Guild Giftbox

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Guild Giftbox
Guild Giftbox.png
Hold down to open! Contains a random cool-kid item, like gems, exp balloons, or even time candy! Also, 1 in every 500 gifts contains the 'Ultra Unboxer' Trophy!
Sell Price
Copper Coin.png 1
Hunk Of Junk
What Guild Giftbox is used in
Name Quantity Type
Sapphire Pyramite2Jewel Spinner Purchase

Once a week being in a Guild will give you at least 2 Guild Giftboxes. The Guild Bonus "Guild Gifts" can increase how many you receive weekly.

Guild Giftboxes
Name Quantity Chance Notes
Trophy Ultra Unboxer.png Ultra Unboxer 1x 0.2% Only source for this item
Exp Balloon Large Experience Balloon.png Large Experience Balloon 1x - 2x 0.3%
Exp Balloon Medium Experience Balloon.png Medium Experience Balloon 1x - 3x 0.3%
Upgrade Stone Premium LUK Stone.png Premium LUK Stone 1x 0.3%
Upgrade Stone Warped Helmet Upgrade Stone.png Warped Helmet Upgrade Stone 1x 2.2%
Upgrade Stone Warped Weapon Upgrade Stone.png Warped Weapon Upgrade Stone 1x 2.5%
Exp Balloon Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon 1x - 4x 0.3%
Upgrade Stone Armor Upgrade Stone C.png Armor Upgrade Stone C 1x 1%
Boost Food Decent EXP Potion.png Decent EXP Potion 400x 1.2%
Time Candy 12 HR Time Candy.png 12 HR Time Candy 1x 1.5%
Boost Food Average EXP Potion.png Average EXP Potion 400x 1.8%
Time Candy 4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy 1x 2.5%
Fragment Talent Point Reset Fragment.png Talent Point Reset Fragment 3x 5%
Gem Gem.png Gem 25x 5%
Time Candy 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy 1x 5%
Time Candy 1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy 1x 6%
Upgrade Stone Weapon Upgrade Stone II.png Weapon Upgrade Stone II 3x 7%
Upgrade Stone Armor Upgrade Stone II.png Armor Upgrade Stone II 3x - 4x 7%
Gem Gem.png Gem 69x 15%
Gem Gem.png Gem 25x 22%