Town Marble

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Town Marble is found in the starting town, located in the top section of the area.

Upon completing his quest the player is awarded with the ability to deposit Power Statue.png Statues for character-specific upgrades.

Quest Information for Town Marble
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Visualizing the Sculpture Within... Sculpt this marble into a statue worthy of the gods. Difficulty 3.png 1Sculpting Tools.png Sculpting Tools Yes 1 Power Statue.png Power Statue Purchase Sculpting Tools from the town shop. This quest is not account-wide.
Dialogue Table for Town Marble
Dialogue Text Quest
Forsooth, this town hath bequeathed unto me yet another philistine not worthy of laying so much as a fiddlestick upon my divine surface!
But hark, what be this I see? Mayhaps a glimmer of hope through yonder eyeball breaks, upon which mine surface doth reflect?
Could you be the one to craft me into the formation I was destined to asssume? Visualizing the Sculpture Within...
Aha! Now all shall bear witness to ultimate perfection! Please, do return with any other statues you may come across on your journey, so that they too may bask in my greatness!