signs 30% Minigame rewards (Material rewards, not EXP)

General AGI
Name Source Description
Quickness Boots Quickness Boots Beginner Talent AGI (Level cap increased by AGI Again AGI Again / AGI Again AGI Again)
Sanic Speed Sanic Speed Archer Talent Base AGI
GreenBubble1.png Swift Steppin Alchemy Bubbles Total AGI (Boosted by GreenBubble17.png Premigreen)
Carrotman Card.png Carrotman Card Cards Base AGI
Mafioso Card.png Mafioso Card Cards Base AGI
Bloque Card.png Bloque Card Cards Base AGI
Biggole Wurm Card.png Biggole Wurm Card Cards Base AGI
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Flexo Bendo (Ch-2) Star Signs 3 AGI
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif Fast Frog (Ch-7b) Star Signs 8 AGI
Archer Class Icon.png Archer Family Bonus Family Bonuses Total AGI
Dumbphone Chain.png Dumbphone Chain Keychains AGI
Simple Key Chain.png Any Tier 1 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) AGI
Silver AGI Obol.png AGI Obols Obols AGI
Agile Stamp.png Agile Stamp Stamps AGI
Hermes Stamp.png Hermes Stamp Stamps AGI
Percentage AGI
Name Source Description
Garb Of Un'Agi'Ng Quality Garb Of Un'Agi'Ng Quality Archer Talent % AGI from Equipment
Shoeful Of Obol Shoeful Of Obol Bowman Talent % AGI from Obols
Shoeful Of Obol Shoeful Of Obol Hunter Talent % AGI from Obols
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif Agitagi (Hy-4B) Star Signs 3% AGI
Sushi Chain.png Sushi Chain Keychains % AGI
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % AGI
Critter Baron.png Critter Baron Trophies 5% AGI
General All Stat
Name Source Description
Will Of The Eldest Will Of The Eldest Special Talents All Stats
Chronus Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounder (Ch-7) Star Signs 4 All Stats
Stat Runes Stat Runes Guild Bonuses Total All Stats
Stat Graph Stamp.png Stat Graph Stamp Stamps All Stats
Stat Wallstreet Stamp.png Stat Wallstreet Stamp Stamps, Trash Island All Stats
Sandy Pot.png Sandy Pot Campanion Pets +15 Base All Stats
Myriad Shipment.png Myriad Crate Post Office + Base All Stat

 % All Stats
Name Source Description
Hydron Twinkling Star Sign.gif All Rounderi (Hy-1) Star Signs 1% All Stats
The Emperor's Opal.png The Emperor's Opal Rings 6% All Stats
BobGoldPickle Chain.png BobGoldPickle Chain Keychains % All Stats
Gilded Key Chain.png Any Tier 3 Keychains Keychains (Misc2) % All Stats
Cascading Scaled Cape of Krieg.png Cascading Scaled Cape of Kreig Massive Troll 6% All Stats
Giant Violet.png Giant Violet Valentine's Event 10% All Stat
Equinox Ring.png Equinox Ring Equinox Dreamer Pack 10% All Stat
Ele Sorcerer Pointed Hat.png Ele Sorcerer Pointed Hat Gem Shop (Limited Specials) 5% All Stat
Strung Tooth of the Divine.png Strung Tooth of the Divine Kattlecruk 5% All Stat
Slush Skull.png Slush Skull Dilapidated Slush 2% All Stat
Dreadnaught Skull.png Dreadnaught Skull Smithing 3% All Stat
Hyper Pyre Obol.png Hyper Pyre Obol Limited Specials (Gem Shop) 2% All Stat
Jagged Obol of Massive Trolling.png Jagged Obol of Massive Trolling Massive Troll 3% All Stat
Thin Veil of The Troll.png Thin Veil of the Troll Smithing 3% All Stat
Trollish Garb.png Trollish Garb Smithing 3% All Stat
Twisted Scales.png Twisted Scales Smithing 3% All Stat
Soles of the Troll.png Soles of the Troll Smithing 3% All Stat
Magma Core Headdress.png Magma Core Headdress Smithing 6% All Stat
Magma Core Wavemaille.png Magma Core Wavemaille Smithing 4% All Stat
Magma Core Battleskirt.png Magma Core Batlleskirt Smithing 4% All Stat
Magma Core Lavarunners.png Magma Core Lavarunners Smithing 4% All Stat
Console Jewel Sapphire Navette.png Sapphire Navette Laboratory 3% All Stat
Spelunker Obol Lab Bonus.png Spelunker Obol Laboratory Jewels give x1.5 bonuses. Boosts Sapphire Navette.
Dummy Thicc Stats.png Dummy Thicc Stats Star Talents, Shimmer Island % All Stats/ POW 10 Dummy DPS
Pearler Shell.png Pearl Seltzer Vials % All Stats
Seaworthy Captain Achievement.png Seaworthy Captain Achievements 1% All Stats
Socrates.png Socrates Sailing 10/20/30% All Stats
Stilted Seeker Card.png Stilted Seeker Card Stilted Seekers, Cards +0.5% All Stats/Level
Tremor Wurm Card.png Tremor Wurm Card Tremor Wurms, Cards 1% All Stats/Level
Blighted Chizoar Card.png Blighted Chizoar Card Nightmare Chizoar 1.5% All Stats/Level
Bubonic Conjuror.png Bubonic Conjuror Family Bonus Bubonic Conjuror % All Stats

Catching Minigame

The catching minigame is basically a clone of Flappy Bird, where you have to tap/click for the bug to jump. You have to pass through different colored hoops (the smaller the hoop the bigger the score) while the speed increases the longer you play. If you hit the ground or the edge of a ring you fail.

1 points for orange hoop Hoop 1.png

2 points for green hoop Hoop 2.png

3 points for gold hoop Hoop 3.png

5 points for lava hoop Hoop 4.png

Catching Exp Quests

Quest Information for Catching
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Goldric - Hoopsies Pass through 15 hoops in a row.
Pass a total of 90 hoops across all attempts
Difficulty 2.png Hoops In-A-Row: > 15, Total Hoops > 90 No 4xGem.png Gem, 2xTool Upgrade Stone III.png Tool Upgrade Stone III, 10000 Catching Experience 'Hoopsies' refers to the Catching minigame. Completing either objective is enough to clear this quest.

Skill Mastery

Upon completing Rift 16 in World 4, Skill Mastery unlocks. Skill Mastery gives you account wide bonuses based on your skill's total level across every player.

Total Level Req Bonus
List of Bonuses
150 +25% Catching EXP gain
200 +10% Catching Efficiency
300 All Catching cards are now passive
400 +10% All skill EXP
500 +5% All skill efficiency
750 +1% Printer output
1000 +25% All skill EXP