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This article is about the gem shop currency. For other uses, see Gem (disambiguation).
Detailed Drop Details for Gem
Source Chance Quantity
King Doot 1.66666666666671 in 1.67

Dewdrop Bronze Chest 201 in 20.0

Dewdrop Silver Chest 8.33333333333331 in 8.33

Dewdrop Golden Chest 3.33333333333331 in 3.33

Sandstone Bronze Chest 101 in 10.0

Sandstone Silver Chest 51 in 5.00

Sandstone Golden Chest 2.51 in 2.50

Chillsnap Bronze Chest 8.33333333333331 in 8.33

Chillsnap Silver Chest 4.34782608695651 in 4.35

Chillsnap Golden Chest 2.22222222222221 in 2.22

Biggie Hours 2.51 in 2.50

Astro Bronze Chest 8.33333333333331 in 8.33

Astro Silver Chest 4.34782608695651 in 4.35

Astro Golden Chest 2.22222222222221 in 2.22

Gem Envelope 100001 in 10,000

Gem Envelope 1111.11111111111 in 1,110

Gem Envelope 111.111111111111 in 111

Gem Envelope 5.26315789473681 in 5.26

6 to 30
Gem Envelope 1.251 in 1.25

2 to 4

Gem Quests

Quest Information for Gem
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Bandit Bob - Bringing Bob's Boxes Make some deliveries for Plan-It Experess over at the post office. Difficulty 3.png Plan-It Express Orders: > 2 No 1xSigned Arrest Warrant.png Signed Arrest Warrant, 2xGem.png Gem
Bill Brr - Fairly Odd Damage Deal an 'odd' amount of damage 8 times in a row. Difficulty 4.png Odd Dmg in a Row: > 8 No 5xMedium Experience Balloon.png Medium Experience Balloon, 3xGem.png Gem This is easily done in Worship where your character attacks all do only 1 damage.
Bill Brr - Laughin' Amphibian Defeat the Giga Frog with Bill's joke in it. Difficulty 2.png Frog Defeated: > 1 No 1xDungeon Loot Dice.png Dungeon Loot Dice, 4xGem.png Gem The Gigafrog is always shielded, you must kill it with the shield up. Unequip HP-increasing Prayers to avoid extending the fight. Attacking the Gigafrog with a bow will cause it to glitch out. Archers should unequip your bow before spawning the Gigafrog.
Cactolyte - Super Skillage Get the required skill levels in Mining Smithing and Choppin to impress Cactolyte club member! Difficulty 4.png Reach Mining Lv 32, Smithing Lv35, Choppin' Lv 33. No 50x Gem.png Gem, 4x 12 HR Time Candy.png 12 HR Time Candy Get this quest by dropping a Bag o Nuts.png Bag o Nuts on the cactus in Djonnuttown.
Carpetiem - Be like Buster! Defeat the former Heavyweight Champ with Red Boxing Gloves equipped. Difficulty 3.png Epic KO: >= 1. Starting at 0. No 4x Gem.png Gem, 120000 Class Experience Reclaim the Crimson String from your codex to craft a new pair of Boxing Gloves. Forfeit and start over if you need to respawn the monster.
Carpetiem - Darn Lazy Gamers! Kill 750 Potatos. Idle kills don't count. Difficulty 3.png Potato Kills: >= 750. Starting at 0. No 1x Silver STR Obol.png Silver STR Obol, 3x Gem.png Gem, 80000 Class Experience No Notes
Centurion - Colosseum GDQ Complete the three colosseums with lots of Time Remaining after beating all waves. Difficulty 6.png 1st Colosseum: > 180, 2nd Colosseum: > 170, 3rd Colosseum: > 160 No 1x12 HR Time Candy.png 12 HR Time Candy, 30xGem.png Gem, Gold Coin.png 10 The numbers are how many seconds you must have remaining for each colosseum.
Cowbo Jones - Children? What'd they ever do for Me... Donate to the Starving Orphan Monsters foundation in the Cauldron. Difficulty 4.png Donations Made: > 4 No 6xGem.png Gem, 1xMedium Experience Balloon.png Medium Experience Balloon Donate in the Alchemy Liquids Tab.
Cowbo Jones - Say Goodbye to your Dubloon! Buy a Gold Dubloon to prove your worth. Difficulty 2.png 1xGolden Dubloon.png Golden Dubloon Yes 5xSmall Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon, 5xGem.png Gem, 3500 Class Experience Golden Dubloon.png Golden Dubloon can be obtained from World 2's Shop.
Cowbo Jones - The Grind Begins...? Kill 99999 Sandy Pots Difficulty 1.png Kill Pots: > 99999 No 5xGem.png Gem, 9000 Class Experience After 10 active kills, the quest auto-completes.
