Cardboard Traps

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Where to buy Cardboard Traps
No. Vendor Buy Price Stock
4 Frostbite Towndra Gold Coin.png 2 99

What Cardboard Traps is used in
Name Quantity Type
Pelt for the Pelt God 1Quests
Trap Data
Time Qty Multi XP Multi Shiny Multi Qty Eff XP Eff Shiny Eff
20 Minutes 1x 1x 3x/h 3x/h 3x/h
1 Hours 2x 2x 2x/h 2x/h 1x/h
8 Hours 10x 8x 1.25x/h 1x/h 0.13x/h
20 Hours 20x 15x 1x/h 0.75x/h 0.05x/h