Kruk Cavity Tooth

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What Kruk Cavity Tooth is used in
Anvil Tab 6.png Anvil Tab 6 10 Smithing
Crackled Skull Destroyer.png Crackled Skull Destroyer 4 Smithing
Skull Lance.png Skull Lance 4 Smithing
Skulled Helmet of the Divine.png Skulled Helmet of the Divine 2 Smithing
Spine Tingler Sniper.png Spine Tingler Sniper 4 Smithing
Staff of the Undead Plague.png Staff of the Undead Plague 4 Smithing
The Divine Scarf.png The Divine Scarf 10 Smithing
Zero Point Stopwatch.png Zero Point Stopwatch 10 Smithing
Detailed Drop Details for Kruk Cavity Tooth
Source Chance Quantity
Chaotic Kattlekruk 1001 in 100

Sacrilegious Kattlekruk 12.51 in 12.5