Rooted Soul

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What Rooted Soul is used in
Name Quantity Type
Big Soul Pouch.png Big Soul Pouch10 kSmithing
Large Soul Pouch.png Large Soul Pouch30 kSmithing
Prickle Skull.png Prickle Skull7 kSmithing
Hermes Stamp.png Hermes StampLotsStamps More Info.
GreenBubble13.png Cuz I Catch Em AllLotsAlchemy Bubble More Info.
Construction Table.png Clover Shrine Bonus Levels500 MBonus Levels  More Info.
Construction Table.png Clover ShrineConstruction
The Royal Sampler.png The Royal SamplerLotsPrayers
Antifun Spirit.png Antifun SpiritLotsPrayers
Circular Criticals.png Circular CriticalsLotsPrayers
Ruck Sack.png Ruck SackLotsPrayers