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The Woodsman is found in Spore Meadows, the first zone to the right of the starting town, located next to an oak tree with a stump next to him.

His quests focus on improving the player's capabilities in the Choppin Skill Icon.png Choppin Skill.

His final quest awards the Woodsman Token.png Woodsman Token.

Quest Information for Woodsman
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
A noob's first swing Chop down that Tree! Difficulty 1.png 10Oak Logs.png Oak Logs Yes 1 Miniature Choppin Pouch.png Miniature Choppin Pouch, 30 Class Experience, Silver Coin.png 1
A noob's 2nd first swing Turn the tree into the absence of a tree. Difficulty 2.png 100Oak Logs.png Oak Logs No 1 Old Hatchet.png Old Hatchet, Silver Coin.png 2
It's Just a Plank, Bro! Keep on swingin'... you should come back to this quest later, once you have a higher Log Carry Capacity! Difficulty 3.png 1000Oak Logs.png Oak Logs No 1 Stump Prop.png Stump Prop, 500 Class Experience
Exotic Pranks... I mean Logs! Get a Forest Log by earning a choppin' highscore of 150! Difficulty 5.png 1Forest Fibres.png Forest Fibres No 1Woodsman Token.png Woodsman Token, 1263 Choppin Exp
Dialogue Table for Woodsman
Dialogue Text Quest
Ho traveller, great day for choppin wouldn't you say?
I just felled this tree beside me! Looked to be a tough job at first, but it was all bark and no bite... That tree over there though has got me stumped!
Care to give it a try? I'd do it myself but I wouldn't want to embarass a beginner like you! A noob's first swing
Hmm, you've got a full inventory! Clear up 2 spaces so I can reward you!
Thanks for the logs, but I may have to explain the premise of chopping down a tree a bit more clearly next time.
See how your tree over there is a tree, and mine here is... well, not a tree anymore? Please make yours a bit more like mine. A noob's 2nd first swing
How am I meant to give you these cool items as reward, when you dont have 2 inventory spaces to put them in?
I don't need any more logs my boy, I just want to see that tree fall down! Why don't you come on back later lad, maybe you'll understand me better then. Return at Choppin Lv. 10
Hit tree with sharp hammer. Make gravity in tree go brrrr. It's Just a Plank, Bro!
I give you reward but you no have space! One, two, three space you need!
Hahahaha, you should've seen your face! You can't chop down trees in this game, it was just a prank my boy! This stump here? It's just a prop! Here, take my spare prop as a gift for being such a good sport!
Hope the hat fits! I've got a few more gags, but those will have to wait!
Actually before you take off, can ya get me some exotic logs? If you get a MASSIVE highscore in the minigame, rare logs will come out! Go on, try getting one! Exotic Pranks... I mean Logs!