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Glumlee is located in the Tunnels Entrance to the left of the starting town.

His quests focus on introducing players to the Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Skill and smelting ores in the Forge to earn the Mining Certificate needed to complete the quest 'Get Glumlee's Certification' given by Scripticus.

His final quest awards the Glumlee Token.png Glumlee Token.

Quest Information for Glumlee
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Learning to Swing Mine 2 Copper Ore Difficulty 1.png 2xCopper Ore.png Copper Ore No 1xGlumlee's Special Tutorial Oil.png Glumlee's Special Tutorial Oil, 10 Mining Experience
Learning to Smelt Smelt a Copper Bar Difficulty 2.png 1xCopper Bar.png Copper Bar No 10xCrude Oil.png Crude Oil, 20 Mining Experience, 10xBottled Town Teleport.png Bottled Town Teleport
Literally Burning your Money Upgrade the forge 3 times Difficulty 1.png Upgrades Bought: > 2 No 1xMining Certificate.png Mining Certificate, 1xMiniature Mining Pouch.png Miniature Mining Pouch, 15 Mining Experience
The Impossible Task Pick up the microphone. Good luck you'll need it... Difficulty 7.png 1xBroken Mic.png Broken Mic Yes Special Talent Book.png Exp Converter (Special Talent Book), 250 Mining Experience
He's Havin' a Bad Day Yea he dropped it again... you know what to do. Difficulty 2.png 1xBroken Mic.png Broken Mic Yes 1xGlumlee Token.png Glumlee Token, 1000 Mining Experience
Dialogue Table for Glumlee
Dialogue Text Quest
Uuugh... another one? Are you here to 'learn new gameplay' or whatever rubbish all the others keep saying?
Lets be honest this is all super obvious stuff... I mean it's just mining right?
WRONG! There is so much to mining! Mining efficiency power STR accuracy multi-ore mining we have a lot to cover!
Go mine some ores and read this while you do. Mining Efficiency is your main stat here. It is boosted by your STR stat as well as your Mining Power which comes from pickaxes and other equipment!
QUEST:Mine 2 Copper Ore
Learning to Swing
We aren't even one step through my mining clas and you've already got a full inventory. Please clear up some space.
You can actually see your accuracy. Tap MENU then AFK INFO then look at the bar in the bottom left!
Now go to that forge and drag the ores into the 1st slot. Also drag the Oil Barrel I gave you into the 2nd slot. It'll speed things up. QUEST:Smelt a Copper Bar Learning to Smelt
Uh... you're inventory is full. Please clear 1 slot and come back!
Smelting bars uses multiple ores. Later bars like Iron and Gold will require more Ores per Bar. Tap on Ore in your inventory to see the exact numbers!
Final task now. Go to the forge click the Yellow Arrow tab in the top right and buy some Upgrades. These are Permanent and are shared between all your characters.
QUEST: Upgrade the forge 3 times
Literally Burning your Money
You have no inventory space for the certificate. Clear up some space so you can get this worthless piece of paper!
Well that's it. Now you know how to get all the resources mining has to offer. I'm actually pretty pleased with how you did I'm glad you paid attention and didn't skip through my dialogue instantly like everyone else does!
In fact why don't you come back once you've gotten a bit more experienced? I'm more than just a pouty goblin with a repeating 5 frame animation!!
... because I actually have 6 frames! The part about me being pouty was true.
Well? Go on get more experienced and come back!
Return at Mining Lv.11
Alright kid or man or baby whatever you are behind that screen I'm gonna let you in on a secret.
You ever notice how I never leave this map not even to level up my Class Level from fighting monsters? Well there's a reason...
I get class exp from mining.
Boom mic drop.
... that would've gone better on grass. Can you get that for me? I've kinda got my hands full.
QUEST: Pick up the microphone. Good luck you'll need it...
The Impossible Task
You're going to want 1 inventory space to accept this Star Book I'm about to give you. Go clear some space!
Go ahead and use that Star Book I just gave you. It's very important for you Skiller type characters! Come talk to me after you do and I'll explain it.
Basically you can now choose a skill to also give you Class EXP. This way you can focus on skilling while still leveling up so you won't miss out on all the Talent Points you get from leveling up your Class.
You can change your mind as often as you want but remember that the Class EXP you get comes from your Skill EXP so you will get a bit less Skilling EXP if you have this active.
Oh and one more thi-- 'THUD'
... ... ...
QUEST:Yea he dropped it again... you know what to do.
He's Havin' a Bad Day
I'll have quests later on that increase that Talent's max level above just 40 but those will be added in later.
Uh thanks... anyway I'll have quests later on that increase that Talent's max level above just 40 but those will be added in later.