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Blunder Hills
Valley Of The Beans
Total Quests
Birth Weight
2.29 Kg
Mother's Maiden Name

Promotheus is found in Valley of the Beans, the third zone of Grasslands, located in the middle left side of the area.

Upon completing his first quest the player is given a quest allowing them to choose one of three main classes: Warrior, Archer or Mage.

He also gives hints on how to find Baba Yaga.

Quest Information for Promotheus
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
I'm Ready, Promotion! Difficulty 2.png Achieve Level 10: 1 No Silver Coin.png 5 , 5 Bottled Town Teleport.png Bottled Town Teleport
Three Right Answers Difficulty 1.png Select a New Class: 1 No 1 Talent Point Reset Potion.png Talent Point Reset Potion, 8 Talent Point Reset Fragment.png Talent Point Reset Fragment, Silver Coin.png 10 This quest can also be completed if you're a journeyman.
Slovakian Scare Find the house monster in the Birch Grove. Difficulty 5.png House Monster Found: 1 No 1 Alien Headband.png Alien Headband, 1500 Class Experience, 1 Talent Point Reset Potion.png Talent Point Reset Potion Baba Yaga spawns at the top of each hour (xx:00) in the Birch Grove (portal just below Promotheus, next to the Birch Tree). See the Baba Yaga page for more information.
The Witcher, but not Really Me too, go kill it and see what loot you get! Difficulty 5.png Baba Yaga Defeated: 1 No 1 Inventory Bag D.png Inventory Bag D, 2 Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon Baba Yaga spawns at the top of each hour (xx:00) in the Birch Grove (portal just below Promotheus, next to the Birch Tree). See the Baba Yaga page for more information.
Dialogue Table for Promotheus
Dialogue Text Quest
Hello there, adventurer! Uh... I know my bulging sack is quite the eyegrabber, but my face is down here!
I am the mighty Promotheus, Giver of Class Promotions! I was initially going to fill in for Atlas, but after I saw what Kratos did to him, I decided to lay low in a more obscure game for a while!
Good thing for that too, because it looks like you could use a promotion, what with you being a Beginner and all that! Come talk to me once you're level 10. I'm Ready, Promotion!
Great, now listen carefully. After I'm done talking here, you'll get the option to choose 1 of 3 Classes. This is a Permanent Decision.
First, the WARRIOR class. They are close ranged, single target fighters who won't get knocked down easy. They are the slowest moving class, but their brawn makes them great at Physical Skills like Mining.
Next, the ARCHER class. Quick on their feet, they'll rapidly pick off weaker enemies from a distance. They do struggle to take down big targets, but their agility makes them great at Crafting Skills like Smithing.
Lastly, the MAGE class. They'll zap, freeze, burn, or even poison their enemies to death. They will get downed by even the slightest of hits, but their high IQ makes them great at Collection Skills like Choppin.
Now before you decide, I must tell you one more thing...
This may sound strange, but this will not be your only character!
You will create dozens of characters, so you'll eventually get to play as ALL the different classes! So just pick the class you think you will enjoy first, and know that you'll get to play the other ones later!
That's a great choice! You should go talk to Grasslands Gary in town now, get yourself some Class Recipes to match your choice! And don't forget to come back here on new characters to pick the other classes!
Well then... now that we've gotten to know each other a bit, how about I tell you some game lore?
HAH! Just kidding, a game like this doesn't have any lore! anyway, the loremasters of this game speak of an ancient land far above these lazy ol' Blunder Hills.
In this crazy place, there are weird sub mechanics and overly complicated gameplay systems, the likes of which we simple World 1 NPC's could never comprehend.
The monsters here are even crazier, many are references to something called 'pop culture', which I assume is some sort of Bubble Religion in their land.
But how could I possibly know that, right? Well this is where it gets interesting. You see, I've seen one myself, see? But no one seems believes see... err, me.
It was a giant house, with... legs, or something. I think it only shows up at the top of each hour, but I know it exists! Please, go prove I'm not crazy. Slovakian Scare
You need 1 more inventory space. Make some room and come back!
Wait, you actually found it? Huh, guess I won't be selling many of my alien merchandise anymore... you can take some if youd like!
What did you say it was again, a Baby Yogurt? ... a Baboon Yolo? Ohhh, a Baba Yaga of course! Yea, I've never heard of that in my life. I wonder what it drops? The Witcher, but not Really
You need 1 more inventory space. Make some room and come back!
Did you get anything good? I was talking to the loremasters while you were away, and they tell me this 'Baba Yaga' monster has a chance to drop a pet egg!
They said the egg is used for future content, so if you ever find it you should probably hold onto it!
Please clear up 2 spaces in your item bag!