Dr Defecaus

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Proudly pushing out his new Poo-hD in thermo-poo-dynamics, Dr Defecaus will gladly soil the good name of Doctors everywhere with his nutty results.

Dr Defecaus is a mini-boss that spawns in the The Office, the portal on the bottom left of Rats Nest. It spawns once per day per account, resetting at your daily reset. Be aware that each day Dr Defecaus will only spawn on the first device/platform you play on after your daily reset.

If you have the W1 Merit "Higher chance for minibosses in world 1 to drop new Star Talents" then Dr Defecaus has a chance to drop Special Talent Book.png Just Exp (Special Talent Book) or Special Talent Book.png Frothy Malk (Special Talent Book).

Droptable for Dr Defecaus
Dr Defecaus Card.pngDr Defecaus Card 133.3333333333331 in 33.3
Job Application.pngJob Application 111 in 1.00
Novice Recipe.pngPolished Bludgeon (Recipe) 116.6666666666671 in 16.7
Corn Kernels.pngCorn Kernels 15011 in 1.00
Stinky Axe.pngStinky Axe 1501 in 50.0
Poopy Pickaxe.pngPoopy Pickaxe 11001 in 100
Golden Plop.pngGolden Plop 1101 in 10.0
Arrow Down Blue.pngRare Drops.pngArrow Down Blue.png
 Dungeon Loot Dice.pngx1: 11 in 1.00 - DropTable3
Cheezy Pizza.pngCheezy Pizza 152.38095238095241 in 2.38
Health Statue.pngHealth Statue 18.33333333333331 in 8.33
Beginner Recipe.pngSteel Band (Recipe) 1200001 in 20,000
Average Mana Potion.pngAverage Mana Potion 1041 in 4.00
Tool Upgrade Stone II.pngTool Upgrade Stone II 133.3333333333331 in 33.3
Bottled Town Teleport.pngBottled Town Teleport 1201 in 20.0
Cloudsound Follower.pngCloudsound Follower (Mutton) 621 in 2.00
Bronze WIS Obol.pngBronze WIS Obol 1865.800865800871 in 866
Arrow Down Magenta.pngMega Rare Drops.pngArrow Down Magenta.png
 Dungeon Loot Dice.pngx1: 2001 in 200 - SuperDropTable1
Lucky Lad.pngLucky Lad 1666666.666666671 in 667,000
Silver Pen.pngSilver Pen 12857.14285714291 in 2,860
Special Talent Book.pngRoll Da Dice (Special Talent Book) 120001 in 2,000
Talent Point Reset Fragment.pngTalent Point Reset Fragment 120001 in 2,000
Special Talent Book.pngAttacks On Simmer (Special Talent Book) 120001 in 2,000
Golden Nomwich.pngGolden Nomwich 14001 in 400
Silver Obol of Pocket Change.pngSilver Obol of Pocket Change 16349.20634920631 in 6,350
Silver Obol of Little Damage.pngSilver Obol of Little Damage 16144.39324116741 in 6,140
Bronze Obol of Experience.pngBronze Obol of Experience 16568.1444991791 in 6,570
Mystery Upgrade Stone I.pngMystery Upgrade Stone I 2235.294117647061 in 235