Cowbo Jones - The Notorious B.O.B Find the criminal! Difficulty 4.png Criminal Found: > 1 No 3xGem.png Gem, 2xSmall Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon, 10000 Class Experience The criminal is located through the portal below Mimics.
Cowbo Jones - The Worst Trade Deal in History Buy and sell a total of 10 Golden Dubloons. Difficulty 3.png Resold Dubloons: > 10 No 4xGem.png Gem, 3xSmall Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon
Dazey - Dressing like a Dork Help Dazey build a Sprout costume. You don't actually need a pea brain that was just her being a jerk. Difficulty 5.png 1000x Forest Fibres.png Forest Fibres, 5x Flowies.png Flowies No 1x Gem.png Gem No Notes
Desert Davey - U Cool? Bring cool proof. And dont worry, you'll get to keep the items! Difficulty 1.png 1Steel Axe.png Steel Axe, 1Birch Longbow.png Birch Longbow, 1Quarterstaff.png Quarterstaff No 50 Gem.png Gem, 2 4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy, 3 1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy
Egggulyte - Egg Shaped Lootboxes! Defeat monsters and find some egg capsules! Open them for rewards! Difficulty 2.png Open Egg Capsule: > 5 No 5xEgg Capsule.png Egg Capsule, 3xGummy Bunny.png Gummy Bunny, 5xGem.png Gem
Egggulyte - I've Got a Golden Tickegg! Open Egg Capsules until you find a Golden Egg! Previously found ones don't count! Difficulty 4.png Find New Gold Egg: > 1 No 7xEgg Capsule.png Egg Capsule, 5xGummy Bunny.png Gummy Bunny, 5xGem.png Gem
Funguy - Party Crashin' Go on then party! Difficulty 4.png Meet New People: >= 35. Starting at 0., Make Some Friends: >= 0. Starting at 0. No 5000 Class Experience, 3000 Chopping Experience, 4x Gem.png Gem Kill the 35 spawned monsters. If you left the area before killing all 35 monsters, forfeit and re-accept the quest to spawn them again.
Giftmas Blobulyte - Boo, Headshot! Defeat Giftmas Ghosts, which have a rare chance to spawn from defeating normal monsters. Difficulty 2.png Ghosts Defeated: 6 No 15 Giftmas Box.png Giftmas Box, 10 Gem.png Gem, 1 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy
Giftmas Blobulyte - You Shouldn't Have! No, really. Ah, they mean cash and jewelry! Go get a dubloon and some shiny glass from Sandy Pots, both from the Desert! Difficulty 2.png 1Glass Shard.png Glass Shard, 1Golden Dubloon.png Golden Dubloon Yes 15 Giftmas Box.png Giftmas Box, 10 Gem.png Gem
Goldric - Criminal Code of Conduct Find the perfect gift for an animated gold bar monarch. You may have to sift through a lot of crap to find it! Difficulty 5.png 1xGolden Plop.png Golden Plop Yes 7xGem.png Gem, 2xWarped Weapon Upgrade Stone.png Warped Weapon Upgrade Stone While you have this quest active and have the Level Up Gift Alchemy Bubble equipped, Pre Crime Boxes may drop. They don't do anything, you can safely sell them.
Goldric - Hoopsies Pass through 15 hoops in a row.
Pass a total of 90 hoops across all attempts
Difficulty 2.png Hoops In-A-Row: > 15, Total Hoops > 90 No 4xGem.png Gem, 2xTool Upgrade Stone III.png Tool Upgrade Stone III, 10000 Catching Experience 'Hoopsies' refers to the Catching minigame. Completing either objective is enough to clear this quest.
Goldric - Only Winners have Portraits Find various goldric paintings from Desert Monsters. Difficulty 3.png 200xCasual Confidante.png Casual Confidante, 200xTriumphant Treason.png Triumphant Treason, 200xClaiming Cashe.png Claiming Cashe Yes 5xGem.png Gem, Gold Coin.png 1 The paintings drop from Mimics, Mafiosos and Sand Castles.
Goldric - Trickle Down Economics Collect copper coins by running over them. Difficulty 2.png Coins Collected: > 15 No 3xGem.png Gem, Gold Coin.png 1 You need to have the Cowbo Jones quest 'Commence Criminal Crimes!' active in order to get this quest.
Hoggindaz - Constructing a Tower Build the Red and Orange Signposts and also make some Cogs by going to the 'Cog' Tab and opening the Cog Shelf and dragging in some players. Difficulty 3.png 3D Printer Built: > 1, Wizard Defender Built: > 1, Cogs Made: > 1 No Special Talent Book.png Printer Sampling (Special Talent Book), 2xGem.png Gem Collect a cog on the character with this quest active. Cogs collected by another character won't count. Wizard Defenders are in the middle row.
