Dioxide Synthesis

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What Dioxide Synthesis is used in
Adornment of the High Priest.png Adornment of the High Priest 150 Smithing
Chizoar Scaled Leggings.png Chizoar Scaled Leggings 250 Smithing
Chizoar Walkers.png Chizoar Walkers 100 Smithing
Colossal Critta Pouch.png Colossal Critta Pouch 5,000 Smithing
Colossal Soul Pouch.png Colossal Soul Pouch 5,000 Smithing
Conquistador Plume.png Conquistador Plume 150 Smithing
Damascus Plates.png Damascus Plates 250 Smithing
Elegantine Robes.png Elegantine Robes 250 Smithing
Evergreen Wraps.png Evergreen Wraps 250 Smithing
Glauss Skull.png Glauss Skull 1,000 Smithing
Knuckle Sabers.png Knuckle Sabers 2,000 Smithing
Lustre Logger.png Lustre Logger 600 Smithing
Lustre Netting.png Lustre Netting 750 Smithing
Lustre Pickaxe.png Lustre Pickaxe 600 Smithing
Lustre Rod.png Lustre Rod 750 Smithing
Mark of Member.png Mark of Member 400 Smithing
Massive Bug Pouch.png Massive Bug Pouch 500 Smithing
Massive Choppin Pouch.png Massive Choppin Pouch 400 Smithing
Massive Critter Pouch.png Massive Critter Pouch 1,000 Smithing
Massive Fish Pouch.png Massive Fish Pouch 500 Smithing
Massive Food Pouch.png Massive Food Pouch 1,000 Smithing
Massive Materials Pouch.png Massive Materials Pouch 1,000 Smithing
Massive Mining Pouch.png Massive Mining Pouch 400 Smithing
Massive Soul Pouch.png Massive Soul Pouch 1,000 Smithing
Meaty Traps.png Meaty Traps 1,000 Smithing
Member Hoodie.png Member Hoodie 400 Smithing
Murmillo Helm.png Murmillo Helm 150 Smithing
Shardsure Leif.png Shardsure Leif 500 Smithing
Skullslip Hallow.png Skullslip Hallow 500 Smithing
Slimsharp Fin.png Slimsharp Fin 500 Smithing
GreenBubble19.png Kill Per Kill Lots Alchemy Bubble More Info.
Refinery.png Purple Salt Lots Refining
Construction Table.png Crescent Shrine 60,600 Construction
Construction Table.png Crescent Shrine Bonus Levels 180.6 K Bonus Levels  More Info.
Construction Table.png Kraken Cosplayer 8,925 Construction
Construction Table.png Kraken Cosplayer Bonus Levels 60,165 Bonus Levels  More Info.
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick 5,115 Construction