Obol Altar

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The Obol Altar appears in both Encroaching Forest Villas and YumYum Grotto.

The Obol Altar offers three tabs for Obols and one summary page. In the first tab, Obols only affect the current character and slots are unlocked based on the level of the specific character. In the second tab, Obols affect all characters and slots are unlocked based on the total level of all characters you have. In the third tab, you can reroll obol stats, combine obols and scrap obols to turn them into fragments. And finally, in the fourth tab you can see the total bonuses from all your equipped obols.

To access the Obol Altar, one must defeat Amarok at least once and complete the quest "Bad Kitty, get off that altar!" on any character. The altar will then become available to all the remaining characters of that account.

Quest Information for Obol Altar
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Account Wide icon.png
Bad Kitty, get off that altar!
Find something to scare the cat off the Obol Altar Difficulty 6.png 1BobJoePickle.png BobJoePickle Yes 1 Bronze Obol of Puny Damage.png Bronze Obol of Puny Damage
Dialogue Table for Obol Altar
Dialogue Text Quest
Zzz... Zzz... meow meow meow... meeeeow... Zzz...
... meow... Zzz... Bad Kitty, get off that altar!
MROWW! 'The cat jumps off in fear of the pickle. What a silly cat, getting scared of a little pickl-- OH MY GOD THE PICKLE HAS EYEBALLS AAAAAH KILL IT KILL IT!!!'