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This is a Rare Droptable for:

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Droptable for DropTable3b
Small Life Potion.pngSmall Life Potion 252.51 in 2.50
Small Mana Potion.pngSmall Mana Potion 252.51 in 2.50
Health Statue.pngHealth Statue 111.1111111111111 in 11.1
Feasty Statue.pngFeasty Statue 1201 in 20.0
Cloudsound Follower.pngCloudsound Follower (Mutton) 321 in 2.00
Arrow Down Magenta.pngMega Rare Drops.pngArrow Down Magenta.png
Lucky Lad.pngLucky Lad 1606060.606060611 in 606,000
Silver Pen.pngSilver Pen 12597.40259740261 in 2,600
Special Talent Book.pngRoll Da Dice (Special Talent Book) 11818.18181818181 in 1,820
Talent Point Reset Fragment.pngTalent Point Reset Fragment 11818.18181818181 in 1,820
Special Talent Book.pngAttacks On Simmer (Special Talent Book) 11818.18181818181 in 1,820
Golden Nomwich.pngGolden Nomwich 1363.636363636361 in 364
Silver Obol of Pocket Change.pngSilver Obol of Pocket Change 16413.33974667311 in 6,410
Silver Obol of Little Damage.pngSilver Obol of Little Damage 16413.33974667311 in 6,410
Bronze Obol of Experience.pngBronze Obol of Experience 15971.04045379911 in 5,970
Mystery Upgrade Stone I.pngMystery Upgrade Stone I 2213.903743315511 in 214