Choco Box

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Choco Box
Choco Box.png
Hold down to open this box of meatballs... err chestnuts... err chocolate! There's a Giant Bow Hat in one of these, as well as various holiday exclusive goodies, even cards!
Sell Price
Silver Coin.png 1
Quest Item
Valentslime Loveulyte Valentslimes Day Event
Choco Box can be obtained from any enemy during its event.
17%Cherry Choco.png Cherry Choco 4x
17%Lemony Choco.png Lemony Choco 4x
17%Minto Choco.png Minto Choco 4x - 7x
17%Milk Choco.png Milk Choco 4x - 7x
3.5%Chocco Box Card.png Chocco Box Card
3.5%Loveulyte Card.png Loveulyte Card
3%1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy
1%2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy
8%Gem.png Gem x3
13%Gem.png Gem x2
Big Pretty Bow.png Big Pretty Bow (1/25 for your first bow, 1/1500 for any subsequent bows)

Detailed Drop Details for Choco Box
Source Chance Quantity
Valentslime 51 in 5.00

Loveulyte 201 in 20.0

Chocco Box 201 in 20.0