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Hamish is found in Froggy Fields, the second zone of Grasslands, located in the bottom of the area.

He primarily focuses on account-wide items only one character has to unlock for all to benefit from, the only exception is a Talent Point Reset Potion.png Talent Point Reset Potion.

Quest Information for Hamish
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
The Hamazing Plot Twist Find an axe to trade for the stamp! Difficulty 2.png 1Copper Chopper.png Copper Chopper Yes 1 Tomahawk Stamp.png Tomahawk Stamp, 100 Chopping Experience, Purple Tupacband.png Purple Tupacband recipe (first time completed)
Should We Tell Him? Use the recipe and craft the helmet. Difficulty 2.png 1Purple Tupacband.png Purple Tupacband Yes 1 Choppin' Bag Stamp.png Choppin' Bag Stamp, 150 Chopping Experience, 1 Talent Point Reset Potion.png Talent Point Reset Potion Recipe drops from this NPC before quest.
Slime for Storage Get them 50 slime sludge. They're like lv. 3, they'll accept. Difficulty 4.png 50Slime Sludge.png Slime Sludge Yes 1 Storage Chest 1.png Storage Chest 1, 150 Chopping Experience Requires level 7 choppin to start this quest.
Dialogue Table for Hamish
Dialogue Text Quest
Hi, want to trade stuff? I have tons of cool things, oak logs, bleach logs, maple logs, you name it!
You want a stamp? I have one of those!!! Me and my siblings all nabbed one from our Dad before we left home! He wanted to teach us economics and business... boring! We just want to adventure!
I guess the stamp is kinda cool, but I'd rather have a real Hatchet! The one I have now is plastic. The Hamazing Plot Twist
Neato axe! But, I can't give you the stamp, you're inventory is full!
Deal! This is gonna bump up my choppin power so much, I bet I'll finally be able to fully chop down this tree!
Hmm, this tree is tough! I think I need something else...
I heard WIS increases choppin efficiency. I have this recipe for a WIS hat, but I don't specialize in smithing so I can't make it! Make it for me, and I'll give you another stamp! Should We Tell Him?
Clear up 1 space for the stamp!
Wow, my Choppin Efficiency is mega huge now! This tree wont stand a chance! Come on back later, I'll surely have this tree chopped down to the roots by then! Return at Choppin Lv. 7
Well, I've only got one stamp left, but I'm holding onto it! Buuuut, since you got my previous stamps, I don't really need this storage chest for anything.
I'll give you my storage chest for... exactly 1 billion slime sludge, and not a single one less! Slime for Storage
You're out of inventory. Clear up 1 space and come back!
Thats uh, quite a few less than a billion. But that Quest Notifier was right, I'll still accept! Here's the storage chest, it's super OP for a big time adventurer like you!
Idk what to do with all this sludge! It's very cool looking at least.