Mr Pigibank

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Mr Pigibank is found in the starting town, located at the top section of the area.

Upon completing his quest the player is awarded with the ability to deposit and upgrade Longsword Stamp.png Stamps, as well as purchase Bribes for account-wide bonuses.

Quest Information for Mr Pigibank
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
A Pig and his Stamps Find out who stole the Stamp Collection Difficulty 2.png Stamp Thief Found: 1 No 150 Class Experience The Stamp Thief is Hamish found at the bottom right of the frogs area
Dialogue Table for Mr Pigibank
Dialogue Text Quest
Hmpf, by the looks of your clothes I don't suppose you're here to make a deposit.
Ha! Don't worry lad I'm just messin' with you. The name's Preston Pigibank, used to run a chain of highly successful banks from here to the Snowy Mountains if you can believe that!
Of course, I had to sell the business once those fancy chests came around. Can you believe those things? You put your items in them, and they just magically appear in all the other chests!
All this free time serves me well though, I've gotten to pursue my passion for collecting rare and powerful items, and I get to spend more time teaching my kids about business.
Well, not so much that last part anymore... I haven't seen any of the little ones for a while, and even worse my recent collection of Power Stamps disappeared!
Tell you what, if you find out who ran off with my Stamps, I think I may be able to set up a business with you! A Pig and his Stamps
Ah, looks like you have some news! So, who was the wretched monster that stole my stamps? ...what? You didn't get a clear look of them? Oh well, it was probably just an old business rival of mine.
Well, good thing is I've actually found some Stamps in my desk while you were gone, so at least we can start with something. So lets talk business!
These stamps aren't just pieces of paper, they actually give their owners Special Bonuses! I'm not really the adventuring type, so how about we sell Ownership of the stamps to others! And by 'we' I mean Me, and by 'Others' I mean You!
So have we got a Deal? Great! Bring me all the stamps you can get, and I'll give you their Bonuses for a bit of money!
Hang on lad, you look familiar... did you get a haircut? Hahaha, I'm only foolin', I know all about the multi character system in this world!
Come on over, I'll give you access to your stamps! No need for that prequest nonsense, OINK!