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Hunter is an Archer Class Icon.png Archer subclass that specializes in Trapping Skill IconMini.png Trapping.

Hunter Family Bonus

 Class Level

 Family Man Talent

+% Efficiency For All Skills

Hunter Talents

360 Noscope

360 Noscope.png

Deal % DMG split between all hit monsters. The more mobs hit, the less dmg done

Note, not actually a 360 degree shot. It is a long range (450) forward shot that hits every enemy in its path, with total damage evenly divided among them.

Mana Cost: 25 
Action Time: 1.1 Seconds 
Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Bear Trap

Bear Trap.png

Lay down bear traps that deal % dmg when a monster triggers it

Mana Cost: 20 
Action Time: 1.5 Seconds 
Cooldown: 9 Seconds

Uwu Rawrrr

Uwu Rawrrr.png

When mobs die, their respawn time is seconds faster!

Lasts for 30 seconds

Mana Cost: 30 
Action Time: 1.5 Seconds 
Cooldown: 2 Minutes 

Stop Right There

Stop Right There.png

Immobilizes monsters within a pixel radius of you for seconds.

Mana Cost: 40 
Action Time: 1.5 Seconds 
Cooldown: 1 Minute 

Have Another... Again!

Have Another... Again!.png

Basic Attacks have a % chance to fire 1 more arrow. Stacks with 'Have Another!'

Looty Mc Shooty

Looty Mc Shooty.png

+% Damage for every 50 items you've ever found on any of your players.

*You must retrieve the object from the ground. So if it goes straight in your inventory, drop it and then pick it up.

Shoeful Of Obol

Shoeful Of Obol.png

Obols give +% more AGI than what is listed

Straightshot Statues

Straightshot Statues.png

'Speed', 'Anvil', and 'Bullseye' statues give +% more bonus

AGI Again

AGI Again.png

+ Max Talent Level for 'Quickness Boots'

Visibility Vessels

Visibility Vessels.png

Each Lv of 'Archer or Bust' Bubble raises max Lv of 'I See You', up to +

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye.png

Collect & set all traps, but only get % critters. % Exp is given to each player.

Mana Cost: 2 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 6 Seconds

Invasive Species

Invasive Species.png

+% Trapping Efficiency per power of 10 Froge Critters in Storage.

Shroom Bait

Shroom Bait.png

+% Trapping Exp Gain. Doesn't affect EXP given to other players when in Eagle Eye.

Reflective Eyesight

Reflective Eyesight.png

x Shiny Critter chance. Triggers again every 10 Trapping LVs.

Previous Points

Previous Points.png

+ Talent Points for the 'Archer' talent tab. But,what's wrong with these talents?