Redox Salts

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What Redox Salts is used in
Big Fish Pouch.png Big Fish Pouch 50 Smithing
Blizzard Bow.png Blizzard Bow 150 Smithing
Ceramic Skull.png Ceramic Skull 5 Smithing
Dementia Dicer.png Dementia Dicer 50 Smithing
Dementia Net.png Dementia Net 50 Smithing
Dementia Rod for Fishing.png Dementia Rod for Fishing 50 Smithing
Horned Skull.png Horned Skull 25 Smithing
Natural Traps.png Natural Traps 50 Smithing
Prickle Skull.png Prickle Skull 50 Smithing
Silkskin Traps.png Silkskin Traps 5 Smithing
Sizable Critter Pouch.png Sizable Critter Pouch 15 Smithing
Sizable Soul Pouch.png Sizable Soul Pouch 20 Smithing
Small Critter Pouch.png Small Critter Pouch 3 Smithing
Small Soul Pouch.png Small Soul Pouch 3 Smithing
Spriggly Storm.png Spriggly Storm 150 Smithing
The Ice Breaker.png The Ice Breaker 150 Smithing
Wooden Traps.png Wooden Traps 20 Smithing
Flowin Stamp.png Flowin Stamp Lots Stamps More Info.
Construction Table.png 3D Printer 165 Construction
PurpleBubble11.png Matty Stafford Lots Alchemy Bubble More Info.
Vial-level-1.png Red Malt 1.1 B Alchemy Vials More Info.
Refinery.png Explosive Salts Lots Refining
Construction Table.png Fireball Lobber 5,100 Construction
Construction Table.png Fireball Lobber Bonus Levels 34,380 Bonus Levels  More Info.
Construction Table.png Isaccian Shrine 25,250 Construction
Construction Table.png Isaccian Shrine Bonus Levels 75,250 Bonus Levels  More Info.
Construction Table.png Pulse Mage 2,652 Construction
Construction Table.png Pulse Mage Bonus Levels 17,472 Bonus Levels  More Info.
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick 33,234 Construction
Construction Table.png Talent Book Library 30,906 Construction
Construction Table.png Talent Book Library Bonus Levels 90,900 Bonus Levels  More Info.
Construction Table.png Woodular Shrine 10,302 Construction
Construction Table.png Woodular Shrine Bonus Levels 30,502 Bonus Levels  More Info.
Snouts.gif A Salty Fall 30 Quests