Hoggindaz - Monke Tower Time! Start a round of Tower Defence by going to the Goblin Map in World 1. Also equip that wax skull! Difficulty 2.png Summon Goblin Gorefest: > 1, Place Wizard Towers: > 4 No 1x1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy, 2xGem.png Gem You need at least 25% charge to play a round of Worship at the Glublin totem. Purchase and equip a Wax Skull.png Wax Skull from the W3 town shop to gain charge. Charge is per-character, not account wide.
Hoggindaz - Taking Samples Use the Star Book then add the talent to your attack bar and take samples! Difficulty 1.png Take Samples: > 2 No Special Talent Book.png Shrine Architect (Special Talent Book), 2xGem.png Gem You must be in a map with AFK info of an activity in order to sample it. For instance, go to the Green Mushroom map or the Copper Ore mining area, then activate the talent. You can then print whatever you sampled in the 3D printer. Until you upgrade your printer in construction, only your first character can take samples.
Hoggindaz - Trapping with the Lord Go to the map to the left and learn about the Trapping Skill. Difficulty 4.png Buy Trap from Shop: > 1, Place a Trap in Jungle: > 1 No 1x1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy, 4xGem.png Gem You must complete the Lord of the Hunt's first quest to have the ability to place traps in the jungle (Slime map)
Hoggindaz - Turn ON for what??? Turn on Redox Combustion in the refinery and collect Mushroom Caps and Copper Ore until you have 24 hours of fuel. Difficulty 1.png Refinery Turned On: > 1, Hours of Redox Fuel: > 24 No 3xGem.png Gem At rank 1, the refinery uses 10 Spore Caps and 5 Copper Ore every 15 minutes. You need at least 960 Spore Caps and 480 Copper Ore in your storage chest.
Iceland Irwin - Crikey, it's cold out! Go defeat Frost Flakes past the Sheepies and collect their cool shapes! Difficulty 4.png 250xMelty Cube.png Melty Cube Yes 25xGem.png Gem, 1x4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy, 2x1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy
Lonely Hunter - Leaf Him Alone! Well you heard him! Difficulty 3.png 200xGrass Leaf.png Grass Leaf, 50xTwisty Leaf.png Twisty Leaf Yes 5xGem.png Gem, 1x1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy
Loominadi - Journey to the Center of the Blundermines Reach the Ol' Straightaway mining area with Plat and Dementia ore. Difficulty 5.png Reach Ol' Straightaway: >= 1. Starting at 0. No 5x Mystery Upgrade Stone II.png Mystery Upgrade Stone II, 15x Gem.png Gem, 2x Silver Antique.png Silver Antique No Notes
Loominadi - Rhyming is Key! Kill moonmen until they drop all the keys you need. Difficulty 4.png 10x Loomi's Room Key.png Loomi's Room Key Yes 3x Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone I, 8x Gem.png Gem, 5x Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon No Notes
Loominadi - Uh, Something About Vials? Upgrade 13 Vials up to light-blue rarity or higher Difficulty 5.png Blue Alch Vials: >= 13. Starting at 0. No 3x Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone I, 10x Gem.png Gem, 15x Distilled Water.png Distilled Water "Light Blue" means level 5.
Lord of the Hunt - Noot Noot! Go trap some Pingy Critters. Difficulty 6.png 2500xPingy.png Pingy, 4xEternal Lord of The Undying Ember.png Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember Yes 1x12 HR Time Candy.png 12 HR Time Candy, 10xGem.png Gem Located at The Stache Split in Frostbite Tundra
Lord of the Hunt - The Mouse n the Molerat Go trap some Mousey Critters. Difficulty 4.png 1000xMousey.png Mousey, 2xNakeo Moleo.png Nakeo Moleo Yes 10xGem.png Gem Located at Rats Nest in Sewers in Blunder Hills
Meel - Spooky Scary Skelepoops Defeat the Boops! Difficulty 3.png Boops Bopped: 30 No 25 Gem.png Gem
Mutton - Cross Platform Promotion Find some more followers probably from the Sewers again since his beatboxing still sucks. Difficulty 5.png 5000xCorporatube Sub.png Corporatube Sub, 1000xInstablab Follower.png Instablab Follower Yes 1xScimitar Stamp.png Scimitar Stamp, 3xGem.png Gem Only from Poops & Rats at this stage.
