Beast Master

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Beast Master is a Hunter Class Icon.png Hunter elite class that specializes in Breeding Skill IconMini.png Breeding.

Beast Master Family Bonus

 Class Level

 Family Man Talent

+% All Skill AFK Gains

Beast Master Talents



Summons a giant ballista, which fires arrows dealing % dmg to up to mobs

Mana Cost: 22 
Action Time: 0.45 Seconds 
Cooldown: 35 Seconds

Boar Rush

Boar Rush.png

Summons a boar to run wildly on your platform. Has HP and deals % DMG

Mana Cost: 16 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 35 Seconds

Whale Wallop

Whale Wallop.png

Summon up to whales on nearby monsters, who mega splash for % Dmg

Mana Cost: 25 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 1 Minute 

Nacho Party

Nacho Party.png

Summon a nacho box, who launches cheesy chips per minute, dealing % Dmg

Mana Cost: 18 
Action Time: 0.7 Seconds 
Cooldown: 55 Seconds

Have Yet Anotha One

Have Yet Anotha One.png

Basic Attacks have a % chance to fire 1 more arrow. Stacks with others.

Animalistic Ferocity

Animalistic Ferocity.png

+ Weapon Power per power of 10 Pet Power of pet in 1st slot of Stored Pets.

Stacked Skulls

Stacked Skulls.png

+% Kill per Kill per 1000 AGI. Each kill is worth more kills!

Skill Ambidexterity

Skill Ambidexterity.png

AGI has a % larger impact on Skill Efficiency. Also, + AGI.

Adaptation Revelation

Adaptation Revelation.png

+% AGI, and + Max Talent Lv for 'Quickness Boots'

The Family Guy

The Family Guy.png

+% larger Family Bonuses from ones given by this player

Arena Spirit

Arena Spirit.png

Get unlimited entries to the Pet Arena for mins. PASSIVE: +% Pet DMG

Mana Cost: 20 
Action Time: 0.7 Seconds 
Cooldown: 24 Hours 

I Dream Of Peace And Egg

I Dream Of Peace And Egg.png

% Chance to get 1 egg per 10 hrs of AFK claims, up to 100 hrs. Candy wont work here.

Shining Beacon Of Egg

Shining Beacon Of Egg.png

+% Breeding EXP gain, no matter which player you hatch eggs on!

Curviture Of The Paw

Curviture Of The Paw.png

x Higher Pet Power, no matter which player you hatch eggs on!

Symbols Of Beyond ~g

Symbols Of Beyond ~g.png

+ Lv for all talents higher than Lv 1. This bonus goes up every 20 lvs