Dune Soul

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What Dune Soul is used in
Name Quantity Type
Horned Skull1,200Smithing
Sizable Soul Pouch1,500Smithing
Soulble Gum70Smithing
Banked Pts StampLotsStamps More Info.
Sample ItLotsAlchemy Bubble More Info.
Chonker Chug1.1 BAlchemy Vials
Dioxide SynthesisLotsRefining
Salt Lick Bonuses6.3 MConstruction
Balance of PrecisionLotsPrayers
Midas MindedLotsPrayers
Tachion of the TitansLotsPrayers
Detailed Drop Details for Dune Soul
Source Chance Quantity
Chillsnap Golden Chest 2.51 in 2.50