Papua Piggea - Oinko Boinko Retrieve the stolen item! Difficulty 3.png 1xKapow Stamp.png Kapow Stamp No 2xGem.png Gem, 2500 Class Experience The Kapow Stamp is a quest item, it will NOT drop unless the quest is active. Papua Piggea does not take it from you, so you can turn in the quest and then bring the stamp to your bank in town.
Picnic Stowaway - A Midnight Snack Get rare cookie drops from Twilight Desert mobs. Difficulty 6.png 2xMidnight Cookie.png Midnight Cookie Yes 1xPicnic Token.png Picnic Token, 10xGolden Meat Pie.png Golden Meat Pie, 3xGem.png Gem
Picnic Stowaway - Don't Desert the Dessert Mmmmm nuget caaaaaakee.... Difficulty 5.png 2xNuget Cake.png Nuget Cake Yes 1xGem.png Gem, 5xGolden Meat Pie.png Golden Meat Pie, 2xWarped Helmet Upgrade Stone.png Warped Helmet Upgrade Stone uget Cakes drop from Crabcakes
Picnic Stowaway - Early Evening Eating Endeavor Get baby here a little baby bowl because he can't eat kebabs like a big boy. Difficulty 5.png 1xIron Helmet.png Iron Helmet, 500xKebab Sticks.png Kebab Sticks Yes 10xGolden Kebabs.png Golden Kebabs, 20xGolden Jam.png Golden Jam, 2xGem.png Gem
Postboy Pablob - Signed, Sealed and Lost in the Post Craft some Empty Boxes from Anvil Tab 2 Difficulty 6.png 5Empty Box.png Empty Box Yes 10000 Class Experience, 75 Gem.png Gem, 5 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy
Scripticus - Can't somebody else do it? Reach Lv 5 then create a 2nd character! They gather resources WHILE you play on your 1st character!! Difficulty 2.png Claim AFK on 2nd Char: > 1, Storage Chest Used: > 1 No 1xArmor Upgrade Stone I.png Armor Upgrade Stone I, 2x1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy, 150xGem.png Gem
Scubidew - Don't Step to Me, Bro! Show him there are no water monters. Difficulty 2.png 400x Goldfish.png Goldfish, 100x Hermit Can.png Hermit Can, 25x Jellyfish.png Jellyfish Yes 1x Iron Hook.png Iron Hook, 3x Gem.png Gem, 1000 Fishing Experience No Notes
Snake Jar - A Noob, served Medium Rare! Lure another player to Snakejar's platform and have them say 'Hi'. Difficulty 2.png Other players lured: > 1 No 1xSnake Jar Token.png Snake Jar Token, 3x1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy, 10xGem.png Gem
Snake Jar - Lookin' Like a Snack Get some teeth so you can be eaten! Mmm yummy! Difficulty 3.png 4200xMegalodon Tooth.png Megalodon Tooth Yes 3xWarped Helmet Upgrade Stone.png Warped Helmet Upgrade Stone, 6xGem.png Gem
Snake Jar - PSA. You Are Being Eaten! Wait why do they want to pretend to have eaten you again? Uh oh I don't like the look of that Quest Helper... Difficulty 4.png Survive being Eaten: > 4, Stand Near Snake Jar: > 1 No 1xJar.png Jar, 3xMedium Experience Balloon.png Medium Experience Balloon, 20xGem.png Gem At 150 defense the damage is around 900 hp.
Telescope - I'm Seeing Stars! Follow the engraving's advice, and press the little constellation on the bottom right branch. Difficulty 2.png Constellation A-2: 1 No 2 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy, 10 Gem.png Gem, 2 4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy The constellation is on the same map as the telescope, you need to afk 1h in order to complete it
TP Pete - Roll of Anger Go defeat 40 poops in 200 seconds. Difficulty 4.png Poops Defeated: > 40, Time Left: > 1 No 2xSmall Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon, 2xGem.png Gem, 13000x Class Experience
Wellington - Findin' Fingerprints Collect materials maybe the blobulyte left some fingerprints on one? Difficulty 4.png 2500xHigh Steaks.png High Steaks, 2500xWakka Cherry.png Wakka Cherry, 2500xSinglecle.png Singlecle Yes 5xGem.png Gem, 1xFly Intel Stamp.png Fly Intel Stamp, 1xHoly Mackerel Stamp.png Holy Mackerel Stamp
Whattso - The Whaley Hard Minigame They look even sadder now try doing something else... Difficulty 3.png Fish Minigame Score: > 10 No 1xScripticus Spoons.png Scripticus Spoons, 3xGem.png Gem, 2000 Fishing Experience