2021 Giftmas Box

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2021 Giftmas Box
2021 Giftmas Box.png
Hold to open! Contains a random Giftmas goodie, from event cards to foods!
Sell Price
Copper Coin.png 1
Event Box
 Giftmas 2021
2021 Giftmas Box can be obtained from any enemy during its event.
23% Giftmas Cards:
5.6%Ghost Card.png Ghost Card
5.6%Giftmas Blobulyte Card.png Giftmas Blobulyte Card
5.6%Meaning of Giftmas Card.png Meaning of Giftmas Card
83%Golden Giftmas Box Card.png Golden Giftmas Box Card
20%Black Pearl.png Black Pearl
10%Giftmas Helmet Upgrade Stone.png Giftmas Helmet Upgrade Stone
11%Giftmas Tool Upgrade Stone.png Giftmas Tool Upgrade Stone
6% Giftmas Event Food:
25%Mistleberries.png Mistleberries 25x
25%Giftybread Man.png Giftybread Man 25x
25%Chogg Nog.png Chogg Nog 25x
25%Candy Canes.png Candy Canes 25x
11%Gem.png Gem x5