Killroy's Slaughterhouse

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Killroy's Slaughterhouse is a weekly challenge accessed from Killroy in the YumYum Grotto where you are given two randomized selections of rooms (the second selection room unlocks after reaching World 4). The random factors are which class can enter and what the enemy will be fighting, the map is the same as the mob's spawning area. Killing enemies within these challenges will award the player with Talent Point Tab's and Killroy Skull.png Skulls which act as a currency for the Skull Shop, also provided by Killroy. When the challenge resets your Skulls will also be reset.

Rooms can be reset using Airhorn for 300 Gem.png.

Skull Shop

The Skull Shop offers the following selections:

Reward Price Killroy Skull.png
Random Time Candy x1: 5
Black Pearl.png Black Pearl x1 9
Holy Pearl.png Holy Pearl x1 10
Next Kill Spawns a Crystal Mob 3
Dungeon Loot Dice.png Dungeon Loot Dice x1 6
Smol Arcade Balls.png Arcade Balls x6 4
Talent Book Library.png Library Checkouts x2 8
Refinery.gif Refinery Cycle x1 1
Pet Egg.png Pet Eggs x2 8
Cooking Ladle.png Cooking Ladles x3 5

Room Upgrades

After time's up in any battle you'll be granted to choose one of the three "Upgrades" which are permanent for all future runs that boosts your progress/rewards within room:

Upgrade Description
+1 Second Timer Increases your maximum time in room. Base time is 100 seconds.
+ Talent Drops Increases chance for Talent Point drop, depends on how many Talent Point drops already got
+1% Bonus Skulls Increases chance of dropping skulls by mobs
Faster Respawn
Dungeon Drops Mobs can drop Dungeon Credits now
Pearl Drops Mobs can drop Pearls now