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Shaman is a Mage Class Icon.png Mage subclass that specializes in Alchemy Skill IconMini.png Alchemy.

Shaman Family Bonus

 Class Level

 Family Man Talent

x Higher Bonuses From Golden Foods

Shaman Talents

Crazy Concoctions

Crazy Concoctions.png

Throws 1 of 4 potions, with a potency of %

A single activation of the skill lets you throw 3 potions. Hold down and drag behind your character to aim, release when the potion is the color you want to throw.

  • Red Potion: Deals AoE damage to enemies
  • Green Potion: Drop on yourself to heal
  • Purple Potion: Marks enemies, causing them to take more damage
  • Yellow Potion: Debuffs enemies, increasing EXP gained
  • Black Potion: Drop on yourself for temporary invincibility

Mana Cost: 20 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 25 Seconds

Auspicious Aura

Auspicious Aura.png

Casts aura which heals you and damages monsters. The strength of the aura is %

The Aura increases in width every 35 points

Mana Cost: 30 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 40 Seconds

Sizzling Skull

Sizzling Skull.png

Fire a skull which bounces around dealing % dmg to up to monsters

Mana Cost: 17 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 18 Seconds



Killing a monster has a % chance to reduce attack cooldowns by seconds

Instant Invincibility

Instant Invincibility.png

When damaged, you will stay invincible for an additional + more seconds

Virile Vials

Virile Vials.png

+% damage dealt for every alchemy vial upgraded to at least Green LV

Green is a level 4 vial.

Occult Obols

Occult Obols.png

Obols give +% more WIS than what is listed

Stupendous Statues

Stupendous Statues.png

'Exp', 'Lumberbob', and 'Cauldron' statues give +% more bonus

WIS Wumbo

WIS Wumbo.png

+ Max Talent Level for 'Book of the Wise'

Fantasia Flasks

Fantasia Flasks.png

Each Lv of 'Mage is Best' Bubble raises max Lv of 'Farsight', up to +

Cranium Cooking

Cranium Cooking.png

Killing a monster gives seconds of instant alchemy progress. Lasts for seconds

Mana Cost: 100 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 22 Hours 13 Minutes 20 Seconds

Busy Brewin'

Busy Brewin'.png

Boosts brew speed by +% for this character.

Bubble Breakthrough

Bubble Breakthrough.png

+% Alchemy EXP. Also, +% odds of New Bubble when brewing on this player

Brewing on this player means playing as this character when attempting to unlock new bubbles. It does not matter which cauldron the Shaman is in.

Sharing Some Smarts

Sharing Some Smarts.png

All characters in the same cauldron as this one gain +% more Alch EXP.

Also increases Alch EXP for the Shaman.

Earlier Education

Earlier Education.png

+ Talent Points for the 'Mage' talent tab. What, these talent's aint good 'nuff for ya?