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Sprout is found in The Base of the Bark, the first zone of the tree, located at the top right of the area.

His final quest awards the Sproutinald Token.png Sproutinald Token.

Quest Information for Sprout
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Sticks and Stone Something Something Bones... Collect all the sticks and stones so Sprout won't ever break his bones. Difficulty 5.png 500Stick.png Stick, 1500Iron Ore.png Iron Ore Yes 12 Thicc Skin Statue.png Thicc Skin Statue, 3 Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon, 25000 Class Experience
Justice Wears No Clothes Defeat stick monsters with no clothes equipped, just a weapon. Difficulty 4.png Unclothed Kills: 30 No 1 Adam's Leaf.png Adam's Leaf, 1 Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon, 10000 Class Experience
Shoe Shopping with Sprout Get a bunch of shoes for Sprout to try on. Difficulty 3.png 2Iron Boots.png Iron Boots, 2Goo Galoshes.png Goo Galoshes, 2Flip Flops.png Flip Flops Yes 1 MCR Tshirt.png MCR Tshirt, 1200 Chopping Experience
Frisbee Fanatic Get the frisbee back from the top of this tree. Difficulty 7.png 1Red Frisbee.png Red Frisbee Yes 1 Sproutinald Token.png Sproutinald Token, 1 Frisbee Ring.png Frisbee Ring, 5000 Chopping Experience
Dialogue Table for Sprout
Dialogue Text Quest
Omg hi hi hi! My name is Sproutinald, but everyone calls me Sprout! You should too!! I can tell by the way you tapped on me that were gonna be best friends, for real! But first you gotta do something for me, or I'll kick you haha!
I came in here looking for my red frisbee! I was throwing it with my friend despite having no hands or arms, and it got stuck on the top of this tree!
I would get it myself, but these meanie stick monsters keep making fun of my flower! Mommy tells me my flower is pretty and everyone else is just jealous, and that words will never hurt me!
But, mommy said sticks and stones CAN hurt me! But if I had all the sticks and stones, I'd be invinsible! Sticks and Stone Something Something Bones...
Please clear up some space so I can give you a best friend gift!
Now those meanie-bo-beanie stick monsters are making fun me for having a stick and rock collection! But I won't give up, I have a super idea!
If you can beat them up in your underwear, they'll be too embarassed to make fun of anyone! Justice Wears No Clothes
Please clear up some space so I can give you a best friend gift!
Victoryyyy! Now I can go to the treetops to get my frisbee, just gotta take it one step at a... WAIT, OH NO OH NO OH NO!!! WHERE DID MY LEGS GO??!? Oh right, I never had legs hahaha!
Well, daddy once told me that sometimes bodies grow because of what's around them. Maybe if I put shoes on, my body would grow legs and feet to fill them? Shoe Shopping with Sprout
Please clear up some space so I can give you a best friend gift!
This is not working!! But at least I look super awesome, I think I'll keep wearing these shoes! Here you can have my Merry Cherry Remedy Tshirt, they broke up when I was a sapling and they'll never ever come back ever.
Hi! Are you ok? Oh right! The frisbee... can you get me my frisbee by yourself? Pretty please? Frisbee Fanatic
Please clear up some space so I can give you a best friend gift!
Oh darn! The frisbee must have gotten shrunk down by a magic apple! I saw it happen in this cartoon once, so I bet you that's what happened!! Anyway, you can keep it, I dont want it anymore.
Hahaha, I sure do love bobbin' up and down!! It's a flower thing, you wouldn't get it!!