Copper Bar

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What Copper Bar is used in
Name Quantity Type
Copper Band300Smithing
Copper Boots75Smithing
Copper Chopper5Smithing
Copper Fish Rod200Smithing
Copper Helmet20Smithing
Copper Pickaxe5Smithing
Copper Platebody25Smithing
Copper Platelegs30Smithing
The Stingers20Smithing
Torn Jeans3Smithing
Wooden Spear5Smithing
Cramped Food Pouch15Smithing
Tomahawk StampLotsStamps More Info.
Barium Mixture1.1 BAlchemy Vials
Simple ShippinLotsPost Office
Learning to Smelt 1Quests
Detailed Drop Details for Copper Bar
Source Chance Quantity
Dewdrop Bronze Chest 51 in 5.00

Dewdrop Silver Chest 2.85714285714291 in 2.86